sea Wars: Saga in Shorts (write your own)

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OK, Sea warsis basically Star Wars with fishas the sith and humnas as the good guys! The main good guys:
Luke Flyfisher
Princess Limpet Devourer
Haddock Slayer
Tiddlekins the Pussy

Master Tuna
Munch Fishu
Quick Gonn Fish
Only One Calamari
Prune Ate-all-my-fish-a
Addictive Flyfisher

Emperor Salmonella
darth Whale-er
Grand Cod Tunakin

Darth Salmonus (later to become Emperor Salmonella)
Darth Gold (fish)
Count Duckling (yes, a traitor duck goodguy joined the dark side of the sea...)
Fish Oceanwave (leader of the Trade Fleet-of-fish-tion)

Have fun and I'll post my 1st story soon, if noone else posts one! LMAO, I was so bored... laughing

The boat skimmed the waters. It was a beautiful day and Luke Flyfisher smiled at his uncle, Owen Limpets, and his aunt Burn-Your Limpets. Suddenly, there was a CRASH and the boat rocked! wATER SPURTED INJ AND THEN A HUge monstrous duck flew at them! Luke's aunt splashe d into the lake and Cliegg leapt after her, grabbing her hand, but then goldfish emerged and dragged her into the depths!
LOuke flourished his harpoon and used it to block the furious duck's kicks, but then the boat began to sink and Owen panicked, diving deep into the water after his wife... and to a sickly death!
Luke began to sob as he impaled the duck, which he pinned to the sinking boat with his harpoon and then he pulled free his long fishing line and grapled it around a cliff's rocky outcrop, swinging upo, up amd landing on the side of the cliff but a swam of gulls flew down and he fell... smashing into the ocean!
But a hand caught his wrist and pulled him up, there was the hermiy, Only One Calamari, floating above the water. Suddenly, the gulls charged Calamri, whoi whirled a electrified harpoon, hacking tem i half then he carried Luke to shore and lay hi on the ground, saying:
2I am Only One Calamari, the last of the Fishi! We rfight in the eternal battle with the dastardly basts of the sea!"

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.