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reading all your storys has made me decide to write one do not expect anything great coz i aint a good writer (my english teacher kindly reminds me of this every lesson) so here it goes...

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It was one of the mistiest days yet and it was getting worse as the day came to a close,
it was the end of July and a tall, skinny, bespectacled boy was sitting in his room thinking
about his friends, and his so called family, The Dursleys, but Harry Potter was not bothered
about the dursleys anymore in a couple of days he would be leaving them forever, he couldn't
wait, everything was arranged he would be going to the Burrow where even demontors,
death eaters and voldemort could not make him unhappy, the burrow in Harry's opinion was
the second best place in the world, his real home, Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry
was until last year the best and safest place to be.

Even thinking about happened at hogwarts 2 months ago brought a lump to Harry's throat
the greatest wizard to ever live was killed by a death eater, who was a teacher at the school
, Harry's least favorite teacher in fact, Severus Snape, no one except Dumbledore himself
knew why he trusted snape for all those years.

Harry started flicking through some pictures of his last six years at hogwarts, they had
been great, four of those years Harry had ended up facing Lord Voldemort, the most feared
dark sorcerer of all time he had also flown a magical car into a massive tree, had his bones
in his right arm grown back in one painful night, entered the triwizard tournement, a dangerous
tournement to test a wizards ability and found out he had a murderous raving loony as a
godfather,although he turned out innocent.

Harry heard a tapping on his bedroom window, he looked up and saw Hedwig, Harry let him in
and took what he was carrying, three birthday cards from Ron, Hermione and Hagrid, Harry set
them up on his bedside cabinet, it was only then that harry realised that it wasn't his birthday yet,
laughing at his own stupidity, Harry lay down on his bed fully clothed and fell asleep

It was seven a.m when the daily prophet owl woke Harry up, he paid the fee when he realised
how quiet the house, Dudley wasn't snoring and you couldn't hear Aunt Petunia setting up the
breakfast table, Harry crept downstairs there was no one to be seen, Harry noticed a letter he
opened it and read...

Scotty Brockman
A cliffhanger, A CLIFFHANGER ahhhhh,

just playing post more ASAP and BTW Hedwig is a girl not a boy.

oh yeah sorry bout dat embarrasment

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But hurry you left it in a good place and I want to know what the letter said.

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Dear Harry,
We have gone on holiday to Spain, Vernon wanted to be as far away as possible
from you when became of age in case any thing 'Dodgy' happens.There is something i wish to
tell you Harry, I have never hated you or your mother, in fact before your mother left to go to
hogwarts we were the best of friends inseparable.I felt her being a witch would ruin our
friendship and when she died i cried for days because we never made up, i blamed you
for her death because you survived.So now you know the real reason that I have been
mean to you for the past seventeen years you will hopefully forgive me.

I would like to tell you that I am proud of you, even more of than my own son who will sit
around watching television and eating all day, but i am sure that you will do something with
your life, your mother and father were both i think they are called aurors anyway they fought
dark witches and wizards you are so alike your parents so you should consider this route.
I will probably never see you again Harry so have a lovely life and do be careful.
Aunt Petunia

P.S Kill the b*****d for me!

Was it that bad???

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It's good but I think you should write like this

Dear Harry,
We have gone on holiday to Spain, Vernon wanted to be as far away as possible from you when became of age in case any thing 'Dodgy' happens.There is something i wish to tell you Harry, I have never hated you or your mother, in fact before your mother left to go to hogwarts we were the best of friends inseparable.

I felt her being a witch would ruin our friendship and when she died i cried for days because we never made up, i blamed you
for her death because you survived.So now you know the real reason that I have been mean to you for the past seventeen years you will hopefully forgive me.

I would like to tell you that I am proud of you, even more of than my own son who will sit around watching television and eating all day, but i am sure that you will do something with your life, your mother and father were both i think they are called aurors anyway they fought dark witches and wizards you are so alike your parents so you should consider this route.

