Harry Potter and Life's Fight

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ok, so im sure you have seen something like this before. but lets each write a paragraph (the seventh book)! so one person will write a paragraph, and then the next person will write a paragraph and the next and the next and so on. lets see if we can make a good Harry Potter story!
Ok, i will start. And forgive me, because i am NOT a very good writer.

The moon was spilling threw the window onto Harry's bed. He rolled over to try and get some sleep, but the pain inside of him was to great.

He is gone. My last source of protection is gone. Who am I to go to now? There is no one left for me.

The thought of that fateful night kept running through Harry's mind. How could the locket not have been real? That was the worst part. Dumbledore had suffered, and been killed, for nothing. But that motavated Harry. He knew he had to do something. That was why he would not be returning to Hogwarts for his final year. Thinking about that made his heart sink. For six years, he had called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry his home. He thought of all the times he had spent there, good and bad. His thoughts dove deep down and brought back the memories that made his expirience at Hogwarts so great. He closed his eyes, and let the memories take hold of him.

But he was then awakened by a cold chill running down his spine. His eyes jerked open, and he sat still, letting the cold seep through him. He grabbed his glasses and sat up. He went to his window but found it was covered in a thick layer of ice.

"Oh no," he whispered to himself. Then, all of a sudden........

ok well i keep going-this is kinda fun!

...he felt all of the happiness rush out of him.

"NOOOO!" he cried, as he crumpled to the floor. He crawled to his dresser, and opened the drawer to grab his wand. Then he looked back. It was so cold, like every bone in him was slowly turning to ice. He looked around, trying to see where it was coming from.

"No," he said, slowly starting to feel himself drift off. "No. Expecto...expecto....." and in a moment, he blacked out.

Harry slowly felt himself coming back awake.

"Harry. Harry! HARRY!"

"Wh-what?" he said as he was jerked back and forth by the shoulders.

"Bloody hell, mate. We thought you were a gonner!"

Harry looked up, not sure if he was hearing what he thought he was hearing. He opened his eyes to see three heads of bright red, two who looked exactly alike and one who was very tall and had many freckles running accross his face.

"Ron! Fred, George! What are you guys doing here?" Harry exclaimed as he sat up and leaned against the wall.

"Happy Birthday, mate!" Ron said, helping Harry up. "We came to get ya! But you gotta be quiet, or that monster-of-an-uncle you got will wake up."

Harry stood up and straightened his glasses. And then he remembered why he was on the ground in the first place.

"No wait! We have to get out of here! There's a dementor!" Harry said, turning in circles with his wand held out.

"Relax Harry, it was only a boggart," said George, patting Harry on the back. "Fred and I found one in one of the drawers at our joke shop last week. Mum said to destroy it, but we thought there might be a better use for it. And look! There was!"

"Oh," said Harry, his cheeks warming slightly. "I...er...."

"Hey, dont worry about it mate!" Ron said. "You scared me for a bit though. Didnt think you would actually pass out."



"Yeah well....er.....sorry 'bout that," Harry said.

"No problem. Just get packing-Mum will be expecting us home soon," said Ron.

"Oh, so you actually told her this time. You know, she knows that you guys are out in the middle of the night?" Harry asked, grinning.

"Oh, yeah, about that. Er.....yeah. She does know. That is, if she gets the note which FRED was supposed to leave! Did you leave the note?" Ron asked, angrily turning to Fred.

"Hey, dont look at me. I'm not the one living in the house still." Fred said.

"Bloody Hell! We gotta get back. Come on Harry-dont mean to rush ya on your birthday, but Mum's going to kill me! Thanks a lot, Fred!" Ron exclaimed, his ears red with fury.

Harry quickly changed out of his pajamas, grabbed his clothes and Hedwig. Then he popped open the loose board on his floor and grabbed the few treats he had left. Then he reached for his drawers to get his school supplies and stopped. He remembered how he was not going back to school this year.

"What's the matter mate?" Ron asked, very rushed.

Harry paused. "Nothing," he said as he grabbed his school stuff and packed it. He knew he wasnt going back, but he didnt want to say anything with Fred and George standing there. "Alright," he said. "I think I've got everything."

