Stevie Nicks - Live Tue Feb 28 2006

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Some things get better over time. _This fact is absolutely true in the case of Ms. Stevie Nicks and her band at
the WACA Ground on February 28th 2006.

Raw and Alive Rock 'n' Roll with heart felt passion throughout the night, each song a master piece.

The opening number "Outside The Rain" was magically followed in by THE Mac classic "Dreams" like it was almost the one and the same song. _This is reason why all the musicians on stage are masters
of their craft.

"Sorcerer" seemed to be a reflective number which Stevie performed with complete honesty and power, then introducing "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" with the mention of how over the years it has changed meaning in some ways.

As another Mac classic was introduced "Beautiful Child" which was taken from the Set List of the Fleetwood Mac world tour in 2004, Stevie had no intention of just pulling out from that list, but the number was performed as part of the DVD taping of the Melbourne show with the Symphony Orchestra
and she "Just Took It" with a clenched fist, very honest and holding nothing back.

Master guitarist Waddy Wachtel also has quite a voice on him, pairing up with Stevie to sing the ballard
"Stop Draggin My Heart Around" original sung by Don Henley.

Band intro' - complete with Stevie's sister in law Lori Perry Nicks on backing vocals
who did come a Special surprise. _She had been one of Stevie's vocalists through the 80's but took 15 years off to become a mother. _We welcome her back.

As a tribute to everyone at every show "Landslide" delivered with grace and power.
Drummer Vs. Percussionist... _not really they are equal in every way here. _As they Duked it out, it all came to ahead with Stevie's "Stand Back" hard hitting and loud.

Raw, Rough, Heavy or is it ALL of the above?... Yes! "Edge Of Seventeen" performed with The Ultimate Passion of Rock 'n' Roll, definitely the Show Stopper.

"Beauty And The Beast" this can only be described as a heat felt true love by Stevie.

It was as if Stevie has written it herself "Rock And Roll" by Led Zeppelin, even dressing up with her trade mark feather hat for that one.

All in all, the stage calls to her and she answers...


setlist: _

Outside the Rain _
Dreams _
Rhiannon _
Sorcerer _
Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You _
Stand Back _
Landslide _
If Anyone Falls _
Beautiful Child _ _
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around _
Gold Dust Woman _
Fall From Grace _
Edge of Seventeen _
Beauty and the Beast _
Roll and Roll

Beyond Image
love her, her voice, man. great music as i have begun to listen to Fleetwood Mac for the pass 5 months. and again, her song about Rhiannon is such great.

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