Harry Potter Book Seven

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Terry Rose
Hello everyone, well this is my first fanfic ever, and this I guess has no title at the moment. I may think of one as I go big grin

Chapter One
The Parting Words of Sorrow

The blistering wind was blowing hard as the train that left from Hogwarts was racing to Platform's 9 3/4's at the train station called King's Cross. On board were various age group of people, all but probably a group of kids had sad grave faces on their face. What they had just gone through was probably the most tragic thing in their life. It was something really hard to believe, and quite a bit of people are just in denial. They honestly didn't want to believe that the beloved Headmaster was gone. It couldn't have been true. It just couldn't have. If he was gone, who would stand up against the most feared person in the world? Now with the only man that he had ever feared was dead, he now had full reign over the world, and no one was able to stand in his way.

In one particular compartment is where the story starts off. Four people were in a compartment together, none of them talking at all. One was a girl with flaming red hair, and wore her hair in a pony tail. Another one, a boy, had flaming red hair as well, and had freckles on his face. He was tall and lanky, and wasn't in much mood for talking. Laying on his shoulder was a girl who had bushy hair, and was wearing black robes, whereas the others had already changed. The last boy in the compartment was Harry Potter, the only survivor of the killing curse.

With messy black hair and bright green eyes, he sat there, leaning his head against a window, watching everything go by, just like that night, not too long ago where he was forced to watch the headmaster get killed by one of the people he hated most. The scar on his forehead was tingling, but it didn't bother as much now as it had use to. He knew what was the cause of his scar hurting that time. It was because Voldemort was rejoicing over the death of the greatest Headmaster of Hogwarts. How it had angered him so that no one would listen to him about Snape being a Death Eater. Oh how it pained him so that he could do nothing to prevent that tragic event.

These four have been like this ever since they had left from the station in Hogsmede. Several professors accompanied them along with several Aurors to give protection to the students that were aboard the Hogwart's Express. They patrolled the corridors instead of the normal prefects, which walked around once in a while, telling the students off that misbehaved. Though that day no one did, and what surprised the four of them was not even the Slytherins. Though it didn't seem to show, a few of them were indeed touched that the headmaster was killed.

This man, Professor Albus Dumbledore was nice to everyone, not caring if they were from Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, or Slytherin, if you were muggle born, half blood, or pure blood. He did not care about any of those. He treated everyone all the same, that was one of the reasons that he was loved.

The trolly did not come around that day, the woman who usually pushed it was too busy crying still having trouble believing what happened at the school, though she wasn't denying it. The task for the adults at hand though wasn't to morn for Dumbledore's death, but to insure the safety of the remaining students of Hogwarts to get back safely without incident.

As Harry sat there thinking about the events that had happened, Ginny, the girl who had flaming red hair, stared at him in deep wonder. One of his thoughts earlier was how could she stand to be near him after he had broken up with her. If he was her, he knew that he would hate himself for breaking up a relationship that could have lasted forever, but Harry knew that it could not happen at that time for as long as Voldemort was still alive. This was the one thing he had to do alone, though his friends, Hermione, the girl that was laying on the freckled boy's shoulder, which was Ron, had forced him to have them go along with him to Godric's Hollow.

"Harry you all right?" asked Ginny softly, not taking her eyes off of him.

Harry had not answered her. He was too deep in thought about everything that just happened.

"This isn't your fault you know." she said, trying to be reassuring.

"The hell you know?" asked Harry in a dark voice, something that he hadn't meant to happen. "Sorry Ginny, I didn't mean for that to come out like that."

"Yes you did." she said, feeling hurt and taken aback by the tone in his voice. "I'm going to sit with my friends."

As she said that, Ginny got up from her seat, exiting the compartment. Ron and Hermione looked at Harry both speechless with what had just happened.

"What are you lot looking at?" he said, looking back at the window.

~I will type more is people want me too big grin

It's great but you said Ravenclaw Twice and forgot Gryffindor

Terry Rose
oh whoopsie. thanks

it's all fixed ^_^

ok first at the beginning you said> grave faces on their face< don't i repeat do not use repitition it just sounds bad and weird.But otherwise it has great detail and i love how Harry's being such a dimwit and being mean to his friends. Thats exactly like him in the real books i luv it.

It's a good start wink

Scotty Brockman

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