Rick Rubin Producing next Metallica album

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The news is on there web site metallica.com

This should be interesting.

I like Metallica a lot but I hated St. Anger. That album was the biggest mish mash of shit I had ever heard

Wow. To drop Bob Rock after 15 years like that must mean they're looking to get bck to basics.

Good stuff.

they are old, stale, and have grown vaginas.
metallica is over. not even the great rubin can change that,
unless he just writes all their songs for them and gives that
prick lars a labotomy.

Victor Von Doom
Rubin seems to be able to rescue anything. Not that I think Metallica are in as dire trouble as that.

a new metallica album. confused

Alpha Centauri
Rick Rubin shocked me when he said he was producing some of Justin Timberlake's new album. I won't be listening to it though, so not a bother for me.

Either way, if he can somehow help Slipknot churn out a very good metal album when they have two sub-par efforts previously, I think he can give Metallica some words worth hearing. Though I don't think they are "in trouble" either.


Should be interesting.

It's a difficult time for Metallica. If this new record sucks then it's all over for them. On the other hand if it's a work of genius (and I hope to God that it is) then their career could be about to begin all over again.

Alpha Centauri
No, if it sucks, then people think it sucks.

They're not magically (I hope) going to start listening to what fans think and call it a day. I'll lose more respect for them that way than if they put out a shit album.


Should be interesting. St. Anger was full of good riffs, the problem was they managed to make bad songs with those riffs. One thing is for certain, it will definitely SOUND better than st anger.

Alpha Centauri
I'll agree on the sound.

St. Anger sounded...odd. I don't know how to describe it. It sounded live, but not gig live, studio live. Metallica are awesome live but I think it sounded really bare.


it sounded like it was recorded in a tin room.

Some insight into what it MIGHT sound like...


Ok, the little jam in that link above is NOT new, it's from fan can 1.

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