Salem De Beers

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Ok, this story goes about a different line. But, the main character, Salem De Beers, will meet Harry, and become his girlfriend. It will be in small segments, as like my one about Vera Black-Potter, it is off the top of my head. I love writing stories like that. This is Salem's biblography. She has been friends with Harry since they met in first year, and it's now seventh year. It's sorta continued on from HBP. I hope it works out. smile


Salem De Beers
Pureblood of the De Beers Family. Ancient Pureblood family.
Gryffindor, Prefect.
Black hair that is coloured regulary. Rainbow eyes. Tall and skinny.
Salem is a smart girl who is caring. But, she loves to be bold and creative. She colours her hair different shades and takes outragous risks.
Salem was born to Jane and Gary De Beers. She has two brothers named Andrew and James De Beers and three sisters named Skye, Spirit and Caspian De Beers.
Salem is intelligent and can learn spells in a heartbeat.
Fav: Defence Against The Dark Arts. Worst: Care Of Magical Creatures.
An Owl named Sparkie.

You are sneaking out of your Common Room at night and a Prefect grabs your arm. They want to know why you are out of your bed after curfew and threaten to report you/take house points. An example of Salem out of hours.

You look around the corner and spy one of Gryffindor's prefects. You wait until she turns her back and you run out to hide behind the next statue. But, the Prefect spots you and runs up, grabbing your arm. "What are you doing, out so late?" she asks, bringing you out into the warm flickering light. You look in her eyes and say. "I was with Professor Dumbledore. He had to see me about . . . about something top secret. I have a note here." She thrusts her hand almost into your face and you place a note in her hand. She reads it and says. "Don't let me catch you out again, Salem." You grin and run off.
You look over at your mother, Jane and your father, Gary. You were sitting at the piano in the lounge room, waiting for your teacher. Even though you were a witch, your parents wanted you to be able to do something muggle. Something normal. Your brothers, Andrew and James, twins, smirk at you, as they watch out the window for your tutor. You sisters, Skye, Spirit and Caspian, triplets, are eating away, at the table. "Here they come!" shouted Andrew. "Yes, here they come." said Jane, giving you a look. Your younger siblings all smirk at you. You sigh and look at the door, in which your friends, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley and Ginny Weasley had just walked through. You look surprised at your mother and father, as your friends walk over to you.

"Hallo Salem." Ron says, grinning stupidly. You get up and hug all of your friends in turn. "Why are you all here though?" You ask.

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Ron grinns stupidly at you. You think to yourself. *does he get any stupider* "We're here to take you to the Burrow. Ron's mum invited us all, except Ron and Gin of course.' explained Hermione. You look at your parents. No joke, they are smiling. It was a trick to put you in suspense, this piano playing joke. Younod to Gin and Hermione. Then, all you girls run up to your bedroom.


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its really good. i have a question-so did you just make up this character when you started writing this story or did you have her in the back of your mind when you were reading the books?

that was good!!!
Originally posted by OhILuvHP
its really good. i have a question-so did you just make up this character when you started writing this story or did you have her in the back of your mind when you were reading the books?

While I was reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I thought it would be cool if there was like another friend with the Gryffy Trio. And when I read it the fifteenth time, I tried reading it like that person was there. And it worked. Salem's name just came from another forum where I am role playing as Caspian Willow De Beers. It's called:


My user there is MyProblemIsYou it's a really fun site.

!nivis!onfree with out exclaimmation marks is da site
Entering your bedroom, you look around. It was a mess as usual. Mom was always telling you to clean it up. You didn't bother. It would just get messy again. You make your way accross the room, followled by Hermione and Ginny. "Umm . . . Salem, when was the last time you cleaned in here?" asked Hermione. You glare at her. "Umm, last holidays." you answer, grinning.
also, i will reveal something i just thought of. Ron will get together with Hermione, but not before asking out Salem, going out with her for two days and dumping her. Salem really likes this new boy. There will be a new character, a Black. But, not son of Sirius. I'll take a look at this family tree on hp lexicon and get back 2 u. it's got all the blacks.

ill put the tree in now. or maybe now. if i can find it. i will add the new character onto it also
the new character is near the bottom. (guess who it is)

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thanks. it was done by jkr herself. the new character is in the Lestrange family. Bellatrix's son.

I thought so it is the only one we dont know
lol. ill post the nxt bit. im gunna write it out. it will prob be very long. it's where Bellatrix's son and Vera meet. in Diagon alley when they get their hoggies things

that sounds kind of funny in a way

OMG I LOVE IT!!!! yes, i did the EXACT same thing you did! i added a character! It was really neat cause its like.......i dono-really great! keep it up!
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"Lycoris!" shouted my cousin, Draco. "Yes." I snapped, angry about being interupted. "We're going to Diagon Alley now. With Mother." I got up, and grabbed my black leather jacket. "Lycoris, you first." said my Aunt Narcissa. I took a handful of Floo Powder and flung it into the empty hearth. I stepped in and snarled. "Diagon Alley." Tucking in my arms, I spun and spun. Then, the fireplace rejected me and I flew out. I got up, burshing my leather jacket of soot and ash. Draco and Aunt Narcissa appeared after me. "Follow me boys. We need to go to Gringotts What books do you both need For this year?" Draco took out the booklist we had received yesterday. We needed these books:
The Standard Book of Spells, Grade Seven by Miranda Goshawk
The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts
Magical Mediterranean Water-Plants and Their Properties
A Guide to Medieval Sorcery
Advanced Potion-Making
Advanced Guide To Transfiguration
Draco recited these to Aunt Narcissa. We then entered Gringotts' Wizard Bank. I walked off to go to my parent's vault, as Aunt Narcissa and Draco went to theirs. I inquired with one of the goblins and took a cart down to my vault.

this is just before lycoris meets salem and the trio
Originally posted by OhILuvHP
OMG I LOVE IT!!!! yes, i did the EXACT same thing you did! i added a character! It was really neat cause its like.......i dono-really great! keep it up!