"Good! Now lets go!" Ron said. Fred and George disapperated with a pop! Ron winked at Harry and said "See you there!" and in a second, he was gone to.

Harry stood there, his arm outstretched as he had tried to stop Ron. Ron must have forgotten that Harry didnt have his apparation liscence (sp?) yet. Harry looked around his room, Hedwig is one hand and his trunk in the other. He sighed to himself, "Now what?"

ok please review and tell me how you think this is going! this is my first time just writing a story and i want people to give feedback! please!

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Harry sat down on his bed and looked out the window. He thought about all the events that had occured in the past hour. He smiled. Harry was quite familiar to surprising things. He lived in a world of magic. Surprises were what he lived on, made up his entire life. He sighed, wondering if anyone was going to come back for him. He could apparate to the Burrow without any trouble. About a month ago, he had apparated a long distance not only by himself, but holding an old man. So he knew he would have no trouble apparating a far distance. But he didnt want to get into any more trouble with the Ministry. He lied back down on his bed, and absently looked up at the ceiling.
This may be the last time I ever look at this ceiling again he thought to himself.

Then he heard a small pop come from across his room.

"Now what the bloody hell are you still doing here?" Ron asked, looking at him in surprise.

"It's about time you came back," said Harry, getting up and grabbing his stuff. "I can't apparate, remember? I havent taken my test yet."

"Oh come one! You've dont many more dangerous things! Besides, you apparated really far last term, right? Just do it again!" whined Ron.

"Ron, I dont want to get into trouble with the ministry," Harry said.

"Well its not like you can get expelled or anything. I mean, you're not-" Ron stopped short and looked down.

"What?" Harry asked. Ron looked up at him, sadness in his eyes. "What? Oh, come on. Dont tell me your upset because I'm not going. I told you why already!"

"Yeah, I know. It's just...it's just weird," Ron said, looking down at his hand and scratching at something that wasn't really there.

"Yeah," Harry said, looking back out the window. The two of them stood there for a few minutes in silence until Ron began speaking.

"Well, best we get going, eh?"

"Yeah, alright. Just one minor problem. How am I supposed to get there?" Harry asked, a bit anxious.

"Well...um," Ron mumbled.

"Fine," Harry said abruptly. "Fine, I will apparate. God pray I dont get in trouble for this, or I'm blaming you!"

"Yeah, uh, ok," Ron said. "Well, see you there i guess." And in a moment, Ron was gone.

"Great," Harry said to himself. "Just great!" He stood up and walked to the center of his room. Looking around and making one last check that he didnt forget anything, he sighed. This was the last time he would ever be in this room. Then he pushed all of his thoughts out of his mind and concentrated on the front door of the Burrow. He put all of his thoughts onto that one place. And then, all of a sudden, his bedroom door burst open.

"POTTER!!" Uncle Vernon spat as he kicked open the door. Harry whipped around and saw his uncle, red in the face with anger, stumble towards him on his pudgy legs. "WHO THE HELL WAS IN MY HOUSE?!" Vernon roared.

"My friends!" Harry screamed back.

"I DONT WANT YOUR DAMN FAIRY FRIENDS IN MY HOUSE!" Vernon hollered, moving towards Harry.

"Dont!" Harry said, whipping out his wand. "Dont even dare!"

"You put that...that thing down you worthless dog!" Vernon said, stopping in his tracks. "You cant even use it yet-"

Vernon stopped short because Harry shot red sparks out across the room, hitting the floor right in front of Vernon.

"AAARRRGGGHHHHH!" Vernon screamed as he stumbled and tripped backwards. Harry walked over to him, wand raised.

"Dont make me actually use it," he said, his voice shaking with anger. Vernon breathed heavily. Then he closed his eyes, concentrating very hard on the Burrow, his wand still raised. Before he knew it, the sound of Uncle Vernon's breath was gone and he was being rushed through the air. It seemed like he was being sqeezed tight and he couldn't get any air. But just as soon as it had started, it stopped. He hit hard ground and toppled over, Hedwig and his trunk flying everywhere.

It's Well Written, but could use Work with Talking.

like how?

