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Hello, thanks for taking the time to look at this thread. This thread is an original story by me.
It's a little slow on the action and things like that at first but its only the begining. It's the first chapter so its mainly introducing the characters.

The story starts with a guy named Alex. He's nearly 16 and is the main character. He has three of the best friends in the world, Era, Jarek, and George.

It was Alex's 16th birthday, but so far he was NOT having a good day. Today of all days the school idiot/bully decided to have fun with him. Not a good choice for the bully. Alex does not realize it at first but something is diffrent about him. People talk of a look of fire in his eyes, and his hands igniting into flames. Alex has no idea what's going on but that all changes when he meets a mysterious man...

I hope you at least look at my story. Im open for any suggestions, good or bad, that you might have. Comments are also welcome. So please take a glance at reading ^_^.


As Alex walked into the cafeteria, he looked around, searching for one of his friends.
Alex had medium length light brown hair with light brown eyes, and stood at normal height for kids his age and in his grade, he was in tenth grade, nearly sixteen. Only three more days until his sixteenth birthday."yay for me" he thought...
He spotted his friend Jarek sitting at a table, Jarek waved him over. Jarek had blonde hair and very blue eyes. Its hard to describe how they could be so blue but they were, as blue as a bright ocean on a sunny day. He wasn't quite as tall as Alex but wasn't very short either. Jarek was also in the tenth grade and was also fifteen, but his birthday woulden't be for a while.
He was Alex's best friend, Alex also had other friends though.
As Alex sat down he said hi to his other two friends, Era and George. They said hi back as they scoweled at the strange food on their plates. Era had red hair and was a little taller than Alex, she also had green eyes. Her and George were in the same grade as Alex but George was sixteen, he had his birthday last month. George was very tall for his age, and had extremley long hair that was dark brown, the same color as his eyes "I wonder how much they pay a person to dig this food out of the dumpster..." said George with a grimace
"Oh come on George it can't be that bad" replied Alex.
Alex changed his mind as he saw the food, it looked like red jello but, this jello was red with what looked like dirt on it and green patches on the outside. Alex nearly barfed.
"Told you so." stated George.
"So what do you plan to do for your birthday Alex?" asked Jarek.
Alex hadn't really thought about it, maybe go to the movies or out to eat somwhere with his friends but he really had no idea. Alex told him that and a suprised look came over Jarek's face.
"What!? How can you not know? your turning sixteen! you have to do something cool!"
"Maybe we put some of this jello in his cake..." said George a smirk coming over his face.
"Oh shutup George. Who can sleep with the thought of mutant jello maybe being snuck in their cake?" said Era quickly.
"I wouldn't try to go to sleep, I'd commit suicide if I wasn't insane with worry." said george
"In any case" said Jarek changing the subject quickly, "We, that is: Myself, George, and Era, will come up with something."
Alex nodded, but still worried about the Jello being snuck into his cake.

Alex woke up with his mother banging on his door three days later, his birthday.
"Get up Birthday boy!" called his mom.
Alex slowly got out of bed rubbing his eyes. 'hmm Era was right...nobody can sleep when mutant jello might get snuck in their cake.' he thought.
After he got dressed into a red hoodie and jeans and had breakfast, he went outside and down the street to the bus stop. Once there he stood about five minutes with some other kids. Once on his ghetto school bus he almost fell asleep. Then someone bopped him on the back of the head.
"Hey--what the heck!?" He shouted.
"Oh you know what I heard? I heard todays your birthday! well maybe I should give you a hand sticking your head down the toilet for a birthday flush"
Alex turned and saw the idiot bully.His name was Lee He was very large with spiked hair, and was in a leather jacket. He thought he was very cool. He wasn't.
"buzz off" stated Alex plainly.
"Make me"
Alex rolled his eyes.
"oh my gosh, what a comeback" he said very sarcasticly.
Lee punched him in the head hard. Alex turned around angrily. Lee flinched staring at Alex's face.
"Come on you wanted to fight!" said Alex
"Your to weak to fight me" said Lee as he turned away and looked out a window.
Alex was suprised, he didn't expect that reaction. Oh well if it avoided a fight. Alex sat back down and fell asleep for the rest of the way to school.

