How do people get to know about killermovies?

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Billy The Kid
Hey,,,I was wondering how people got to know about the forum here on killermovies...there are over 1000 members!!!! I think it`s brilliant.

But how do people know about this place....and what makes them wanna join the forum?

I found killermovies one day when I was looking for the matrix 2 teaser. I instantly was hooked. Then i checked out the forums and read some of the post, but i never joined I was satisfied with watching from the outside. Until i seen the post looking for a title of the movie (Movie trivia : help!) and knew the Movie so I joined to help out. Now I just can't seem to shutup. BTW the movie was " I spit on your Grave" (how did I know that?....No Why did I know that?)

Confession Time: Uh, I own that movie and its kind of a guilty pleasure of mine. I'm a closet B-movie fan. wink

I found it by using the force. wink

they email spam me ... cheeky bugger ....

Billy The Kid
hehe....well, I guess that`s one way to go!

I found it by the AOL search engine.

I was looking for movie news and I found Killermovies

I kept checking it out for about a week then I decided I'd check out the message boards.

and ... u stuck here couldn't get out??

Billy The Kid
looks like that happened to all of uss!


em ... movie victims ... oh i mean, fans, yeah, movie fans ... wink

Billy The Kid
eek! laughing out loud

rolling on floor laughing

I forgot how I got here.

I was probably drunk.

All the oldies here didn't really find KMC at all; KMC 'found' us when this place became its message board as well as

Yep. It was a 'collaboration' between Zed and myself.

Oh, and we're all thankful because of it.

Bespin Bart
I found this place through (lookin for spoilers for AOTC) and went to take a look-see at the forums. I remembered that I tried to post without registering and it was like running into a brick wall. Then I registered and became hooked on this site and so on and so forth.

Captain REX
Oops! I was still in my bro's username.

Bespin Bart
My bro told me about it so I registered.

i found it through my cousin who found it through, when i was visiting her she registered and i watched he go through the message boards and i would read them as she went along and i got, yes, u can all blame laricrai for my being here and annoying u all

I blame LariCrai for getting more active members here! smile

i found it during my daily search of starwars pics and ep. II news. I somehow stumbled upon and u can guess the way from there wink

who me??im not really that active...ill minimize the website and forget all bout it *hides*, dont hurt me for that...

grr...where'd she go. I'm comin to hurt ya...

u wouldnt dare try to hurt me

no, but i can do worse. You'd beg me to hurt ya.
*grabs sarah's hayden teddy bear and tears it appart*

byebye teddy bear*waves*hehehe, and its name was anakin


easy boys

lolo damn, forgot u know what that means

my darling brother found it and wanted me to join and my real name on here was must_kill_Santa but it doesnt work anymore and no i wasnt banned

ask raz when he returns

why doesn't it work anymore? try changing the password..

check the OTF, already tried that

I found it while looking for spoilers for x-men 2!

i wuz lookin 4 stuff on harry potter 3 on and dis came up so i joined

yerss told me about it

and shouldn't this be moved?

I was borad and I was researching a movie that I wanted to see on the Google network.


here's my story, i've got only a few movies left on my Netflix Queue so i'm hoping to find some recommendations from movie fans so i've registered to several movie forums including this one.

i also liked this site because it loads fast at 56k

I found it searchin for X-Men Pics, so it took me directly to that thread and there I found the best pics of all.... congratulations to every1 who makes this forum possible..... big grin

SST: well the mods and everyone trys to make the forum load ASAP for small band connections

hmmm i was looking for stuff on ROTK.......and i found the site........i think the longest time i didn't the forum is 2-3 days.........and thats when they first leaked the rotk trailer............good luck huh!!!laughing out loud

I went to google and typed in Terminator 2 Message Boards, and this one came up first.

i got hooked on this awesome site when i was searching for some really good matrix forums...........and since then i am here////////big grin

I found it while looking up Star Wars roleplay. And got hooked etc.

A College mate of mine was browsing the main KMC site after a while i looked up the site and eventually came across the forum and signed up and have been posting ever since then.

Yerss dared me to come here

Fire told me about it

you chickened out already fire? stick out tongue

I can't remember. I think I was just looking for message boards at the time and came across KMC! big grin

Mr Parker
I found this website by accident.I was just typing in a google wordsearch-spiderman movie message boards so I could bash that overrated movie and I have found this site.I like it because I am a HUGE moviegoer and love to talk about old AND new movies.

I was browsing movies sites on the internet one day and I came across this website.And then I saw news about all these great movies and sequels coming out I was hooked.It wasnt till a year later that I found the forums tho.

i was googling...

My friend Christine told me about this. She told me it was fun, etc so i checked it out. now, she's gonna ill me if she sees i wrote her real name down. well, who cares!

I was checking out info on Xmen 3 and found the site...then the forums, and here i am! big grin

shadow_angel told me about it in August and I joined and stuck around ever since happy

heard about this place from a very good friend of mine....Dexx by his name big grin

I was looking for some info on X3 auditions, and decided to join the boards and ask, of been hooked ever since. I even got a friend to join and she's never been on a board in her life!

I don't remember the first time i came to the actual site though, but I've been using it for while.

i slayed buffy
i just stumbled across it i guess

Ohhh, bout that laughing out loud
I found this place by google search, then got Lily (LilySatine) to join, who then braught her cousin shadow_angel here, who then (apparently) told you... stick out tongue laughing out loud

cheeky munkey
im not totally sure how i got here..... i think i was searching for stuff about potc 2, and got linked to a message board...... that was it .... not turning back..... i was addicted sad
hehe big grin

it was weird because I've just been checking out the top-ten movies and stuff here until 2000, but I was so blind that I didnt see the forum. Until I finally saw the small red "visit our forums here" thing then i entered big grin

A friend told me about it.

if it was only that easy for me blink

I had downloaded an emulator for SNES, so I wanted to find cool games. I searched in google for "BEST SNES RPG GAMES" and I found a poll about that in this board. Then day I went to the OTF and I liked I registered.

I guess I'm one of those "Google Noobs" that found it through a google search.. honestly if you search for any movies, killermovies is usually in the top 10.. its crazysmile

total metalhead
raz visited me in a dream and told me to join KMC or suffer eternal torment happy

i was looking for harry potter forums and came across killermovies.. that was a while ago

Crash Overload
I bought A Game Called "Enter The MAtrix" I was stuck with one part of it... wondering what to do.... Did not help me much with there awsome walkthroughs... so I ended up Google Searching and ented up in the <---===ETM Help Thread===---> I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad a I regestered.... I wonder what would of happened to me if I didn't...

i was searching for porn , i dont know how i get here

My friend told me about it

Fallen Jedi
big grin

i dont know how i get here... and now i dont know hot to get out of here stick out tongue

I was looking up Bo'Selecta and found an ancient archived KMC thread.

I just found this place. cool to meet all of you! happy

Dexx found it searching for episode 2 news, fitch found it from dexx, ?I found it from fitch...ta-daa..

hello commando! big grin

Fallen Jedi
i'm just as lost as you are. stick out tongue anyone got a map?


There's no way out of KMC...

...and yeah, I was another person who googled their way here...I was looking for Matrix Revolutions images and lo and behold, KMC came up laughing out loud Took one look at the forums and instantly joined!

yey for you! eek!

i ran a search for Matrix : Revolutions spoilers and it brought me here .. but of course when i got here there was about 60 -100 different spoilers so i just registered and now .. here i am big grin

well hiya!

I was searching stuff about x-men. Stumbled here and joined right away. smile

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