It's very good. But it does need work on the talking part. And if your going to post like every five minutes save it one word so there aren't bits and bits everywhere just make it one big post. It wont be so confusing and it'll be neater

Try not to start every sentence with Yeah

haha ok thanx-but what else with the talking?

ok....here.....lemme try.....

Harry opened his eyes to a dark, starry night. He lay on the ground for a few minutes, for the crash had knocked the wind out of him. He then stood up and walked over to pick up his trunk and Hedwig. He heard the door behind him creak open. Harry turned around to see a small, plump and pleasant looking woman standing in the doorway, with a huge smile on her face.

"Oh Harry dear, I'm so glad you're here," she said.

"I'm glad to be here, Mrs. Weasly," Harry said, smiling back. Ron popped up over Mrs. Weasly's shoulder.

"Harry! I'd thought I'd lost you again. You know, you could have shown up inside the house," Ron said with a look of relief.

"Yeah I know," Harry said, picking up his stuff and walking towards the house. "But i didnt want to wake anyone up if i came down hard. And i did," he said, rubbing his rear end.

Mrs. Weasly chuckled, "Well, we are sure glad to have you. And happy birthday! I'm quite sorry I don't have anything for you to eat at the moment, but we will have a delicious breakfast tomorrow!" She gave Harry a big hug, and said, "Well, you two boys go to bed. I'm sure Harry is quite tired."

Harry yawned while saying, "Yes, and thankyou. I am very happy to be here."

And with that, the two boys headed off to bed.

ok-i actually dont think that is ANY better-it seems kinda dull to me so i may stop. but thanx for the feedback!

do not stop!!! this is one of the best stories i've read so far!!!

oh jeez thanx-but its bad talking! so what do i do?

you just practice, and sooner or later it will, and i mean WILL, get better

so when you say the talking-i mean, do they seem like, dull or what?

i don't think so

if i we're you i would talk to iluvhpsomuch1_7 she is a lot better at writing than i am

so i just need practice-ok. well i dont even know where im going with this story. i just thought it would be fun to write so you guys gotta be leinient (sp?) with me cuz its my first one. smile

its a lot better. But try to make Harry sound.....more modern, he sounds like he's talking in the olden days like pioneers and such. Like at the beginning when he was thinking to himself it really did sound kinda weird because thats not really how a person thinks. But other wise it's relli good
p.s. its weasley
lol thank for recommending me-d-fly_girl008. That makes me feel better cuz it seems like no one is reading my story. I posted that BIG! post then no one is reading or commenting on it. It kinda makes feel that no one likes it or that they don't like me.

hey....i know how that feels-what is your thread thing called? and thanks for the advice (and sorry about the spelling-i thought i got it wrong i was just to lazy to check big grin)

James/Lily Story and even if you did do spell check it doesn't check names

oh ok-yeah i started to read you harry/ginny ron/hermione-its really good! i'm gona finish it except its really long so it may take me a while

Alright....so i am a bit bored. i thought i was done posting....but i need something to do. so here it goes (i dont care if its bad...im just doing this to entertain myself big grin)

Harry woke up the next morning with the early sun leaking in through the window and spilling onto his bed. He sat up and stretched his arms out. Next to him, Ron slept with his legs tucked up tight against his body, as if he were a baby. Harry grinned as he reached for his glasses. As he did, he looked at the clock on Ron's bedside table.

6:17 a.m.

Wow he thought to himself. I'm up really early . He took one last glance at the clock and got out of bed. He crept downstairs and found the kitchen empty. But just as he began to take in the fact that he was alone, he heard a creek come from behind him.

"Harry?" he heard someone say. He whipped around to see a beautiful, young girl with firey red hair standing in the doorway to the backyard.

"Wh-why are you awake?" he mumbled awkwardly, surprised to see her.

"I dunno," she said as she sat down at the kitchen table. "I've just been thinking I guess."

Harry took a deep breath and sat down across from her. It was strange to be in the pressence of the girl he cared for so much, yet he wasnt with.

"About what?" he asked.

She looked up at him, her eyes sparkling with tears. She whispered, "You and me."

Harry looked at her, and felt sadness swelling in his heart. He knew they had feelings for eachother, but he also knew that those feelings could destroy them both.

