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How to make a thread in th RPG section without being kicked out.

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Originally posted by Ushgarak
Welcome to the Hosted Role-playing area.

The definition of a 'Hosted' game is one thay is run by a particular person (ort group of people)- the 'Host'. Commonly referred to as a Gamesmaster, Dungeon Master or Referee, the Host decides all the rules for the game, is the ultimate arbiter of all that happens within it, and decided how many can play in a game and who is and is not invited.

Often a Hosted game involves pre-defined story backgrounds for other people to play through and shape the plot, with the Host simply playing the background characters and informing players of events to react to. Sometimes, the Hosty will be actually part of a game that is simply a more focussed version of an Unhosted one.

Regardless, a Hosted game is a more in-depth, planned and detailed game than an Unhosted one. It is more restrictive- you are certainly limited in what you can do- but also more focussed, and many find it far more satisfying.

If you want to join a Hosted game, either use a thread provided for joining that game, or PM the Host. Please do not just post willy-nilly into someone else's game! That's very rude.

As for starting a game... this thread is the place to disucss game ideas for this area. Like the Unhosted area, no game can start without my approval; ask for it here.

Unlike Unhosted, however, I need more than a coherent idea and interested players to start a game. I need to be satisifed in myself that the game is practical and worthwhile to play. This has nothing to do with whether I personally like the idea, it is an objective appraisal of a game's merits. I do not want the Hosted area to be full of hasty, improvised ideas; that is the domain of Unhosted.

To satsify these requirements, good ideas to post with a Hosted idea are:

1. Some idea of the plot. If it is an X-Men game, for example, it can't just be the random adventures of some X-Men. What is going on? Is there some specific tasks, or series of tasks, to be done? Or more generally than that, what sort of theme does the game have- is it about kick-ass mutants fighting for survival against Magneto's cronies? Or maybe you are playing Magneto's cronies? Or is it a game about the struggle of being a mutant? And so on.

2. Some idea of the characters. Can you make your own, or not? If you can, what sort of limits are involved Are there broad types of characters you are interested in, or is it 'anything goes'?

3. Some idea of the rules. This does not have to be a rulebook- though it can be- but there definitely has to be some sort of structure that the Host enforces.

4. Some idea of the way the game will be run. How much effect on the plotline can the players have? Is there an ultimate objective? What sort of style do you like from the posts? And so on.

If your idea satisfies some or all of these elements, I am far more likely to think it is a worthwhile idea. Of course, an idea needs interest as well, but interest alone without the above ideas makes me think that it would probably work better Unhosted.

Hosted games can be a lot of work but very worthwhile. If you want any advice about how to go around making one, please PM me and I will get back to you when I can.

But please, do not PM me with game ideas or asking to start a game! This thread alone is the place to do that; if I allowed it by PM I would get swamped and could never cope- therefore, by principle I do not respond to such PMs. Please do be patient; whilst I often get very busy I try to check all ideas as regularly as I can.

Ask me for help or advice on the concept of a Hosted game- but keep your game requests in this thread, thanks.

Ok folks, post away...



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