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Will-one Kenobi
Birth of Chaos

On the large sinkhole planet of Utapau the wind howls and giant dragonmounts take their riders across the rocky landscape. Inside a particularly large sinkhole a high backed chair stands facing the wall, upon the chair a man dressed in black robes and gloves sits deep in thought, pondering his next coarse of action.

The man's thoughts are disturbed by the entering of a tall grey haired man with a short beard, he bows to the chair and says 'My lord, I have something I wish you for you to see' the grey haired man called Captain Cronum held a holoprojector in his right hand. 'Drop it' came the robed man's metallic reply. Cronum knew better than to argue, he had only got his rank because of the untimely deaths of his superiors who had decided to question this strange man.

He dropped the holoprojector and it floated towards the chair where it activated itself and floated eerily revealing it's contents. 'Excellent' the man in the chair said after a while 'I see our new weapon is on schedule' there was a pause then he said 'What else do you want Cronum, I can tell that is not the only reason your'e here.' Cronum nervously tugged at his collar and replied 'It would seem my lord that two Jedi knights have decided to investigate the disappearence of the Utapauan chairman, they are entering the planets atmosphere now.'

The man in the chair did not move, he simply said 'Ready the troops, blast those Jedi scum out of the sky and send their lightsabres back to Courascaunt in a velvet casing' there was a silence in the room untill the man in the chair said 'NOW, Cronum'
'Of course my lord' Cronum said and bowing he exited the room.

On the landing pad 1000 white armoured troopers stood raising their blaster rifles. The troopers fired and the surprised Jedi never stood a chance, the Jedi knights had stumbled onto something far more sinister than they thought. The Jedi had indeed stumbled on to the regrouping of the new imperial army (or rebels as they were now) now under the command of the plotting, malicious man in a high backed chair...

Thats the story for those who don't know, here is the character template.

Faction: Either New Republic or Empire/Rebels
Class: Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter etc
Rank: Jedi ranks are Jedi Apprentice, knight and master.
Sith ranks are Dark Jedi, Sith Apprentice and Sith Lord.
Description: Picture if possible
Weapon(s): If lightsabre include blade colour(s)
Bio/History: be creative!
RP sample: a small sample of your RPing.

Important note: There can only be one other Sith Lord other than the man in the high backed chair and two or three Sith apprentices. I'm sure you understand why. Have Fun!

NAME: Darth Fenix

age : 26

faction : Empire

Class : Sith

Rank : Sith Apprentice

Description : Mandalorian (If possible, if not average Human) with brown eyes and short cropped military style brown hair. A white scar that runs down the left side of his neck. 6'2, 170 pounds, lanky. Black cloak and a black leather jerkin.

Weapon : Two red light-sabres.

Light-Sabre combat form : Vapaad

Bio/History : Fenix's real name was Reigan Tierce. When Reigan was five years old his father became a Senator for the New Republic and his sister was a Jedi Knight.He to was strong in the force, and he two was force sensitive. Everyone thought that he would to become a jedi, and most of the time him and his family were happy. But little did the Republic know that th Empire was rising once more... In order for the Empire to become powerful they needed some more firepower. The force wielding kind. So their was a mission started, they were to kid nap some of the younglings from the jedi Temple, and turn them to the dark side. Unfortunately they decided to carry out the mission the same day that Reigan was was taken to the jedi Temple to live their. In the dead of night the Imperial commandos snuk into the Jedi Temple and were able to steal allot of the younglings. Reigan was included. He was turned to the dark side of the force and he became Darth Fenix.

RP Sample : Templar got up and raised his light sabre just as two rebord leaped on him, slashing vertically. Templar blocked both of the attacks and kicked the closest one in the chest, stunning him. he blocked a blow from the second reborn, and struck a few hits of his own. The first one was getting up, only to be crushed by a giant table which Twy had thrown down with the force. Templar spun and stabbed with his light sabre which was blocked by the reborn, who followed up with a force push. templar closed his eyes as he felt his body get slammed against a wall. And opened them just in time to see the reborn charge him with his red light sabre. Templar jumped up vertically, narrowly missing the red blade, and he came down hard upon the reborn's head. He cut off the reborn's arms with his light sabre, then thought better of it and beheaded him to.