"Ginny..." he said, placing his hands on the table. "I thought we talked about-"

"I know," she said, grabbing his hands. The warmth of her palms in his calmed him. "I know we cant....we cant..." she paused, blinking back tears. "But I just want to know something."

Harry looked up at here, directly into her big, beautiful eyes.

"Do you....do you still have feelings for me?" She asked. As Harry looked into her eyes, he felt himself being pulled towards her. He could see the yearning in her to know the truth. And he knew what he had to say.

"I....." he struggled, knowing what he was going to say was going to crush her.


alright....so for those of you who are spiderman fans....this may sound a little familiar. but it was in my head so i just typed it! (remember....that was just for fun!)

Oh I remember that scene in Spiderman 2! lol good job with it! It convinced me so much!

yeah that was good! you shouldnt have stopped your story!

yeah you shouldnt because t is really good and I want to know what happens next

Ginny let go of Harry's hands and drew them back to the end of the table. She stared at Harry.

"You.....dont?" she asked, not believing what she had just heard. She bliked and a tear slowly dripped down her left cheek. Harry watched it slowly roll down her face and fall off into her lap. What he had just done killed him inside. He wanted to grab her and hold her in his arms and tell her that it wasnt the truth. But he couldnt. He knew that no matter how much he and Ginny wanted to be together, it could not be. At least for now.

Harry looked at Ginny and reached for her hand.

"No," she sad, pulling them up against her. Tears were now starting to stream down her face. "No," she said again, looking down into her lap. They sat in silence for a few minutes. Then she broke the silence.

"I need to go," she said quietly, and got up to leave.

"Ginny," he said, standing up after her.

"Please," she said, stopping. Although she didnt turn around, Harry could tell she was crying. "Leave me alone."

And with that, she left Harry in the could room, alone and in pain.

OMG, that was so good and sad. I need to know what happens next. You are such a good writer.

me too!!

omg that is sooooo good!!! it is soo sad! i am really glad that you are writing your story again! i really want to know what happens next! so post again soon!

Harry sat dumbfounded as he watch Ginny slowly trudge up the stairs. He glanced at the clock accross the room. It read 7:02. Harry sat in silence, letting the lonliness seep into him. Then he looked down at his lap, and to his surprise, he burst into tears. He leaned back in his chair, looking up at the ceiling. He let the tears flow down his face and drip off of his chin. Everything was happening so fast. His world was whirling (sp?) around and around, and there was no stopping it. Everything, and everyone he loved seemed to be slipping through his grasp, no matter how tight he tried to hold on.

After a short while, his tears finally stopped coming. He slumped in his chair, pain bursting through him like he had never felt before. His heart screamed in pain and agony at the losses he had gone through. But then something burst into his mind. He sat up in his chair and looked around. He was in a place that he loved. He was with people he loved. And Voldemort destroyed what he loved.

Harry realized at that moment that he had to leave. He needed to go, and he needed to go alone. If he lost what little joy he had in his life, he couldnt even imagine the pain. And if one of his friends died because of him, then pain was to great to imagine.

Harry jumped off his seat and sprinted up the stairs, two steps at a time. He stopped when he reached Ron's room. Harry creeked open the door, and to his relief, saw that Ron was still asleep. He quietly got dressed, grabbed his trunk (which had not been unpacked since he had only arrived the night before), and grabbed Hedwig (who hooted unappreciatively at being jerked awake in the early morning), and stuffed his wand in his pocket. As he stepped out of the room to close the door, fear came over him. Harry had come face-to-face with death many times before. But never like this. The thought of dieing hit him like never before. He realized that this could be the last time he saw his best friend. He felt his eyes begin to burn. He looked at Ron through watery eyes.

"G'bye, mate."

And then a something burst into his mind. Something that he had never thought of before. The tears stopped coming as the thoughts flooded into his mind. He looked around the burrow.

omg!!! that was soooo good! and thank you so much for the cliff hanger! you have to post again really soon because i really want to know what is going to happen!

no, not a cliff hanger!!! that was really good!!

why do people put cliff hangers on. I hate them expecially when it started to get real good. please post more soon so I can find out what happens next.

"""And then a something burst into his mind. Something that he had never thought of before. The tears stopped coming as the thoughts flooded into his mind. He looked around the burrow."""

