New Spawn movie?

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no, there's not a new spawn dont be surprised, or pissed at me because it looks like i tricked u...but really im not trying to *april fools!*

but nah, this is my opinion, i think they should come out with a new spawn movie to rebirth the franchise, cuz to be frank, the first one just wasnt good enough cuz i heard it was a low-budget film and they just kinda pushed through it to force something they didnt really put alot of effort into, and it shows in the special effects like when hes in hell...n c'mon spawns awesome, he deserves better than that..

so what do yall think??

Too soon I think.

i think not. i think they should start makin it

I actually met Micheal Jai White in Atlantic City a couple years back. He's a pretty big guy, I'd say by just looking at him that he was over 6'4.
He's a pretty nice guy too. I mean my cousin started talking smack to him, because he was drunk, and Micheal just played it cool. I think he'd play a decent Green Lantern (John Stewart) if they ever made it a movie.
As for a second Spawn... I think that they are past due on producing another film. Todd McFarlane is arguably the richest comic book artist ever.

He is very popular but Jim Lee owns all! He'll probably get dirty rich, even richer thann Todd, because he's doing stuff like that DC MMO that's coming out in 07 or 08/...

There's really no chance of Jim Lee being richer than McFarlane... I mean he's the co-owner of an NHL hockey team.

McFarlane is amazing, I must say. He also is the co-creator of Venom. As for a Spawn movie, I'd love it if it were more of a battle between Redeemer and Spawn rather than Clown. Not a big fan of Violator.

Well they were having stuff in the movie that didnt happen till like issue 50! It was gay he never even used necroplasm and what was up with Cog in there i mean he didnt really have such a big part in the comic. They didnt even have Al killed by the right person I mean Jason Wynn kill Al i dont think so Chapel is the one who killed him by shooting him in the face I really think the film shouldve started like the comic but I could keep going on though i dont want to

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