Halo: The Last Fight

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-Note: all Spartan IIIs are designated by a 4-character combination (ex. A123)
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Name: Roy
Number: if Spartan
Known as:
Race: EX. Human; Spartan
Rank: none higher than Commander

It's been two long years since the famed Spartan 117 destroyed Delta Halo. Earth has Been Reinforced with a full, 360 degree, MAC gun Coverage. These Space Stations Are Linked Together With a Red Deflector shield designed to fill in any spot in which a MAC Platform is destroyed. Along with These Enhancements A new group of Spartans Where Secretly Developed By The UNSC. The Project Was Dubbed SPARTAN III. The Spartans of this Project where Trained To Surpass Spartan IIs in every way but with Specialized Emphasis That exceeded that even more in all areas such as Sniping, Demolition, Hand-To-hand ect. These Spartans Where Created For the emergency defense of Earth. Now, as the UNSC has been unable to contact the Spartan known as 117, The Spartan IIIs have Been Mobilized. Hand Picked Teams led by SPARTAN-X206 have been sent to the MAC platforms in preparation for an attack like the one that hit the Cairo, Athens, and The Malta two years prior...


Name: Roy

Number: X206

Known as: SPARTAN-X206

Age: 20

Race: Human; Spartan

Appearance: Mark 7 mjoliner Armor, White, Red patches, R/W/B Spartan emblem

Occupation: Sniper/ Offensive Tech.

Rank: Commander

Personality: Relaxed

History: Part of a newly formed band of Spartans developed by the UNSC for the Emergency defense of Earth. The SPARTAN III project was created. All Spartan IIIs have one letter before a 3-diget number. SPARTAN IIIs are trained, specialized, units that functioned as universally as the Spartan IIs, but Acceled at specific tasks. Such as Sniping, Demolition, Hand-to-Hand, Assault, and Tactical Defense. SPARTAN-X206 was chosen to lead over the Company of SPARTAN IIIs. Trained as an elite Marksman, his armor received enhanced cloaking capabilities (adapted from active camo), and an extra Zoom visor to be interphased with the already available zoom on a sniper rifle.

Other: Expert at The operation of turrets/warthogs, All Mark 7 Armor has slots for carrying 2 large weapons (i.e. sniper rifle, shotgun, rocket launcher) plus one in-hand, a pistol slot with a space for clips behind the gun itself, enhanced flashlight, grenade slots, magazine/ammo slots and an improved shield.

I can already tell this will be closed. He didn't even get permission. This is really sad..no

SPARTAN-X206 TO THE COMAND DECK, SPARTAN-X206 TO THE COMMAND DECK! the Towering Spartan exited the Armory, catching the cautious look from everyone he passed, largly due to the gleaming white snd red armor, along with the polarized visor, he was virtualy a half-ton walking tank. He aproched the Comaand Deck blast doors, took a deep breath and then keyed the com:" This is SPARTAN-X206, Reporting as ordered" almost at once he was greeted bu the face of the admiral. Admiral Lincoln was famed for his briliant tactick in times of dire situations. Just from the look on his face, the Spartan could tell the situation was bad. Thae admiral said "Commander, it looks like the Covenent are going to pull a verion of the event that hapened two years ago, they are massing just outside the kill zone and are preparing for an invasion. I want you and your team to be ready for an attack. go to the armory and await further orders. The Spartan replied with a quick salute and a shrp"yes sir" and headed down to the MAC control Room. his first name, Known by the othe Spartan IIIs only, was what he was greeted by when he walked in. "Roy, whats the Situation?" asked Rob, one of his hand-chosen teammates, X206 replied " we are to report to the armory for further orders" he signeled his othe teamate Nate to follow himself and Rob to the Armory. once there they reported in and awaited futher orders "SPARTAN-B069 (rob) reporting in, SPARTAN-Y102 (nate) Reporting in, SPARTAN-X206 Reporting for Duty, sir" there they awaited further orders...

The three Spartans Just sat there for about 15 min. when the captain called them to the Command Deck. "Get ready" ,he said, the covenent just made a slip space jump twords our general direction, we could be seeing them real soo..." jus then there was a call of "Slip Space Anomaly, just off the peimeter of all platforms Short range Weapons!" "Good Lord! Its the covenent and their sending boarding ships!" the admiral hit hte emergency signal, Sirens balred all around and he shouted to the Deck "LOCK DOWN ALL VITAL AREAS OF THE STATION!" then he turned to the three Spartans Still standing there, "we can't have a repeat of the incident two years ago, Spartans, I'm counting on you to make sure that a repeat is the last hing that will hapen, Defend this Station!" "Aye Sir" they responded in unison. THe Three spartans Turned and ran down the stairs to the weapons locker SPARTAN-X206 Quickly decided to pick up a Battle Rifle, and a 12-guage Shotgun along with 5 clips for the Battle rifle, 24 shells for the shot gun, and 3 extr clips for his sidearm. just then the entire station shuddered, All The Boarding Craft Had Hit At The Same Time!

No permission. Also looks more like a story to me, not a game. Closed.

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