Captain Universe Professor Hulk & Shaman Nate Grey VS. The JLA

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Adam Warlock
Who takes this?

Nate and Banner have a day of prep. The JLA have an hour. Both teams have no idea of what each others power are.

Captain Universe Professor Hulk


Shaman Nate grey


The JLA:

Wonder Woman
Martian Manhunter
Green Lantern Hal Jordan
The Flash
Steel(Normal Armor)
Plastic Man

Battle takes place on 616 Marvel Earth.


anyone care to refresh me on captian universes powers?

Adam Warlock
A link here:

And here:


" The Uni-Power is an extra-dimensional force that possesses an individual (or on one occasion, twins) in a time of crisis, transforming that person into Captain Universe. As Captain Universe, the transformed person typically retains his or her original personality and appearance, though with Captain Universe's costume and heroic traits superimposed over the original. Captain Universe generally possesses superhuman strength, flight, X-ray vision, telekinesis, enhanced senses, and a psychic awareness of imminent danger; when a person already possessing one or more of these abilities was transformed into Captain Universe, those abilities were amplified by a factor of fifty. Some manifesters of the Uni-Power have demonstrated other, less common abilities as well as failing to exhibit some of the more 'usual' powers. Possessing its own sentience, the Uni-Power can and will abandon a host if necessary, or if said host uses the granted abilities in a detrimental or criminal fashion"

General Kon-El
The duo takes this.

so the hulks strenght is x50? as well as all the other powers? Then the marvel team takes it I think.

you think?

Lucid Lui
Shaman X-Man drops them on a broken earth at the very bottom of the spiral.

Originally posted by bigbran
you think?

yah I do think, what kind of a smart ass comment was that?

Finaly a team with hulk on it beats a team with superman rock thumb up

x50 hulks power!!!!!!!?????


I think he alone might takes this.

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