Hey Guys and Girls...

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Well I had a fun and eventful night, but Ill spare the details and get to it. Crashed my car into a pole, got it towed away, went to hospital, 4 hours later left with my arm in a cast and sling. Slightly pissed off, but I started laughing about the whole thing later on. Pretty funny, if you ignore the whole insurance/police/repair/towing/hospital fees and paperwork...oh yeah and the slight pain...

Now heres the tricky part....Im right handed, and Oh Joy! Twas my right hand that got buggered up! w00t Go me. So this means I cant work for a few weeks, uni is gonna be a biatch, and lastly, Im typing this with my left hand - one letter at a time....so, Im just gonna bugger it and be off my computer for a few weeks until this settles down.

Thats about as much as I can be bothered typing with my left hand right now, so Im gonna call it a night. Anyways, Ill be catching you all later when Im all fixed and stuff mistdance

Oh yeah, you all have to sign my cyber cast mistnone
And as for PMs, I doubt Ill be able to reply to any soon, but Ill try come on occasionally and see them...

Mist Out mistpirate

True story: Too Much wanker



Dammit Bloigen it took me all day to come up with that storymad I even staged a car crash just to make it look authentic


Forgot to attach pic no expression God Im a n00b no expression



signed yer cast...goober

Originally posted by justjakk
signed yer cast...goober

oh yeah sucks to be you....kool car though

bloody bows1

Vinny Valentine
Damn Mist, you look like your tired in your first picture laughing out loud

Nice job on your Car.

Jumpy How sad! Sorry for your car dude... oh, and your arm too. hope you feel loats better really soon, I can tell lots of people here are gunna miss ya. wink

Can I sign your cast too? Hm... I signed it... w00t! ^__^

Wow, that sucks....how did you crash into a pole? stick out tongue


i suck at editing pictures lol.


Good to know you are OK

LOL it takes some time to get used to typing with one hand, LOL trust me I know
I am mainly left handed on the computer, so when I crushed the fingers on my left hand last year it was realllllly annoying to use the mouse with my right hand, luckily, I could type pretty well with one hand, but still frustrating.

Hey since your arm is in a cast, the swelling in your arm overall will go down withing a week I think, SO u will be able to TYPE with your right hand too, lol

H. S. 6

Originally posted by H. S. 6
no expression


Hope your arm feels better soon. no expression

I can already see his new sig. no expression

i broke my left arm(writting arm) twice in one year and the next time i break it a need surgery on it i accually trained myself to write with the cast on just practice holding a pen or pencil and move the entire arm
and the car work looks like what my uncle did to his truck once

That must of hurt laughing out loud

Too bad about the car though manconfused

Piggle Humsy
god mist... that is such a n00b thing to do...

I am embarrassed to know you... mhm

Ms Flower
good gravy, glad your ok Michael...in a round about way messed

ill sign when I decide on my new name happy

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