Doomsday Hunt

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Doomsday ...death of Superman


Sandman, William Baker
Absorbing Man

These 5 big men are made to hunt down and defeat Doomsday....Can They do it?

No prep. Who wins?

I don't think they could take DD.. even DOS dd... but that's just me.

abom and rhino certainly pose no threat. absorbing man ALWAYS gets his ass kicked. skrull and sandman would be interesting enough, but i don't think either has enough to do any real harm to any dd aside from dos. dd's speed alone would be a huge challenge. like jinzin, i doubt they could even take dos -- certainly not for the majority, imo.

Big Sexy
If absorbing man wasn't such an idiot, he would be of great help against doomsday. Why the hell is rhino even here

absorbing man needs to actually beat . . . ANYONE! hell, even when he's absorbed thor's hammer and quasar's quantum bands he STILL got his ass kicked! hell DAREDEVIL beat him -- and he has absorbed the properties of a friggin' DIAMOND!! laughing out loud

The team can win with Absorbing man and Super skrull being the main players.

Rhino is not much of a threat...Abomination is strong enough to do some damage but not fast enough or a good enough fighter.

Sandman might be able to trip up Doomsday more than once but I don't think he could do it for long without being extremely dispersed.

There's nothing more to say about Absorbing Man that hasn't been said already. The guy used to be one heck of a boxer and now he's just a schmuck with superpowers.

Super-Skrull is the real threat here. When he's using all his powers correctly the guy is a major threat. I know his strength is only equal to that of Thing's but the guy also has Invisible Woman's powers and Johnny's. I'm certain he can find a use for Reed's but more than anything Sue's powers are going to be a force to reckon with. That and he's a military man, if he takes command of them, then they might beat him.

Still Doomsday wins 8/10

Doomsday's got this, easily.

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