I will probably never see you again Harry so have a lovely life and do be careful.
Aunt Petunia

see how it looks better you shoud write like that thru your story you know? I'm not saying you cant write cause I liked it but you should remember to space after a period. And you should make a new paragraph when someone speaks ok.

REMEMBER I'M NOT SAYING YOU CAN'T WRITE, I'm saying you can make those ejustments and it would look a lot better ok.

Don't forget to updated I wan to see where this goes and If you need help PM me I will be most glad to help a friend ok??

OK thanks for the advice.i doubt i will be able to update again tonight but maybe tomorrow

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Harry laughed at the last line of the letter, he folded the letter up and shoved it into his
pocket.Harry ran upstairs to have a look at the daily prophet to see if their was any good
or bad news...

Mysterious Muggle Attacks in the Middle of the Night
At exactly midnight on 31 July, two muggles were found dead with the Dark Mark sent over
their house, writes Miranda Hixby, Special Correspondent. At this time we are unable to
disclose their names, but further reports will be posted as soon as possible.
Authorities are questioning the Death Eaters motives for these deaths because it's unusual for Death Eaters
to pick a specific time of day like midnight. And this writer believes that the specific time of this
particular day might have something to do with `the Chosen One', Harry Potter,
like He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is sending his calling card. With the death of Albus
Dumbledore, one wonders what kind of people are still out there for the Boy Who Lived.

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cool story. i like it. keep posting!

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Harry thought deeply about this article, the death had occurred dead on midnight on Harry's
birthday, harry wondered whether this was just a coincidence or was it his fault that some poor
soul has lost their family.Harry spent the rest of that day with the article in the back of his mind
, while he lazed about doing unneeded magic to get some food or the television remote, it was
so much easier now he was able to do magic.

Harry heard more tapping on his window this time it was pig, Ron's owl.Pig wasn't as small as
he used to be but he was definitely still as mad, it took harry at least five minutes just to get the
letter off of him, when he finally did mange to get the letter he read...

Pick you up at seven
see you then

It was already ten past six so harry thought it was pointless to send back a reply so he threw
the letter in the bin and ran upstairs to pack.

At dead on seven o'clock there was a knock on the door, Harry opened it to find, Ron and his dad
both smiling at him.Ron had got at least 5 inches taller than the last time harry had seen him but his
freckles and red hair was still the same.
"Come on Harry we don't want to be standing on a doorway at these times" whispered Mr.Weasley
Harry grabbed his trunk and and followed Ron and his dad.
"where are we going"asked Harry
"Mrs.Figgs back garden where we can apparate" replied Ron.

They had arrived at the burrow which still seemed to be warm and comfortable even though
it was another dark and misty night.
"Harry dear how have you been" asked Mrs.Weasley
"I've been fine"replied Harry, smiling
"Did you hear about those muggles being murdered Mr.Weasley" Harry asked
Everyones happy smiles faded.
"erm harry those muggles were,erm,well they were...."mumbled ron
" they were Hermione's parents" said Mr.Weasley.

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yea great story and cliffhanger but one thing you should say who is speaking after someone says sumthing. It was kind of hard to follow don'y do unless its really obvious but in a converstain tell who's say what

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Harry reached the house and came back into the kitchen, where Hermione and Ron were sitting opposite each other, a letter between them. Harry said,
"What is it?"
"McGonagall sent a reply." Replied Ron
"Already?" Hermione nodded and handed the letter to Harry. It read,
Harry, Hermione, and Ron -
I wish for you three to meet with me tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 to talk about your letter.
Professor McGonagall
"Well, I guess we probably should go." said Harry
"Yeah, we should." replied Hermione
"She'd better not try and convince us to go back, because like I told Mum, I'm not doing it!" Hermione rolled her eyes.
"Easy there, Ron. No one's making you go back. You're so defensive."
"I am not!" Hermione gave him a look that said, 'see?', and Ron fell silent. Forgetting Ron's defensiveness, Hermione said,
"I wonder what she wants to see us about." asked Harry.