THAT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE!!!! im sooooooooo sorry! it was supposed to end at

"""G'bye mate."


but why I think you should keep it like that it brings more suspence for the reader

ok. i will keep it. now where did i leave off?

~~~ As he stepped out of the room to close the door, fear came over him. Harry had come face-to-face with death many times before. But never like this. The thought of dieing hit him like never before. He realized that this could be the last time he saw his best friend. He felt his eyes begin to burn. He looked at Ron through watery eyes.

"G'bye, mate."

And then a something burst into his mind. Something that he had never thought of before. The tears stopped coming as the thoughts flooded into his mind. He looked around the burrow.~~~

(Here is where i will start the new part)

Harry stopped in his tracks. He was so determined to go. So determined to leave. But where? He didnt have Hogwarts. He didnt have the Burrow. He didnt even have the Dursleys. Harry closed his eyes, now angry that he hadn't thought of a place to go. Harry put his stuff down and slumped into a chair at the kitchen table, exactly where he had been when he had just talked to Ginny. Harry rubbed his eyes and then back through his hair. Where could he go?

Then Harry heard feet coming down the stairs. He scrambled to get his stuff. But as he opened the door, he jumped back in surprise.


WOW! That was fantastic!! I loved it!! Post more soor!

That was so good, but why did you leave a cliffhanger. I hate them it makes me mad, but it makes me want to read more so good. So post more soon. stick out tongue

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wow, keep posting, this is really good

"No!" Harry said, as he jumped back in surprise as one of his best friends, Hermione, stood in the doorway.

"No? What a nice way to greet your friend. Especially when you havent seen them all summer," Hermione said, a tinge of anger in her voice.

"Why are you here?" Harry exclaimed.

"Didnt Ron tell you i was coming today? And besides, i knew you were coming so i wanted to see you. And i would have expected you to be a bit more happy to see me," she said, and confused look on her face.

"Well, now you've seen me and now i have to go," Harry said, scooting past her to reach the door. But he was stopped by her hand on his shoulder.

"What do you mean you need to leave?" she said, looking at him worridly.

"I cant explain-"

"Harry! What the bloody hell do you think your doing?" Ron said, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as he stepped into the kitchen.

"Dont you look lovely," Hermione said sarcastically, her had still grasping Harry's shoulder.

Ron glared at her, but didnt say anything. He turned back to Harry, about to say something when Hermione interrupted him.

"What has gotten into you two? Is this the new way to greet friends?" She said, finally removing her hand from Harry. She walked over to Ron, dropping her trunk at his feet.

"Its very nice to see you too," she said, as she slumped into a kitchen chair. "Im sorry i had to come so early," she said tiredly. "My parents are going away for the weekend, and they wanted me to get here as soon as possible."

"And its such a pleasure to see you too," Ron said under his breath.

Hermione shot an annoyed glance at him. Then she turned back to Harry, who stood planted in his spot. "So, why were you saying you needed to go?"

Harry looked over at his two friends. They were looking at him, waiting for his answer. Only moments ago, he was so convinced he would never see them again. And now, they were standing before him. But he didnt know how to explain to them what he was about to do. Especially when they thought they were going to end up going with him. But he knew he had to tell. They had been with him through everything for the past six years. It would only be fair to let them know what he was going to do. Harry closed his eyes, set down his belongings, and began to tell them what he was going to do.

thats good. i really like it! keep posting!

no that sucked poopie

No it didn't. It was really good and post soon. I am glad that this time you didn't leave much of a cliffhanger.

(Ok, switching the story a bit just to give it a different taste-think of it as a new chapter-----remember SAME STORY....just new chapter kinda thing-but i am not doing chapters cause they would be WAY too short! Sorry for the confusion!)

A boy sat in the corner of a dark, damp room. He could feel the coldness seeping in through his clothes. His face was wet with tears. He crouched in the corner, with his knees up tight to his chest, fear coursing through him like a river in his blood. He knew he had failed. He had not done his task. Tears flooded out of his eyes as he told himself that he was too weak, too pathetic to serve the Dark Lord. He was a failure. And he would pay the promised price. He gulped and drew in a shivering breath. The boy had been sitting in this room for more than 3 hours, waiting for his punishment. He shuddered uncontrollably at the thought of what he was about to face, and the pain he was about to endure.

