hermy and ferret boy

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this is my version of love because im a strong d/hr shipper and the are like so hot right now so tell me ur thoughts and feel free to post

"well i'll see you guys later" harry said as ron and hermione went to the prefects cabin only hermionie was head girl this year and she was very proud,

"ron do you know who head boy is"
"i dont know but i hope its not malfoy stupid git"
"ron be nice"
"but you hate him too"
"yes but im head girl now i have to be nice"
"what ever" the entered the cabin and there was malfoy showing off his head boy badge to any one who would look (mainly the slytheryn prefects)
"so mudblood i see im going to be stuck with you this year"
"i guess so"
"this doesnt mean we are friends or anything"
"of course"
"wouldnt want you to be a hypocryte now"
"ah weasley sticking up for the mudblood like always typical weasely dont know the difference between pure blood and filth"
"i am not filth" hermionie screeched and with that she stormed out and searched all the cabins until she found harry, ginny, luna and nevil
"can you believe that mcgonagal gave head boy to malfoy"
"what thats crazy"
"i know" ron came into the cabin at that point
"ferret boy needs to get over himself"
"ron leave him alone"
"oh so your still going to stick up for him even after he called you filth"
"well thats your choice god im starved" he started eating the sweets harry and the others bought so hermione left. she got back to the prefect cabin and found that malfoy was there by himself
"why arnt u with your friends"
"didnt feel like it"
"fair enough well you keep to yourself and i wont get in your way"
"who said you'd be in my way"
"what do you mean"
"nothing dont worry about it forget i said anything" hermione looked at him and was thinking to herself god he has the most beautiful eyes then she thought what am i thinking we are enemies i cant think this way she looked at him again and this time he was looking at her, suddenly he got up and strode over to her
"what are you doing"
"something i should have done a long time ago" and he kissed her softely. just then ron came into the cabin and saw them kissing
"what are you doing hermione" malfoy strode passed him and left the cabin
"like its got anything to do with you"
"he our enemy"
"i know but he is such a great kisser"
"the discusting"
"anyway he kissed me"
"looks like you were kissing him"
"well" ron just walked out of the cabin
"ron wait it wont happen again i promise i wasnt thinking i know that it is against my morals"

ill post more l8er tell me what you think plz rolling on floor laughing

it's pretty good for starters. keep posting though. and you can check out my stories and post your comments, unless you have already (lol) they're 'harry and ginny--my version' and '7 book--seen by ron and hermione' . keep posting cuz your story is good!

i will post more this arfternoon i promise

Malfoy's POV

i really hope weasel doesnt tell anyone about me and hermione imagine what people would think of me although she is a good kisser and her hair is so shiny
"what are you looking at"
"nothing pansy"
"you seem so distant lately is anything wrong"
"oh ok well ill see you in the common room later"
"sure" i walked out of the great hall and nearly ran into weasel
"watch where you're walking weasel"
"you watch where you're going ferret boy"
"look if you tell anyone about hermione and i, i will personally make sure that you can never open your mouth to talk again"
"hermione says that it was a mistake"
"did she now well i'll change that too" i walked off towards the slythern common room when suddenly i saw hermione and she was crying
"whats wrong"
"then why are you crying"
"because ron is angry that i kissed you"
"yes i promised him i wouldnt do it again"
" do you want to"
"well yes but he's my friend"
"i didnt ask about that i asked if you wanted to"
"yes bu..." i kissed her and supprisingly she kissed me back it was pure bliss and i wanted it to go on forever but then i remembered pansy if she caught me she would be furious
"i have to go"
"ok see you in potions tomorrow"
"yes" and i left.
"where have you been i've been wating around for ages"
"sorry i took a walk around the grounds to clear my head"
"oh ok"
"well im going to go to bed now so goodnight"

harry's POV

i was sitting in the common room reading a book about quidditch when ron ran up to me
"ferret boy is in love with hermione"
"yeah speaking of which where is she"
"im here"
"whats with that look"
"what look"
"never mind im going to bed"
"ron look i told you that it wouldnt happen again and it wont"
"what ever"
"well goodnight then"
"erm yeah goodnight" he left and when he was out of earshot hermione turned to me
"harry im in a bit of a pickle here"
"is it about ferret bot"
"well yes"
"i dont wanna hear it"
"harry please"
"what then"
"i think im in love with him"
"i know i promised ron but you know you cant mess with free will"
"why does he like you"
"i dont know but i was with him earlier when ron came up here"
"you were"
"yeah but he had to go"
"i can tell you but you have to promise you wont tell anyone"
"cone of silence"
"im gonna keep seeing him"
"ok your secret is safe with me" she hugged me and went up to the dormatory so i decided to go to bed myself but i couldnt get to sleep all i could see was hermione and ferret boy and i started feeling really sick.

it's going good. one thing you might wanna do is say who's talking after you write the line that they say. it makes it easier to remember who's talking. keep posting cuz it's going really well.

yeh ^^^^^ what she said its hard for people with little brains like me but keep goin its great

will do

and another tip for you: put in puntuation...like, periods, commas, capital letters, exclamation and question marks...just the basic stuff so it makes it easier to read. If you have microsoft word doc. it helps to write your story on that first so that you don't have any spelling mistakes.

yeah kk thanx i shall


how was that was it easier to understand

that post was interesting. it's much easier to read now. keep posting!

ummm thanx


not very realistic story lol but great keep posting

its not meant to be realistic its just a bit of fun lol

its cute i like it keep going yes


this is sooo great keep going!!

you should read mine its called malfoys secret

i did its really good keep it up

it's good...but a bit unrealistic. but keep posting.

not meant to be realistic just a bit of fun

Im not a hr/D shipper but i luv the fan-fic its awesome and slightly wierd!!!lol


omg!!! continue :drools: more! more! more!

ooo i luved it very good!!!

great post! more please!

its was cute. But try to distinguish the characters a little bit more.

so when are you gonna post again?

omg, your story is unrealistic but it is really good. I love it!! keep posting!!!

im not sure when i'll post again but feel free to add anything to it i wont mind


im going to repost the whole story in a slightly different form soon its going to be in chapters so yer i'll keep you all updated

this is really really good! post more soon! pretty please!

Miss S Malfoy
I want more.I NEED MORE!
He would be the PERFECT guy!

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