The next day, at twenty-five after three, Harry, Hermione, and Ron stood outside the Hogwarts castle, staring up at the building that had been their home for six years. But it just didn't seem to have the same warmth and inviting feeling as it used to. The reason for that, Harry figured was the white tomb by the lake, which held Dumbledore's body. Harry took a deep breath and sighed. Hermione looked at him, smiled, and reached for his hand, and held it in hers comfortingly, then she took Ron's hand in her other one and held it. She also took a deep breath and sighed and said,
"Well, let's get it over with." Ron opened the doors to the entrance hall, and the trio set foot in the castle. It seemed so dark and gloomy, like the lights weren't functioning properly, not giving off their proper amount of light. They made their way to the Headmistress's office, stopped at the stone gargoyle, unsure of what the password was. Harry thought for a second then said tentatively,
"Lemon Drop?" The stone gargoyle leapt aside and the stairs to the office materialized. The trio climbed the steps and when they reached the top, Ron knocked on the door.
"Come in," came McGonagall's reply from the other side of the door. Ron opened it, and they came into the office. It looked almost exactly the same as it did when Dumbledore was Headmaster, with only a few changes. The portraits of the former headmasters and headmistresses quietly snoozed in their frames or tried to see who entered the office. The portrait of Dumbledore still slept peacefully, looking the same as it did at the end of last year. From the time the three had come into the castle and went to McGonagall's office, Ron had dropped Hermione's hand, but Harry still held her hand, finding it somewhat calming. Professor McGonagall sat at her desk, writing, and didn't acknowledge the presence of her former Gryffindors right away. She finished the sentence she was on, and laid her quill down and looked up. She smiled and said,

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Really good post. I haven't read many stories where it's gone to his parent's place yet. They all seem to quit writing before or shortly after it. Can't wait for the next post cool cool

"Lavender or Parvati?"


"Parvati or Padma?"

"They're twins!" Harry Potter exclaimed.

"So?" his best friend, Ron Weasley, asked indifferently, tossing a Quaffle from one hand to the other. "Their personalities are entirely different."

The two boys were playing 'Which Witch?' It was a game that basically consisted of naming two girls and asking which the other boy would rather kiss, date, marry, sleep with, and so on. It was the newest boredom buster the fifth year boys had invented, when they had far too much time on their hands.

Harry thought for a second.

"Padma," he answered finally. "Less giggly."

"Not as easy," was Ron's remark, twirling the Quaffle on his index finger.

He sniggered. It was quite easy to see why their hormones and newfound perverseness so frequently irritated Hermione. "But Padma's nicer. And smarter."

"Who cares about her grades? Parvati's idea of fun is ditching class and snogging in the rose garden," Ron countered.

"Padma plays Quidditch."

He paused. To them, that was an extremely rare quality with pretty witches. But he figured out something to beat it, like he always did.

"Parvati's got bigger br--"

"Bigger what, exactly, Ron Weasley?" Parvati asked in a stern voice, approaching the table they were sitting at. She eyed the two boys with mistrust.

"Braids," he finished weakly. "Bracelets. Broomsticks?"

Lavender scoffed. "Do quit staring at her chest, Ron. We know precisely what you were going to say."

And, giggling, the two ditzy girls sauntered off.

"Nice save," Harry congratulated him sarcastically.

Ron rolled his eyes. "Anyway. New choice. Padma or Cho Chang?" His brown eyes glinted mischievously, not unlike his two twin brothers, Fred and George, when they were scheming.

"Cho," he said instantly.

He snickered. "That was an easy one. Okay. Now, who would you rather snog...Cho, or...hmm..." His eyes scanned the Gryffindor common room, trying to find someone that would present a difficult decision. "Hermione?" he said suddenly.

Harry frowned. "Why would I want to snog Hermione?"

"Because you prefer personality," Ron reminded him. "Supposedly."

Of course, he immediately became defensive, as he always did when Ron or Hermione called him shallow for fancying Cho Chang. "Cho has a fantastic personality!" he said hotly.