Then he heard slow, heavy footsteps coming from the hallway. He jumped up, his arms tight around his body. The footsteps stopped at the door. He ran his fingers through his greasy blond hair. Then the person creaked open the door and stood in the doorway, the dim light silhouetting his body.

"Draco, it is time."

That was really good post more soon.

your story is sooooo good!!! i love it!!!! big grin (im also new here, i just signed up last night) i hope u keep posting!!!

oh thanx! and welcome! i hope you keep up with my story. im always glad to hear someone else likes it. oh! and if you have any questions, PM me! i am always happy to help!

Great job!

o wow! that last post was soooo good! i really hope you post again reallly soon!!!!

(ok, switching back over)

Harry watched as Ron and Hermione sat dumbfoundedly at the thought of Harry decideing to leave on his own. Ron stared absentmindedly off into space, while Hermione looked down at her lap. Then she placed her face in her hands, and shook her head back and forth.

"Why Harry? I just....i just dont understand," she said quietly, her voice muffled by her hands.

"I told you," Harry said, wishing they could understand. "If either of you two..." he paused, finding himself unable to finish his sentence. "I wouldnt be able to live with it."

"But Harry, we have all been with eachother through everything! We told you we were going with you. How could you just have left without us? Do you know how worried we would have been if we had all woken up and you werent here?" she said, raising her face from her hands. Her eyes glistened with tears.

"Hermione," Harry said, now a little angry. "I am going by myself. You and Ron are going back to Hogwarts. I need to do this on my own. If Voldemort knew-"

Ron flinched at the sound of his name.

"Oh get a grip on yourself, Ronald!" Hermione said, slapping him on the arm. Then she looked back at Harry, now standing up. "We are coming with you, Harry. And you wont stop us."

"Hermione! You dont get it! If Voldemort killed either of you two, I would die! And it would be my fault! Because I let you come!" Harry shouted, breathing hard. Ron's eyes were opened wide, while Hermione trembled with sadness. Harry stared at them.

"Aaaaarrrgghhh!" he shouted, kicking his trunk. Then he flopped down into one of the chairs, his face in his hands. Why couldnt they understand? Why couldnt they understand that if he lost one of them, he would never be able to go on. Harry felt his eyes burning. Was this what his life had come down to? Telling his friends that he was afraid they were going to die? He was supposed to be getting ready for his last year of school. He was supposed to be enjoying these last weeks of summer. He was supposed to not be worrying about anything. But that couldnt be. That would never be until Voldemort was gone. Until Harry destroyed him, alone.

Then something popped into his mind. He looked up, wondering why he had never thought it before. He had a place to go. He always had. Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place. It belonged to him anyways. That's where I'm headed, Harry thought to himself. But how could get away without Ron and Hermione noticing? It bothered him that he wanted to get away from his friends instead of stay with them. But he had to.

He got up and looked at both of his friends. "I'm sorry," he said quietly. Then he grabbed his belongings and headed for the stairs. But he stopped as he reached the base of them, and turned around. "You guys were always there for me. Thanks," he said as he trudged up the stairs.

Harry felt a tear drip down his cheek. He knew that that was his goodbye, maybe forever. But the tear was not of sadness. It was of anger. Anger towards Voldemort. Voldemort had taken his life away from him. Voldemort had ruined everything. And now it was Harry's turn to do the exact same thing to him. Never before had he had so much determination to do something. Harry was going to kill Voldemort, even if he died doing it.

Finally, Harry reached Ron's room. He quietly slipped inside, and shut the door. With all of his belongings in his hand, he took one last glance around the room. Then he drew in a deep breath, shut his eyes, and concentrated on the one place that he thought he would never want to return to. And in a moment, he felt the ground beneath his feet leave him.

big grin I LOVE IT big grin

GREAT! keep posting!

great job! i love it!

changing to:

Harry Potter and Life's Fight

That was really. Post more soon.

OOOOOOOOOOOO!! Post soon!!

do you guys really like it? i dono.....seriously.

Harry felt as though he were being sucked through a tiny tube. The world around him was in a whirl of color, whizzing by him. But before he knew it, he felt his feet contact the hard ground. His knees buckled at the sudden stop, making him throw everything everywhere.

