Harry Potter and Fortress of Shadows

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Namine Etoile
Hi this is Namine. The calm one and yet somewhat. . . . diobolical. Haha. Ok. This is just how I think it'll turn out, along with the help of my twin, Natasha. Whose crazy. It's true! We know. I know they know, but do they? Shut up. Why? Your confussing them. Why? Because your too hyper for your own good. So? You're so wierd.

Hehehe. Sorry for the interruption. She is now.... contained. Mwuahahaha. Heehee.



Harry paced around his bed room anxiously. He glanced out the window and then to his bedside clock. It was 3:40. Hedwig looked at him reproachfully as he continued his pacing. He had recieved a letter from the Weasleys by owl post just two days before.

Picking up the letter from his desk, he read it yet again for about the fourteenth time.

Dear Harry,

Stay put at your Aunts and Uncles house. The wedding will be Sunday so we'll pick you up two days before that on Friday at about 4:00. Make sure your fireplaced isn't blocked. We wouldn't like an affair like last time. See you then.

-Arthur Weasley

Throwing the letter back onto his desk, he made sure that everything was in his trunk. Harry picked up several spellbooks and his Gryffindor banners and tipped them in. He glanced around to see if he forgot anything. Nope.

Taking hold of his trunk he picked it up with both hands and began to make his way down the stairs. Harry set it in the Living Room. Uncle Vernon cleared his voice loudly.

"So they're coming through the ruddy fireplace again are they?" He said lowering his newspaper and narrowing his eyes at Harry.

"Yes." Harry said in his most resigned tone.

"They had hell better do a neater job than last time." He said straightening his newspaper and begining to read again. "Petunia, Dudley and I are leaving while your picked up. So those blasted things don't stretch his tounge out again."

Harry nodded and concealed his smile by turning quickly and heading back up the stairs to retrieve Hedwig who was still residing on top of his dresser.

Namine Etoile
As Harry returned downstairs with Hedwig in her cage the Dursleys were just leaving. He set Hedwig down on top of his trunk and checked his watch yet again. Harry's watch now read 3:50.

"This place had better not be a mess when we get back." Uncle Vernon growled as he pulled on his overcoat and exited out the door behind Aunt Petunia and Dudley.

Harry sat down on the sofa and looked over at his trunk. What was that? A parcel sat on his trunk wrapped in brown paper. Curiousity getting the better of him he walked over and opened it. It was a book. He opened it up. It was a photo album. Inside the first page was a letter.


I found this as I was cleaning out the cupboard under the stairs. It was under the bed and I remembered that Lilly had sent it to me and I had forgotten about it. I'm sure she would have wanted you to have it.

~Aunt Petunia

Harry looked down at the letter in shock. And turned the page. His mother had obviously loved to take pictures. There were lots of pictures of the Family around what he guessed was Godrics Hollow. There was a picture of Harry in a baby swing with his mother giving him gentle pushes higher into the air. There was his father trying to hold him upright on a toy broomstick as Harry sucked his thumb. And then. . . a picture at the very end of the book. Harry asleep in his mothers arm as she rocked in a rocking chair with a spell book in hand.

He felt his eyes sting. Harry wiped the tears on his sleeve. Why couldn't she have given this to him before now? Why couldn't she have remembered? Harry checked the time. It was 4:03. Putting the Album carefully in his trunk. He let Hedwig out of her cage.

"Hedwig, I want you to fly to the Weasleys. I know I haven't got a letter but I'll meet you there ok?"

Hedwig gave him an affectionte nip on the finger and flew out the door Harry was holding open. Just then a red haired someone came shooting out of the fireplace.

sam cole u r such a better writer than anyone in the whole world (even JK herself). i love u loads and u have to cum to all our bbqs in the summer. also u have to be naked.

Namine Etoile
Haha. I'm not Cole! This is Namine and Natasha. confused

Namine Etoile
Is anyone reading this? Because if nobody is then I don't think we'll want to write if no one cares.

oh! you should keep writing. It has some good ideas forming....in most stories...Harry doesn't even go to the wedding (the one I'm writting is included.) So, i hope that you continue with the story. and give it lots of details!

Originally posted by LikeWhoa_9
oh! you should keep writing. It has some good ideas forming....in most stories...Harry doesn't even go to the wedding (the one I'm writting is included.) So, i hope that you continue with the story. and give it lots of details!
Probably because it's a bit hard to plan, I'm finding it difficult.

Where'd you get the title idea, Namine? My book seven fiction has the exact same title as yours. blink

Namine Etoile
I didn't know that you had the same title as me! Haha. We didn't even read that far down into the forum yet. Sorry! And J.K. rumors said it was a possible title for da next book.

It was a title before that JKR binned out, I think, but I chose to keep it because it sounds cool and it would tie into mine's plot. happy

Try mine out sometime.

Namine Etoile
"Ron!" Harry greeted his friend as he helped him up.

"Hey Harry! Dad's on his way.." Ron said looking around. "Is this place cleaner or is it just me?"

Just then Mr.Weasley shot out of the fireplace. He got up to his feet. Looking around he looked at both of the grinning teenagers.

"Hello Harry! Glad your well. We should get going soon, Molly's expecting us straight back." Mr.Weasley handed Ron and Harry each a handful of Floo powder from his robes pocket.

"I'll take your cage, Harry." Ron said as he stepped into the fireplace with Hedwigs cage and dropped the floo powder into the emerald flames and shouted "The Burrow!"

Arthur picked up Harry's tunk and stepped into the green fire. "The Burrow!"

Harry Potter took one last glance around the living room of the Dursleys House. He wouldn't miss it. Stepping into the low fireplace he had one last short look and threw the floo powder down. "The Burrow!" And with that, Harry had left his home forever. Swirling around inside of the numerous chimneys. His eyes screwed up tight. And with a thud he landed quite painfully on his back at the Burrow.

It's wonderful, if a teensy fast-paced.

But hell, I like mine slowish.

I like how your spelling and grammar are better than about 80% of the fictions here, it's a fetish of sorts for me. stick out tongue

Namine Etoile
Haha. English is our second languages too!

Spelling/grammar also raises this above the others for me.

But yeah, I agree with Dark: bit fast.

Namine Etoile
Argh. My twin wrote that part. She's VERY fast paced.

i think its good also and also think its bit to fast as well and i no u didnt write that part

Originally posted by Sirius_Rulez
i no u didnt write that part
What the f**k?

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