"Right," he said skeptically. "And when you say 'personality,' you mean her arse, right?"

"Ron," he growled in a warning tone.

"Oh, fine, I'll stop. She wins for physical attraction, though, no doubt about that. But who would you rather spend an evening with, watching the sunset, sitting by the lake, just talking, absolutely no kissing in the least?" He was sure to overly emphasize the fact that there would be zero lip-action.

"Well..." he said slowly, contemplating, "I've never had an actual conversation with Cho," he said awkwardly. "It would be grand to actually get to know her. But I always feel so nervous and uncomfortable around Cho, like I might vomit any second. With Hermione, it's relaxed, natural. She's my best friend. And our conversations are usually rather profound..." he trailed away.

Ron grinned. "Hermione?"

He nodded reluctantly.

"And that brings it to two for Cho, one for Hermione."

"Since when were you keeping score?" Harry asked curiously.

"Since I realized this wouldn't be a unanimous competition," was his wily reply. "So. Better looks?"

"Cho," he said quickly, before the image of Hermione at the Yule Ball came to his head, when he had actually admitted to himself that Hermione was pretty; so startlingly attractive that she had at first been beyond recognition.

But Ron, through their best friend telepathic connection, knew just what he was thinking. "And at the Yule Ball?"

"Hermione," he confessed guiltily. "But Cho was with Cedric! Of course I didn't want to stare at her all night, or it would have been pretty hard to fight the temptation of tossing my butterbeer in his face."

"And Hermione is beautiful, mainly when she takes the effort to fix her hair, use cosmetics, and wear something other than basic black work robes," Ron pointed out. He knew there was more to Harry's answer than his lame excuse.

"Of course you know, you couldn't tear your eyes away from her the whole night!" Harry cried triumphantly.

Ron's face reddened to about the shade of the Quaffle that dropped from his hands once Harry made his accusation. He changed the subject rapidly. "Who would you rather take to Hogsmeade?"

"Hermione would insist upon spending countless hours scanning the numerous shelves at the bookstore..."

"While Cho would demand on wasting away an eternity browsing through the endless racks of clothing at Gladrag's," Ron added.

"Hermione refuses to visit the Shrieking Shack, as it gives her bad memories," he mentioned.

"Cho would be too terrified of the ghost stories to come within one hundred feet of it."

"She wouldn't oppose to entering Quality Quidditch Supplies," Harry argued.

"Yet she's too concerned about her precious figure to stray into Honeydukes."

"And neither of them have the sense of humor for Zonko's," the two boys realized in unison.

"It's a draw," Ron announced. "I declare that both girls would be a complete drag. Shame, since Hogsmeade is about the only place you can go on a date at Hogwarts." His eyes lit up. "Except... Who do you think would be more likely to sneak out of bed at night for an adventure--?"

"Hermione," he said, before Ron had completely finished his sentence. "Before, I might not have believed it, but after knowing her for four years, definitely Hermione."

"Now it's tied, three to three," he proclaimed, looking strangely smug. "Let's see...more athletic?"

"Cho, hands down." Since Hermione despised Quidditch as much as the two boys loathed schoolwork, and Cho played on the Ravenclaw House team, it was not exactly a brain-buster.


"They're both pretty caring..." He remembered when he had asked Cho to the Yule Ball, and she hadn't giggled or loftily informed him that she already had a date. She had seemed genuinely rueful. And Hermione...well, sometimes she was so bossy that she didn't take other people's feelings into consideration. "This may be because I don't know her well enough to have argued with her...but Cho."

"More intellige--"

"Hermione." Definitely the simplest question yet. Cho was in Ravenclaw, the most studious House by reputation, but Hermione was Hermione, and there was just no beating that.

"More fun?"

"I don't know," Harry said, feeling stupid. The only reason Cho was gaining points was because he didn't know the finer points of her attitude he could possibly dislike, while he knew every aspect of Hermione's behavior that he loved and couldn't stand.

