Favorite day of the week?

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xyz revolution
idk. I guess everyday except Tuesday. Something bad always happens on Tuesday. Wednesday's really boring, probably because it's Mid-week. Thursday's pretty fun. Friday's cool. Saturday's tiring. Sunday's the happiest. Monday's the luckiest. So, Sunday or Monday.

Mr Parker
always been friday,because the work week or school week always comes to an end briefly anyways.

Friday no expression

i think every day's a gem
it counts how u spend them


Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday smile

Any of em, because I rarely know what day it is. stick out tongue


My favorite day is Saturday!

1. No school
2. You can stay up as late as you want cuz there's no school the next day either!

W00t! big grin

Saturday! Then I can sleep out and still have time for an luxurious breakfast/lunch. After that I dance down the stairs in my building to pick up the paper, have a few good cups of coffee while reading it and then it is time to hop on my bicycle to address the scouts-group of which I am a guide. There I spend the day sailing, playing rugby, blowing stuff up, making fires, building earthshaking sound-systems and replica's of medieval catapults. And there is all ways a good party going on somewhere on saturdaynight.

monday , first day back of school stick out tongue big grin

Raven Guardia
Wednesday, Cause I like the word stick out tongue

lil bitchiness
Every day is my favourite day! happy

Apart from the ''Day before the essay/project/dissertation is due'' Day.

saturday! football,pub,club bedroom!! need i say more smile

Satarday= Drinking, sex, getting very high, Parties.

They're all the same. Dont matter to me.

Every day is a work day, every night is a beer night.

I voted for everyday is gem yeah! laughing out loud rolling on floor laughing smile roll eyes (sarcastic)

I hate:
Monday because it's the start of the week
Wednesday because it's in the middle of the week
Thursday because it mocks me because the week is almost over

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