Name: Attiss Illaro
Age: 26
Faction: New Republic
Class: Jedi
Rank: Knight
Weapon(s): Orange lightsaber
Bio/History: As a child, Attiss hated the Empire and dreamed that one day, he could help put an end to it. At the age of 15, he joined the resistance as a Rebel soldier and followed it up to the fall of the Empire. When he turned 23, he visited Yavin IV. There, a Jedi master told him that he was a Force sensitive and had much potential. Since he was already on Yavin IV, Attiss decided to join Luke Skywalker's Jedi academy. He trained there for a few years until he advanced to the rank of Jedi knight.
RP sample: Attiss flung his saber out in a flourish of orange light. Then jumping high into the air, he caught onto a moving conveyor belt and sliced at the Dark Jedi at the top.

Will-one Kenobi
Excellent you are both in.

NAME: yan Kajo/ darth Malevolis/ kay fisto (formetrly)
Age: 61
Faction: empire
Class: Sith
rank: Lord
description: Looks like Kit Fisto, that race, but wears a black tunic and hooded cloak.
weapon(s): 2 red lightsabres.
Bio/ history: He grw up as a Jedi youngling with his brother, kit fisto, but Kay was not content with following ntheir laws and after a disute with Kit, he went missing and later emerged as a lord of the sith. But he was wrathful at the fact kit had been killed by another and decided to destroy the Republic in madness!

RP Sample: Yan swerved to avoid the force Lightning, parrying a volley of blaster bolts and vaulted forwards, somersaulting to crash onto the battle droid, destroying it. He leapt forwards, blocking a sabre assault from the Jedi and Force leapt backwards to avoid the master! He rolled to avoid a burst of Force energy and hurled his abre, that slammed throught the jedi's heart and pinned him toi the far wall.

Name: Shade
Age: 21
Faction: undecided
Class: Jedi/Bounty Hunter
Rank: no known rank

Description: shade is six foot seven and has dark brown buzz cut hair. he is very muscular and wears mandalorian armor that he took he uncovered a mandalorian burial site.
Weapon(s): Lightsabre(red), two blaster pistols,disentagration rifle, jetpack, and snare gun.
Bio/History: not much is known about shade. he showed up on the doorstep of the jedi temple on yavin 4 when he was five. at sixteen he was kidnapped and trained in the arts of bounty hunting. he now uses his powers, wid range of weapons, and his ship the JailBreak which he stole from a prison impound. He is almost as well known as bobba fett.
RP sample: Shade looked up as the mandalor swung his heave war axe. shade rolled to the right and loosed a few shots which pinged harmlessly off the mandalors armor. he came around and hit shade above the knees. shade dropped to the groung in pain but rolled and stood up behind the mandalor and clubed him in the back of the head with the hilt of his sabre. he snared him and radioed to the empieral fleet"mission accomplished, im bringing him up now, make sure you have my money"

Name- Malasan
Rank-Jedi Night
Saber color-green
Faction- New Republic
Age-45 but phisicly fit like dooku
Picture- i will have one soon!
Race- Natholian

Bio- Jedi night Malasan is from the planet of nathola. he first discovered his gifts as a small boy but thanks to the empire could not be trained as a jedi until in his 20s. He has never taken on a padawan. he spends most of his time making his force powers more tuned. He uses the 3rd lazersward style wich consists of lazerblocking. He has worked with such jedi as kile katarn and Luke skywalker. his individual skill lets him breath under water like master kit fisto a close relitave who died near the republics demise. The force comes up in his family every other generation but he is the only one who curlently has it.

Rp=............Screams............Screams of pain screams of death...wush!!! malasan opeaned his eyes and loked around he was in a meditation room in the new jedi temple. Though he was perfectly still he was breathing hard. He remembered the shouts of horor from his thoughts! was this the future? a millian questions clouded his mind..but now was no the time. he rose to his feet walk a few steps and out the door into the great hall of the temple it was a busy day with jedi of all kinds going about there busness. buzz his rist comunicator went off luke somoned him to his quarters imeditly. lukes room wasnt to far away. as he walked he could feel the clink of the metal handle at his side it was a simple one with a top handgrip and 3 butions 1 on top and two on the bottom. He was wearing what he thought the most comfortible clothes he could find. his jedi robes where tan and brown and very saggy. he arive dto lukes room and went inside.

ill get you a picture soon

dude some one else got notholian oh well ok im changin ......every thing is the same except i look like sasse tin i have two big horns and my home planet is dantooene. and insted of breathing under water i can read minds

i cant find a picture

Well we all know what Sasse looks like, so you won't really need one....

