Movie thing vs movie juggernaught

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These 2 duke it out, who wins?

Already been done.

Juggs wins no expression

whats Juggys strength level in X Men 3..? does nebody know? cuz the things like what, class 80?

Juggernaut doesn't really display that much strength, he throws wolverine around a bit, and runs through walls, for all we know his is lvl 20 or something

in the movies thing showed more strenght than juggs did, but juggs is faster, but i think the director from x3 [email protected] up because he could have used juggs a lot, like after kitty knoked him out, the x-men are beating the sh#it out of mags army and suddendly the wall explodes and a really pissed of juggs comes out, beast jumps to him and hits him, juggs looks at him and whaam beast flies the other way, colossus and logan do the fast ball special, juggs takes it head on and doesnt even move, logan flies away too, storm hits him with all the ligthing and juggs takes it with a smile, finally the match we all wanted to see, colossus vs juggs!!!!
anyhow storms hits him with a badass tornado and sends him to the water ( remeber he doesnt knbow how to swim?)

Pyro Tyrannus
Hey Tyranus me and you have almost the same name! LOL!

Juggernaught wasn't done well at all in the 3rd movie. IF you take both from the movies, it's a close to even match. Of course, Thing was simply done better.

In the book, I haven't seen them fight but I'm told they have fought. I saw a clip of Juggernaught smashing THING into the ground and Thing didn't seem to put up much of a fight.

Anyone know the TITLE and ISSUE Number where they meet?

I don't like the fact that ALL the Marvel Powerhouses have surpassed BEN, who was once the kingpin of strength in the MU.

Guys like Rhino should not give BeN much of a fight. Rhino is not strong enough and he's just too stupid.

Juggernaught is magic based so I can see him winning here. Still, I would give THING a good chance to give ANY of the "Brute-like" beings in the MU a tough time.

It's all in the way they are written. Take Solomon Grundy for instance. He should be able to beat THING (though THING would knock him around a bit, like he's done with HULK). However, if they met in the books, I'm sure the story would be written with BEN defeating Grundy.

General Kon-El
Thing was not even Class 80-100 in the movies. He barely was able to lift a firetruck. At the end of the movie, he was probably around Class 25-30

Blair Wind
Things thing beats on Juggs no expression

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