Harry sat up and looked around, remembering that he was in a muggle neighborhood.
"Oh no," he said quietly to himself as he stood up, hoping know one had seen his appear out of thin air. He looked back and forth up and down the street. But no one or nothing seemed to be disturbed by his random appearence. He sighed, feeling relief wash over him. Then he turned around to head inside. But he stopped in his tracks. To the left of him was Number Eleven, and to the right was of him was Number Thirteen.
"Bloody hell," Harry groaned. He had forgotten that the house was hidden. How was he supposed to get into a house that wasnt there? Just at that moment, a little old lady passed by on the sidewalk. She stopped and looked curiously at Harry. Harry looked around and found her watching him.
"Great," he muttered under his breath.
"Can I help you, laddie?" The woman said in an old, shaky voice.
"No, not really," Harry said in an annoyed voice.
"Then why you just standin there?" she asked, her hands shaking on her cane.
"Because I want to," Harry said, still annoyed.
"What are you looking at?" she asked, not having moved one inch, aside from her shaky hands.
Harry, now very annoyed spun around and spat at her, "You really wana know? I am trying to find Number Twelve!"
The old woman stared at him blankly. "Oh," she said, and turned to continue her walk. Harry rolled his eyes and went to gather his stuff. But just before the old lady became out of hearing distance, Harry heard her mumble,
"Meddlin' kids. Hasn't been a Number Twelve since I was a youngin' "

Harry shook his head as he bent down and picked up Hedwig. She hooted annoyingly at being tossed around so wrecklessly.
"Sorry bout that," Harry said as he gently picked her up. She nibbled at the cage bars, hoping Harry would let her out.

that was really good post more soon

yeah uh.....sorry about the abrupt ending....but i had to leave somewhere!

oh! and thankyou do the people who have been following my story since the beginning!


thanx a bunch you guys!

Post more soon!!! I love it!!


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Harry shook his head as he bent down and picked up Hedwig. She hooted annoyingly at being tossed around so wrecklessly.
"Sorry bout that," Harry said as he gently picked her up. She nibbled at the cage bars, hoping Harry would let her out.

"I cant let you out," Harry said. "Not with all of the Muggles around." Hedwig nibbled his hand affectionatly, though a bit annoyed.

After Harry picked up all of his belongings, he walked over and sat on the curb of the sidewalk, leaning on his hand. He sat for a long time, pondering what to do next. The first thought that came into his mind was the Knight Bus. But then he remembered that it only came at night. His next thought was to go back to the Durleys. But the thought of returning made him sick. Harry also thought about returning to the burrow. But after all of the commotion from that morning, he realized he couldnt go back. He pictured Ron and Hermione going upstairs to talk to him, and then their frightened faces when they realized he wasnt there. He also pictured Mrs. Weasley's reaction when Ron told her what Harry had done. And he pictured Ginny. What would she do when she found out Harry had vanished? Would she turn white in the face at the thought of never seeing him again? Or would she truly be happy to know that she wouldnt have to deal with the pain?

Harry shook his head, clearing the unhappy thoughts out of his mind. He looked around the street, realizing how much he had forgotten about it. The neighborhood was quite frightening, and all of the houses seemed to be waiting to overtake the next person walking by. All of the yards were unkept with junk piling higher and higher on top of itself. At least Privet Drive was kept clean, Harry thought to himself.

Harry looked at his watch to see what time it was. It read:


I've got a long day ahead of me, Harry thought. He stood up and walked over to his trunk to grab his book, Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland, a Christmas present he had gotten from Hermione in his fourth year. But as he bent down to open his trunk, he heard something behind him. It was a cold, whispy voice that sent shivers down his back at the sound of it.


u r soo good! i love your story and i hope u post more real soon!!!!!

It gets better and better every time!!! I love it!!!


ok........(sorry about the double posting sad ).........but please tell me if the story is getting cheesey. Cause if it is, i can try and alter it to make it more realistic. or just stop it if it has no chance at all smile . but please, PLEASE tell me the truth! i have the next part ready to post, but i wana hear your TRUE opinions on this story so far. And if you have any advice on how to make the story better, share your thoughts. i wana know what mistakes i am making so i know how to fix them. THANKYOU!

i think your story is truly great. i dont think it is cheesey. why do you think it is?.... i really have no clue who is going to be behind harry. and i really want to know sooo please keep going!

