Your fave Hulk incarnatino.

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Who's the coolest Hulk incarnation? I prefer Professor Hulk.

Darth Kal-El
Professor/Merged Hulk.

the origanal

Jabba the Hutt
Either Guilt Hulk, or Savage Banner.

grey fox
I like the way Heroes re-born hulk looks, the long hair suits him.

Jabba the Hutt
Never seen heroes reborn or merged.

I like Savage Hulk the best. Hulk smash. Hulk strongest one there is. Puny soldiers. These catch phrases crack me up.

personally i like savage banner!

Hmmm I can never decide, savage hulk is awsome with his unlimted strength and his dunny dialouge, but grey hulk is badass, and proffesor hulk is just a nice rounded hard to choose, ahh im goin with savage hulk "HULK SMASH"

I like the current Hulk.

Between Grey, Savage, and Merged, I prefer the original (greyskin).

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Sorry Tron. Thanks for moving it though.

Jimmy Buggs
ULT HULK, nothing like ripping wolvie in half

I prefer either "Joe Fixit" or The Professor when he joined the Pantheon. Those were my fave's. But basically, anything Peter David did with the hulk I enjoyed.

Savage. All the other Hulks arent really Hulk at all. I mean sure their names may be Hulk and they may look like him, but they arent the true Hulk.

Besides when hes not Savage he is weak.

Dear god I HATE!!! Smart Hulk! The fact that Peter David created him makes me want to beat Peter David up, I mean seriously who thought that a hulk that is smart not angry and is a hero would be a good idea. I mean it takes away everything good about the hulk.

I'm inclined to agree with The Olympian and say that anything Peter David did is my favorite.

King KAM
Ult Hulk

I love Joe Fixit, he's a gangster, plus he's the funniest. Maestro isn't too bad either.

yep, maestro was created by peter david, therefore one of my favorites! Joe Fixit was Great! Plus he banged Marlo! What a master! (Poor Rick)

The Savage Hulk & Joe Fixit are the best incarnations to me.

Solidus Snake

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