Will-one Kenobi
Cool I'll start the RP now


i want to join if possible.....

name: sean jones


name sean jones
age 42
class jedi
rank master
description>>>>>>>> silver blades though
weapons dule silver light sabers
history... borne on a planet in the hapen cluster, abandoned on a light cruser... found by a jedi knight, the knight could sence the force sensitive child... sent him to the temple to grow... ext....

rp sample: he entered the dark cavern, it was moist, and he could sence the dark side. "I can sence you", sean said with a calm tone in his voice,"if you wish to live on, do not attack." then a red lightsaber hissed to life. the master used the force to draw to his hands his own light sabers. " i do not wish to fight you, but if i have to defend myself i will."
"this wont take long" hissed the mysterious figure
"it most certalny will not" replied sean.

then the dark figure lunged at sean, he used the foce and easyily dodged the blow ment for his heart. he counterd quickly and grazed the back of the mans neck. he could se now that it was only a young child, he could not kill this kid. but if he could only tire him, and try to bring him to the light. ................ thats ok i gess

Lol, someone editted an Anakin pic with Leg's head.

I'm going to change my appearence:

Twilight Janick
name: Finduilas Tinuviel
age: 39
class: Jedi
rank: master
description: a girl who is only 4'10'' tall, brown straight hair, brown eyes.
weapons: one teal-bladed lightsaber and one brown-bladed
race: Hobbit
history: She comes from a high-gravity planet, Ralltiir, and discovered her gifts as early as 4 years old. But due to the Empire, she couldn't be trained before she reached 14. So she continued normal schooling before the Empire was cleared.

RP sample: Finduilas entered the bridge of her ship, an old Recusant-class destroyer called the Patriot Blood. Her sensor officer and her first officer rushed at her with bad news.

Lieutenant Yummy: Sir, the Imperials are launching their fighters at us! You should go out to your fighter while you still have a chance!

Finduilas: Commander Cool, you command the ship while I'm away!

Commander Cool: Yes, sir!

Finduilas hopped inside her N-1 and took off before the hangar shields go down. As she navigated through the space battlefield, she has four TIE Interceptors on her tail. To avoid them, she does a somersault and them shoots them down like ducks in a barrel.

Editing my character Appearance: Black Mandalorian Battle armor with black leather clock.

darth vraya
I want to join if possible
name: Darth Vraya(duh!)
age: 29
faction: commander for imperial empire
class: sith
rank:dark jedi
description: 6' tall with spiky brown hair, yellow(sith eyes), with an almost dark essence about him. and a black robe.
weapon: single red lightsaber.
bio. he lived on an abandoned world by himself( his parents died when he was about six) so he had to survive off of the wild. the only stuff he owned were the clothes on his back and a holocron that showed him an average day on Coruscant. when he saw this holocron and how easy the peoples lives were it filled him with hatred. This hatred revealed his dark powers. It was hatred enough to cause an echo in the force which was realised by a passing imperial ship that was on the run and had a dark jedi inside that felt this disturbance in the force. the imperial ship picked him up and the jedi started teaching him the ways of the force. As soon as he was trained(and he was very very powerful in the force) he killed his trainer. once word had gotten out on the ship that the dark jedi had been killed, some came to darth vraya's way of thinking and joined him. The rest were killed. one of his new soldiers told him where the sith alliance was and Darth Vraya decided to make way for Utapau( that is where the alliance is meeting right?)
rp sample: Darth Vraya used the force to push the bounty hunter away, put his lightsaber to the bounty hunter's throat and told him to join him or die. The bounty hunter struggled to get away. Those were his last actions.

Im guessing that since Im the apprentice of the main bad guy I have the second strongest rank?

Will-one Kenobi
to true

Coow...also um... Kay Fisto were are you currently at? I think im going to attack a random planet oping your their, but your not.

