The Maestro vs. Kurse

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some said... Maestro is the strongest form of Hulk....

is he on the same power-level than Kurse...

whou would win this encounter ?


why kurse ?

maestro is 200 tons basic level

kurse is twice Thors level... Thor is 100

and maestro has all the intelligence... and when he gets angry....

hand books say his basic level is class75-100 and he couldn't beat thor and kurse is about 3 or 4 times stronger then thor

Algrim survived, thanks to his enchanted armour, but was terribly injured. He was left with amnesia and a consuming hatred of Thor. Later he was fully healed, at least physically, by the Beyonder, a virtually omnipotent alien being. The Beyonder transformed Algrim into the greatly more powerful being henceforth known as Kurse. Kurse was said to be twice as strong as Thor (who is, himself, vastly powerful: able to lift over 100 tons even without his belt of strength).

In a battle between Kurse and Thor, the thunder god used his belt of strength to double his own strength, making him Kurse's equal. However, the Beyonder replied by increasing Kurse's strength even further, so that he was still far more powerful than Thor.

Kurse's strength has not been measured against that of such powerhouse Marvel characters as the Destroyer, the Juggernaut, or Mangog, or the Hulk when his "normal" strength level is magnified by intense rage. However, Kurse was undoubtedly one of the physically strongest humanoid beings in the Marvel universe. His strength level was dwarfed only by Marvel's cosmic beings, such as Galactus and Eternity, and certain gigantic characters with powers of apocalyptic levels, such as Ymir and Surtur

Physically the Maestro is an older version of the Hulk and sports a long gray beard with long gray hair along the sides and the back but is completely bald on top of his head. He possesses even greater physical abilities than his present-day counterpart, and is not hampered by any moral or ethical considerations. The Maestro's body absorbed the radiation left over in Earth's atmosphere and the base level of his strength has been increased to a level far surpassing that of the present-day Hulk. The Incredible Hulk, however, appears to still be able to achieve greater rage than the Maestro

"why kurse ?

maestro is 200 tons basic level"

Handbook typo or not? I asked this one in the Hercules/Maestro thread.

My take goes for Kurse. We dont know exactly how much he packs but we do -know- hes at least twice as strong as Thor, considering he beat him even when Thor had the belt of strenght with him.

kurse is minimum class 300-400

Kurse is Incalcuable Strength around and IMO above Gladiator,Thor,Hercules maybe Savage Hulk & Superman

but not above juggernaut! shifty

I give it to Kurse!

Yeah Juggernaut to. sad

the Darkone
Maestro hulk stength is greater than the savage hulk, he can iccrease due to rage not as high as savage hulk just about their. Maestro Hulk will beat kurse down into ground beef.

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