"Preferred dance partner?"

He blushed. "I'm a terrible dancer. So... Hermione. She would have no trouble leading. Because she wouldn't mind if I trod on her feet a few times. And there wouldn't be a problem of sweaty palms and a racing heartbeat."

"More unpredictable?" Ron queried, already positive what the answer would be.

A slew of memories rushed to his brain at once, almost overwhelming him. Almost as if a pensieve full to the brim of thoughts from the past five years had just been dumped back into his mind. Hermione Granger's fast-spoken, rambling introduction about memorizing the course books by heart. Emerging from her hidden spot in the common room, intending to stop Harry and Ron from sneaking out at night. Bursting into tears at Ron's comment on her lack of friends after Charms. Setting flame to Snape's robes at the Quidditch match; hugging Harry after the Potion's challenge. In second year, developing a crush on Gilderoy Lockhart and brewing a Polyjuice Potion. Using a Time Turner to attend a million classes at once. Telling McGonagall about the Firebolt. Defending Crookshanks even when Scabbers appeared dead. Slapping Malfoy after her insulted Hagrid, walking out on Divination forever, and missing Charms, all in the same day. Forming S.P.E.W., though anyone familiar with the wizarding world knew house-elves enjoyed enslavement. Going to the Yule Ball with Krum and looking dazzling. Kissing him on the cheek at King's Cross. What could Hermione do without surprising him, although he had known her for so long?

Ron took the prolonged silence as a moment of nostalgia. "Hermione, of course?" he laughed.

"Every single day, she never ceases to amaze me," Harry affirmed. "She's incredible."

"Better sense of humor?" he went on.

"Hermione's lightened up loads since we first met her, but still... This is the girl who almost felt sorry for Malfoy when Moody turned him into the Incredible Bouncing Ferret. Everyone has a better sense of humor than she does," Harry stated.

"Who would win in a cat fight?" Ron said, appearing to picture it in his own head and looking extremely amused.

"Well, she can slap pretty hard, that's a fact... But Millicent Bulstrode once got her in a headlock. And we had confirmed that Cho was sportier... So Cho."

"But in a wizard's duel?"

Harry was beginning to get a little exasperated. "Hermione. Come on, Ron," he protested, "how many more questions do you have to ask?"

"Fine, fine. They're tied at seven each, I'm sure. So this one clinches it... Who can you picture yourself spending the rest of your life with?" Ron asked, looking fully serious for the first time. "Marrying, staying true to, having little sproglets with, growing old with, the whole soul mate deal?"

To his astonishment, the choice was possibly even simpler than the matter of brains. When it all boiled down, Cho was a plain old crush that would soon fade. But Hermione was a permanent fixture in his life. And his love for her, though platonic and more familial, could never die.

"For some reason, that seems so easy. Hermione. Even if it wasn't between her and Cho, she'd still be the one. If Cho suddenly left, I'd grieve for a while, but in the end, I would get over it. If Hermione ever disappeared from my life, there would be a huge gap, my heart would be broken, and that void would be unable to be filled. My mourning would be everlasting. Because Hermione is irreplaceable.

"It's like...wands. The first wand I ever tried, a nine-inch beechwood and dragon-heartstring, was awkward and just felt wrong in my hands. When I waved it, I knocked a shelf over. Then the second my trusty, eleven-inch, holly and phoenix feather wand touched my fingertips, I felt this warmth. Once my fingers closed around it, I knew it belonged. It was just right, you know?"

"Nice metaphor," Ron said, resting his chin on his fist. He seemed both honest and yet mocking. "In fact, that whole speech was so deep it moved me. I wasn't sure if you were reciting poetry or forgetting I was here and soliloquizing. Does this mean you're in love with Hermione?"

"I--" Harry began. starting to say deny it, just like it was customary and automatic to do ever since Rita Skeeter had written her first article announcing that he and Hermione were a steady couple. Then he changed his mind. "To be honest, I don't know anymore. But after our little game, I realized three things: first, I sure as hell am not in love with Cho. Second, there is absolutely no contest between those two girls. And finally...it's that I can't be sure about my feelings for Hermione. All I can tell is that it's beyond friendship. And I don't think kissing her would be quite as strange as I used to imagine."

