Losing Hope

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Nothing is what death is/
Friends are what breath is/
Life is a question/
And Pride is what sweat is/
Thoughts are how you feel/
Emotions are concealed
Never open up/
Coz your mind's not real/
Dont take life for granted/
Dont take what your handed/
Freedom of speech/
Its yours, so demand it/
Im not a wise man/
Im a man with options/
Death is a person/
Who gave up and lost it/
Live for now/
Dont think ahead/
If you reflect for a second/
Your already dead/
So Dont shed one tear/
Dont live in fear/
Dont think for a second/
That you dont belong here/
Equality is a blessing/
But its seldomly seen/
Happiness is blind/
Sumthin you felt in a dream/
So Live For Now/
Dont stop and wait/
You have a purpose/
Ya Gotta lock that fate/
Life is your choice/
This Is your time/
You have your voice/
You have your own mind/
Birth is a virtue/
Welcome to life/
Heaven is today/
And Hell is tonight/
Im not a poet/
I write from the heart/
I commit many sins/
So thats where i start/
I dont ask forgiveness/
Nor do i give it/
I live without thought/
Ill think when im finished/
I am who I am/
Im not who i will be/
I am who i am/
Until that day I kill me/
Not with a gun/
Not with a hooped rope/
The day of my doom/
Is they day i lose hope/
Im not afraid to stop/
But Im scared to start/
But no matter what happens/
I have to share my heart/
I wanna thank everyone/
For when you did nothing/
Coz a moment of silence/
Is that little sumthing/
That everyone needs/
That everyone breaths/
Everyone wants/
And everyone sees/
Nothing is the answer/
Theres no particular reason/
To why we're here/
And why we're berathin/
Dont stand in the shadow/
Dont stand behind/
Move up ahead/
And Dont stand in line/
So live for now/
As if it is tommorow/
Live your dreams/
And forgive your sorrow/

It has a nice, flowing rhythm; I quite like it happy

thank you big grin big grin

Lovely Murder

**~Losing Hope~**

seems to me im loosing friends, there's a lot of hostility round my end
we used to argue an go get new friends, now we cant settle disagreements no need to defend
looks like im losing mates, theres a lot of death threats goin round my gates
we used to bully an fight kids from other estates now the 8 millimetres settle debates
looks like im losing sight, cos im lookin at the future an it dont seem right
so i look out my window, pray every night, pray the next day is gonna be alright
looks like im losing hope, climbing up these mountains without any rope
but im the captain of my boat, so i set sail and hold my breathe that i still float
when i look at my life i cant help but think
how i could of run a muck and resorted to drugs and drink
everyday seems the same as the day before
but then everyday brought a new obsticle dint know wats in store
everyday i wake up and i cant help but feel
is this really how life is, is this real
thoughts running around my head prancing around like dancers
i know its wrong to question but im seeking answers
the who's, the whats, the hows, the whens,and the why
look directly at my face and see the pain in my eyes
tears ready to fall like the rain in the skies
but im hoping to put my feet down and rise
old friends seemed to just ease the tension
of me being able to be noticed or mentioned
seems like yesterday i used to bowl around the block
had our 50/50 scotch an we were out on top
but nowadays things have stopped to a halt
anticipation building up like the american vote
cos guys wanna test my words i gotta face it
so i cant cater for 2nd and 3rd that shit is wasted
plus i know predetors only go 4 the weak
and so i gotta stay strong on my own, get me!
i was vunarable with them negative signs always showin up
some of us better just start growing up
on my own feet now i gotta look high
up the the sky and see the glimmer of hope in my eyes.

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thank you big grin big grin
But could you please limit yourself to one thread for your poems? It keeps things much neater, and it's easier to find all of your stuff then happy

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