He was nudged awake by a clumsy kid passing by in the aisle on the bus. Alex grabbed his backpack and got off.He went inside to his first period. He was lucky, he had all his classes with his friends.
Era, George, and Jarek were at their desks talking, although George seemed to be more intrested in his pencil than the conversation. As Alex walked up he noticed they were all sweating. 'That's weird, it wasn't hot in the room at all' thought Alex.
Era was waving her hand to fan her face as if it were hot.
"Why are you guys sweating?" asked Alex.
"Because its HOT in here! why aren't you hot?" said Jarek
"Because its not" Alex said slightly smiling
They all looked at him like he was crazy. He just stared back, shrugged then sat down and began talking with them. He found out strange things had been happening to them all morning. For instance:
When Era streched outside the wind started gusting so strong branches were falling off trees and she nearly got knocked over, even though the weather man hadn't said anything about high winds. And Jarek when he accidently knocked over his glass of water when it was falling he wished for it to not spill and when he picked the cup up, not a drop had fallen. And when George wished he could hit his older snobby sister with a rock, miraculously a rock flew threw the window shattering the glass and hit her straight on in the forehead.
"Wow was an...intresting morning" said Alex, genuienly suprised.
"Heck yea!" said Jarek with enthusiasm.

The rest of the day went by uneventfully until lunch, thats when everything started...

Alex sat down at same place as three days ago. Era, George hadn't arrived yet but Jarek had also just sat down. As soon as Alex sat down Lee purposly came over and knocked Alex's food into the floor. Alex stood up and stared right at Lee's eyes. The entire cafeteria went deadly silent almost every pair of eyes on the two. Alex took a step towards Lee.
"I thought you had decided not to fight me..."
People began gasping, Alex didnt think it was that cool of a line but everyone was gasping for another reason. A reason that Alex was oblivious to.
"Woah man, wait, I didn't mean it" Lee stammered.
"NO! no more! Let's settle this!" Alex shouted.
Some people got out of their seats and backed away. Lee decided to try the first strike and he lunged forward punching. Alex sidestepped him and punched him in the gut as Lee went by. If Alex had been paying close enough attention he would have seen that his fist ignited into a flame for a split second. But his mind was clear and unfocused, built all up with rage, wanting to beat up Lee.
Lee fell to the ground fearfully and started scooting away. Alex took steps toward him and Lee curled into a ball and started crying. Alex was taken aback, Lee? a baby? Holy cheese!
Two teachers came along, each one grabbed a diffrent boy. Alex and Lee were both taken into the principals office and each told their account of what happend.
Lee explained it like this:
"I-I was joking with him, and he got mad for some reason. When he stood up you could see in the reflection of his eyes, it looked as if there was a fire going in them. It was very intimidating. It was
so scary. Then he had some sort of weapon 'cause when he punched me it looked as if his hand was on fire!"
They searched Alex but found no weapons.
"H-He also had the look in his eyes this morning on the bus!"
After Alex told his side of the story, the sent them out of the office and onto a bench outside while they discussed the punishment. When they were out there, Lee began taunting him again. The idiot.
"Heh Heh your going to be in SO much trouble! HA HA!"
"Dude, shutup your in just as much trouble."
"You dont know that!"
"My god your an idiot..."
"What!?" at this Lee stood up. As he did he pulled out a handgun.
Ok yes it does'nt seem very intresting right now sad im hoping to put more action into it with next post. But right now can i get some feedback? i'd really appreciate it. And sry if its a really long post...

not bad, but if u go toward the elemantal powers, u need to throw in something new, because there are alot of stories like this

and elemantals dont go good for stories in our time perion, sorry

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