"Well, why don't you find out?"

Harry noted that Ron was looking past him. His heart began to hammer against his ribcage, like it did when the prospect of inviting Cho to the Yule Ball with him came about. But this wasn't Cho. He knew exactly who it was, but he still whipped around to spot Hermione peeking out from behind a wall.

"Hermione..." He said her name slowly, carefully, desperately trying not to panic. "How long have you been there?"

She just continued to stare at him with wide, glazed, syrupy brown eyes, almost looking lost. Like she was still asleep and dreaming everything that was happening.

"I'd say a while," Ron whispered, even though he didn't want to interrupt the moment.

"How much did you hear?" Harry inquired, crossing his fingers beneath the table and praying to god that she had only just come.

"Enough," she answered softly, sounding breathless. Then she approached their table, legs wobbling like she could barely support herself. Just as her knees gave out, Harry stood up and caught her in his arms. They gazed directly into one another's eyes, and somehow, they both knew what would come next.

A kiss.

They tilted their heads to opposite sides, moved gradually closer, inch by inch, until their lips touched... Initially, it was light, gentle, hesitant, but sweet. Then the shyness dissolved in a second, and the romantic sensations overtook them. Hermione cupped her hands around his face, drawing him closer. In response, his arms slid down from her back to snake around her waist, and he kissed her more fiercely. Perpetuity had passed, and time had stood still at exactly the same time. It was like they had been transported to their own world that wasn't bound by chronology. But they still had to draw apart to regain their breaths.

"Get a room," Ron teased in a false, whiny voice.

Hermione playfully swatted him. "Be quiet, Ron. You're the one always talking about how wonderful snogging is and that we ought to do it."

"Not with each other! Not in front of me!" he continued to complain. "It's just bizarre watching your two friends kiss. Especially that! I mean, I understand that was the first kiss for both of you, but what was that? That was pathetic! Not even tongue. Imagine, the famous Harry Potter is a bad kisser!" he taunted.

"I beg to differ," Hermione giggled, eyes sparkling like diamonds.

"Shut up, Weasley," Harry said, face still flushed. He pushed his bangs out of his eyes and peered at Hermione. "He wants tongue?"

She smiled back. "We'll show him tongue."

And they both leaned in and kissed again, more passionately this time. Ron leaned back in his armchair, arms crossed, looking pleased and content for his two best friends. And maybe for another reason...

Lips curling into a sly grin, he thought, 'And since Harry's with Hermione, that means he doesn't have any feelings for Cho...'

I never thought that I would like Harry and Hermione together, but I kinda liked it. Nice post. Can't wait for the next

soz bout putting dat up but it was in my head its got nothing to do wid the story so ill pit the next part up .. so ...yeh anyway



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i luv it and gr8 cliffy. and i also think ur english teacher was crazy cauz ur a gr8 writer. cant wait to find out what happens to hermione

hmm shall i kill hermione off or not???

I don't know how far Harry could get without Hermione. I don't know though, its ur story. I don't think i'd kill her yet.

Very good and sry again 4 not commenting regurlarly!!!update soon!

Namine Etoile
Ok. The mischevious Twins have something to say.

Natasha- Ja adore la Magie! It's great! I'm hanging over the edge of my chair and Meena comes in and asks what all the laughing is about. Uh, heehee. And she damanded to read it too. It's great! Keep working at it!

Namine- Gosh Tasha. Merde. Oops. Anyways, this is REALLY good. It's funny in a way. I love how funny Ron is in these. The 'wich witch'? game reminds me of the game the boys at my school play. Rather rude really. Tasha overheard some of them saying Natasha or Namine? Haha. I won. I love it! keep working hard at it!

Au Reviour! ~Meena & Tasha

u are a very good writer!

I am totally in awe!