Master Saesee
New Republic
Jedi Master
Wookiee brown shaggy fur 2nd cousin to chewbacca born in 416 BBY
Lightsabers Blue Blade and Orange Blade
He is a force sensitive Jedi who was enslavced on Kashyyyk during the days of the Empire and was asked to come to the Jedi Order by Kyle Kataran he teaches lightsaber comat to Padawans and Knights in the temple has a padawan a Ithorian called Roron Mawnona he is a very good master

RP Sample
Mygeeto lots of smoke around
Stormtroopers falling to 2 blades one blue and one orange another yellow blade is cutting down troopers then suddenly the smoke clears a wookiee holding 2 blades and a Ithorian holding a yellow Maybacca and Roron Mawnona.

Master Saesee
where are u going to me and Roron are just leaving Mygeeto.

The game is dead, mate

Aweful shame. Could've been a great game. Probably we started RPing and left Kenobi in the dust.


double yep.

Let's restart it, well, all it needs is a bump and it's back in business, it's only been left for like 3 days

We should probably wait for Kenobi though. I think we need his guidance...

And how di he guide the RP before?

Exactly. He didn't. That's why it died.

true, he posted like twice.

So? It was still fun...

name: Vincent Rachez
age: 19
faction: ????
class: shadow jedi
rank: shadow apprentice
appearance: here's a pic.
bio: will reveal in game.

Twilight Janick
I'd keep my Hobbit character, no matter how it would restart. Remember, Hobbits here come from a high-gravity world, they aren't Middle-Earth critters.

WTF is a Shadow Jedi?

darth goku
Name: Darth Goku
Faction: Empire
Class: Sith/Bounty Hunter
Rank: Dark Jedi
Description: just a girl with a pony tail, brown hair, black outfit, red eyes, short, sorry I can post pictures
Weapon(s): 2 red lighsabers one is shorter
Bio/History: A farm girl from tatooween. She ran away from her home at 10, she brought with her a blaster. She befriended the sand raiders, she became a good fighter. She hated city dwellers, as she lived with the sand raiders her hatred for city dwellers raised. She traveled by foot for 60 days to Mos Elsy. She went in to a cantina, a dark jedi sensed her hatred trained her. She soon got to Utapau to serve the Sith lords.
RP sample: Darth goku stood firmly with her lightsabers ready, the jedi stood his ground too. She charged swiftly at the jedi, the jedi saw the attack. She did a side stroke with both light sabers, the jedi did a side stroke too. The lightsabers sizzled, the they both used all their strength hoping to overpower the other person. She overpowered him and sliced his arm off with the short lightsaber, his arm gushed out blood on to the cold rock of the musty cave. He stumbled and did a side stroke, she easily blocked and cut off his head. His body fell to the ground and blood flowed on to the rock like a river.

Originally posted by Knightfall93
WTF is a Shadow Jedi?

i think its some form of dark jedi... or somthing like that

Name: Pal Jetsam
Age: 37
Faction: New Republic
Class: Bounty-Hunter/Jedi
Rank: New Republic commando/Jedi Knight
Description: A bulky 8 ft tall human with Mandalorian blood and a bald head with bright green eyes. He barely ever talks and he wears his customized Mandalorian armour all the time.
Weapon(s): Green saber with spiked hilt, two customized blaster pistols, x-ray and hold-out blaster visor, detachable double-bladed vibroblade, thermal detanators, blaster rifle with built in grappling hook, wrist rocket-launcher.

Bio/History: Pal grew up with his uncle, who started to train him to be a warrior when he was only 3 years old. Pal and his uncle ran a small smugglers buisness, until the Empire shut them down and threw them in jail. Pal escaped, but during the attempt, Pal's uncle was gunned down. After that, Pal became a sucessful bounty-hunter until he met his match (a jedi). The jedi was his long lost father and he trained Pal in the way of the force, but Pal still stayed a bounty-hunter. Finally (as his fame increased). The Republic made him the head of an expirimental commando force where he fights the Empire to this day.

RP sample: Pal sprang from side to side firing as he went. Then he did a side-flip and fired a rocket into the middle of the enemy squad. Then he barrel-rolled torward the enemy and drew his saber as he jumped up. The enemy squad fled firing as they went Pal deflected their shots effortlessly. Just then his comlink beeped and he said into it, "what?" the voice replied saying "You have an important mission".

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