My true opinion is that it gets better every time you write. I love it sooo much... and I can't wait to find out what happens next!!!

That was great. I c an't wait for you to post more. So, post more soon.


That was so good!!! And I'm really sad you can't post for awile. That sux.

That was excellent! I am very sad to here that you won't be posting for a long time. So post eventually.

omg that was amazing! i am also sad that you cant post for a while but i know why and i am sooooo jealous!!!!

me too gosh why are you soo lucky anyways i cannot beleive that you thought that you cant write are you stupid? that kept me so engaged that my computer being slow switching pages was making me really mad because i NEEDED to see what happened next you are too modest and it wasnt cheesy at all man it was good and you know that i wouldnt lie or just say that to be nice also as a pointer a couple of times you repeated yourself watch that its about the only thing that you can do to make it better it really does get better every time smile

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yea too BAD u can't post but ur story is good so post when ever u have the chance to

Harry felt coldness all around him. The hairs on his neck and arms were standing on end. Shivers were crawling down his spine continuously. He didn't move. Nothing moved.
Then his eyes began to dart around wildly. Why had he just heard Sirius' voice? How did he hear Sirius' voice? His thought were whirling through him, unable to stop. He stood, his feet rooted to the ground, finding himself unable to move. Had anyone heard the voice? Or was he just plain mad in the head?
At that moment, something caught his eye. His eyes darted over to the object that was materializing in front of him. It started with a door. Then a dirty window and walls came from out of nowhere, and the rest of a grimy, grungy old house followed. Harry watched aw struck as Number Eleven and Number Thirteen were pushed aside as the house squeezed in between them. After about a minute, all property of Number Twelve, Grimmauld place, was visible in front of him. He stared for a moment, forgetting the voice he had heard only moments ago.
Then fear washed over him. He spun around, praying that no muggle had seen it. Because living as a muggle for 11 years, he knew there would be no explanation to a house appearing out of thin air. He ran into the middle of the street, looking up and down the road for any muggled barging out of the house, demanding an explanation. Harry's heart pounded in his chest. But as he scanned the street, he saw no one who had noticed. A wash of relief flooded over him. It seemed that the muggles had been completely oblivious to the appearing house, even in broad daylight.
Harry sighed, relieved. He walked back to the yard to gather his belongings. He clambered up the front steps, and stopped at the front door. As he reached for the doorknob, his hand came to a halt.
How did the house appear. He didn't do it, and he knew that. No one around him was a wizard or new how to get to the house. At least, as far as he knew.
He felt the same chill he did a few minutes before. Sirius, he thought to himself. Harry slowly turned back around, half-expecting to see his godfather standing before him. But when he looked back, no one was there. Cautiously, he set his possessions down. He peered off the edge of the porch, but found no one.
"Sirius?" He whispered, wondering if calling his name would summon the mystery voice back.
He shuddered, and went back for his luggage. He opened the front door, and slid inside. He took one last glance around the front yard before closing the door with a soft "click."
But as he did that, a bloodcurdling shriek came from behind him.


o wow that was sooo good! great job! and i am soo glad that you can post now! cant wait until your next post!


Ok, to all of my loyal fans who have been following my story since the begginning...THANKEE!

After a very long time of posting for this story, and through much needed improvement, I must confess:

I do not think I am going to continue this story.

There are many reasons to this. Now for those of you who read this and wish to report it, I am not the one to stop you. But I would fully appreciate it if you left it be, incase I do decide to return in the near future.

There are many reasons why one must stop writing. And I must say, I am quite dissapointed in myself for not continuing, for I really wished to finish it. And I wish to let you know that I am not one who quits things easily.

Thankyou again to all of my loyal fans! I truly and sincerly appreciate your efforts to post and comment about my story!

With all thanks and ado,

I know how you feel and your story was and still is really good, but if you are quiting the story can you just tell me what you were thinking to happen at the end unless you don't want to I uderstand

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