One thing i don't get...
how come ron likes cho?

It's kinda like unrequited love from my view of this story.

Ginny likes Harry, Harry likes Hermione
Luna likes Ron, Ron likes Cho
(Cho likes Ginny...)

RON DOES NOT LIKE CHO. that was just a one shot thing that came up in my head it has NOTHING to do with the story k
btw i mite quit this story coz i dont like how its goin

Say wut???If u quit will u make a new 1???

Namine Etoile
Don't quit! Please! Keep writing! Or else...

i mite make a new one
but i ant even quit this one yet

Namine Etoile
Yay! Good for U!~

well you're one of those people who believe that its H/H all the way. I, personally, can't think that way. It just doesnt seem right. I mean they love each other but in a brother sister sort of way. I think Harry's relli in love with Ginny

Namine Etoile
Mee 2. Harry and Ginny together is Fate. But it's your story so do whateva you want.

yeh i am a h/hr but i dunt think it will happen (unfortunately) can people plz pm me some ideas im a bit stuck confused

well me like the others is a R/Hr H/G shipper but wuteva still good!!!and also I updated mine!

plz -plz pm me some ideas i am really stuck

I am so loving this story. I cant wait till you find the time to write more. Just thought I would drop some words of encouragement

write heres tha thing of written da nxt part of story but i need to no are u allowed 2 swear on this forum or shall i jus star (****) it out????


Lovin this story. Keep up with the posts. Its really good. smokin'

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Yeah freaking awesome story, can't wait for next post!

Ginny Rules 94

If u do i'll kill everyone who types a message after this death threat!

^^^meaning im gonna die???koolio!!! big grin great update soon!!!

great story i ave been reading this since beginning but ive only jus signed up

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one cold night, as you turn into a dark, deserted alleyway..
something will be there...
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the boogey man!
mad mad mad

no1 seemed bothered dat i wernet posting so i gave up ill carry on if ya want me 2 though

plz keep posting this story, dont stop cause its really good and i want to be able to read it

k den ill hav nxt part up by tuesaday latest


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i like your story as well
keep posting lol

O by the way, in a harry potter fan website i read that Hermione becomes a Head Girl, but 'Arry Snotter doesn't.
Offence to Harry Potter, but my neighbour calls him that.

wats the Harry Potter fan website

erm... its kinda bin like 2 tuesdays since ur last post

omg i am only on page 3.....but this is SUCH A GOOD STORY! it is THE BEST one i have read so far so PLEASE dont stop posting! dont make this entire night of reading a waste for me! i want to hear more!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

~*!!!YOUR NEW FAN!!!*~

erm ok soz evey1 but my life sucks at tha mo so ill put tha nxt part up wen i can and thanks OhILuvHP

no prob-but seriously---it is an awesome story!like i said, i am not finished yet but you hafta put more up! this is keeping me hooked! im even wondering if j.k. rowling will be able to match your writing......... smile

lol i int dt gd
but fanx for da compliment

yeah-um.....anyways, i am now caught up with the story and um.....where is the next post? you need to get one soon-if you need an idea, try this:

say like "a few days after their encounter with Voldemort, the four friends were taking the familiar journy to Hogwarts...for the last time"

And then talk about that and then have Harry and Luna talk! i wana know what luna was talking about when she said keep hermione close!

You need to get a post up! all your fans are going crazy!


yeah it really is-so post soon!


ooooh! great post! its so good! and i love that last part!

&quote "Then you should be thanking me," Harry said. "because i am about to remove one that has been in your house for years." &quote

It is really good! keep it up!

its excellent, i absolutely luv it. plz post again soon

yeah it is really good! i also love that last part!!!!!!!!!

y is dat last part so good?


yeah it did!!! it was like really suspencful!!! i have no clue what is going to happen next!

if any1s bothered then tha nxt post could be up tomoz

This is such a good story. It is one of the best ones I have read. I can't wait for more.

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im really sorry but i havent typed it up yet i will have it up by the end of the week

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