The Forth Age (sequel to the Lord of the Rings)

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OK, i can't be bothered making a sign up thread as we'll all be using LOTR characters anyway... here is the plot and available chars!


This takes place after the Lord of the Rings. Leaderless, masses of orcs ravage inocnets, killing hundreds... but now someone is organising them again and Aragorn, now known a the Elessar, must assemble a new Fellowship and stop this mysterious new Dark Lord, who has adopted Sauron's false ideantity of "The Necromancer" and has begun summoning myseterious undead to reap havoc across Middle Earth. You can be any surviving LOTR character who would plausibly be available (obviously, someone like Gaffer won't go opn adventures and the elves and frodo left Middle Earth).
I do want to follow a set plot but you'll have enough lea-way to be able to split a bit anyway...
The main characters I'd want to use are:
Radaghast the Brown
I there's anyone else you want to be, just ask and it could probably be OK... also, PM me if you aren't sure who the characters are- I bagsy Aragorn I'm afraid...
No flaming except in- character
Only mild wearing (no Fs)
no godmodding (none of these characters are amazing, even the wizrd of the tem, Radagast)
No immortality (if you charge into a band of 2000 orcs woith only a ham sandwich and a roll of toilet paper, you will die)
No killing team-mates
have fun

So, is anyone interested?

sqwunchy: Eomer
Blaxicn hydra: faramir
ESB: Legolas
knightfall: Aragorn
Springboy: Arwen

Anyone else?
I'll begin soon...

I would like to join as Eowyn, please

Gimli should be taken off the list. He went with Legolas to the Undying Lands.

The .hacker
I would like to take Merry and Pippin. If no one takes him later on, Gimli.

Is like Gandalf available?

The .hacker
No, he went off with the elves and Frodo.

oh yeah forgot hehe lets see I'd pick Tom Baumbadil but who the heck knows what he can do. Hmm.....most of my favs are picked,dead or gone

Dark Shazam93
(Radaghast is a wizrd of the Istarii... a bit of a fool but a wizard. Hacker, you can be Merry OR Pippin. And Gimli went? Sorry then but he's a no no player! Please use OOC talk in brackets!)

Aragorn sat on his throne in Gondor and sighed, looking down at his advisors and glancing wearily at his wife, Queen Arwen Halfelven.
"Very well. these problems with the Necromancer cannot go on. We must recall a New fellowship and seek out this monstrocity... I want a message to Rohan, to King omer. Tell him to preprae his men for battle! We shll need our armies ready if the wosrt comes to the worst. The orcs have a leader andwe must not let them come. We must tavel to the Necromancer's lair, but where that is I cannot say. 3 places have recently been showing signs of dark magic: he Old forest in The Shire, mirkwood Forest and Angmar, once home to Sauron's terrible lord of the Ring Wraiths! Send for these people..." Aragorn apssed hhis messengers lists.
(we will haveb the Fellowship's other members come with us so that if people join late, there are available characters!)

The .hacker
(Pippin I guess, just dunno where he is... Hobbiton maybe?) Pippin sat at his usual table in the pub, wandering where blasted Merry was. He wend and ordered two pints, setting one in front of him so he could greet Merry properly. "Where could 'ee be? Jus' went over to Miss Bigfoots to see if he could borro' somethin... Aye, probably a mess o' trouble hes gotten himself in to." He chuckled and took a swig from the glass.

Eomer looked around at the many horses in the stable, checking each and every little detail, trying to find a proper steed for him to ride.

((I'll be Radaghast if possible. Not sure where he would be located...I'l let you introduce him so i know where to come from, Dark))

Dark Shazam93
Aragorn sighed:
"If only Gandalf where still here... we could truly do with an Istari wizard now, in our time of need..."
"Well, sir, as it happens..." Muttered his advisor, "...a certain Radaghast the Brown arrived earlier. I sent him up to a room... he seems hardly the greatest of sorcerers!"
"Take me to him..."
The advisor lead Arragorn up to a room in a pub on the far side of the city. They knocked on the door...
(Sorry this took a while to start but I could not get on KMC (server problems) for a few days!)

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