Thanks. I love adding characters becuase their new and you don't know what their like, unlike harry, ron, hermione and ginny

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also you should know, im writing as a guy for the story when im a girl. tell me if it goes good.
Reaching my vault, I took out some money. Sure, there wasn't much left but Father would get more soon. I thought confidently. I left the bank and took off to get my supplies and books. On the way, I saw this pretty girl I'd often seen around Hogwarts. What was her name again? oh yeah, Salem De Beers. I looked at her. She was with Pothead, WeaselBee, the Mudblood Granger and the girl Weaselbee. Always with the Pothead.

I kicked a stone and entered Florish and Blots to get my books. Those Gryffindors with Salem entered and I kept near the back, sneaking glances at Salem every now and then. Her hair was coloured blue and her eyes were rainbows. She looked so pretty. I grabbed the books I needed and went to the counter. I paid up and turned, banging into Pothead. "Watch your step, Potter." I sneered. "Well, well, well. If it isn't Lestrange." said Potter. I glared at him and went from the shop. I left to the Leaky Cauldron for a Butterbeer.

I was sipping my Butterbeer when Salem De Beers entered alone. She went to the bar and got a drink. Then she walked over to my table and said. "Could I ask you something?" I nodded. She sat down, putting her packages in the seat next to her and said. "Why are you so mean to my friends, Lestrange?" I took a gulp of butterbeer and looked into her rainbow eyes. "I'm Slytherin. I have to be mean to Gryffindors. Duh." She looked at me. "Ok . . . what ever, Lestrange. And i'd wash your hair if I was you." I stared at her. god! Girls were impossible. She picked up her bags and left.

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Is Charlus Potter in the tree related to harry potter because if so then Harry and Draco are related? And if Harry is related to charlus and Ron is related to the weasley that would mean that harry went out with a disdent relitive, Ginny weasley

that is weird but i dont think so well maybe he is but i dont think so

I don't think so... but that would be weird.
i might check that.
Dorea (Black) Potter (1920-1977)
Daughter of Cygnus and Violetta (Bulstrode) Black.
Three older siblings: two brothers Pollux (1912-1990) and Marius (disowned, dates unknown), one sister Cassiopeia (1915-1992).
Married to Charlus Potter; they had one unnamed son.
It is doubtful that Dorea is Harry's grandmother because Jo has told us that "James's parents were elderly, were getting on a little when he was born, which explains the only child, very pampered, had-him-late-in-life-so-he's-an-extra-treasure, as often happens, I think. They were old in wizarding terms, and they died." Dorea was only 57 when she died.
Possible name derivation: related to the names Dora and Dolores; Dorea is a bacterium found in human feces. Not a star or constellation

that's about Charlus's wife
Charlus Potter:

Rowling's Black Family Tree mentions a Charlus Potter who was married to Dorea Black (1920-1977), a grandchild of Phineas Nigellus Black. They had one son (unnamed).
It is doubtful that Charlus is Harry's grandfather because Jo has told us that "James's parents were elderly, were getting on a little when he was born, which explains the only child, very pampered, had-him-late-in-life-so-he's-an-extra-treasure, as often happens, I think. They were old in wizarding terms, and they died." Dorea was only 57 when she died.

And that's about Charlus. I think that maybe Harry's grandfather had a brother named Charlus, who could be this Charlus.
I will post the nxt part, but i have to go to the public library and reutnrn my over due books. i'll write the rest when i get back. i promise. wink

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Back to Salem's view.


I raced back to find Harry and the others. They were at WWW. Weasley's Wizard Wheezes.


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After dinner, you and your friends go upstairs to chat about stuff. You follow Harry thinking to yourself how cute you think he is. Ron turns into his bedroom and sits down on his bed. Hermione sits next to him and Ginny sits on the crowded floor. You sit down on the other bed with Harry.

"So, 7th year, eh?" says Ron, grinning. Ginny sighs. "oh, and 6th for you Gin." he adds, looking at his sister. Hermione mutters something and Ron goes red. She smiles and gets up, leaving the room with Ron. "Ew." says Ginny. You giggle and grin at her. Harry sighs. "Oh, Harry. Don't worry, you still have me for a friend." He grins at you. Ginny suddenly hears her mother calling her and leaves.

You look at Harry, who looks away from your eyes. "Harry, what's wrong?" you ask, looking at him. "Nothing." he mutters. "Harry ... I know you too well." Harry looked at her and turned away. You sigh and leave the room, but on your way out, Harry runs up and taps you on the shoulder. "Salem ... I'll tell you at Christmas." he says, giving you a kiss on the cheek. He sits back down on his bed and you leave.


The Nxt Part Will Be Posted Vry Soon. And I'm skipping to the Train Ride To Hogwarts.

You and your friends are all aboard the Hogwarts Express and it's Lunch time. The most boring time of the day, because yet again, the Trolley Lady is late. You sigh, fingering your money in your pocket. Harry looks at you, sharing your sigh. You, Harry, Neville Longobttom and Luna Lovegood are all sitting, waiting for the food to appear. Suddenly, you hear Ron and Hermione approach, bickering as usual.

Ron sits down next to Neville and Hermione sits next to you. "Hey Herm." She smiles. "How was Head Girl duty?" you ask. Hermione was Head Girl. Even though you were Prefect, you had your turn after lunch. She looks at you. "Well, I found out who the new Head Boy is." "Who?" asks Harry, Ron and yourself at once. "It's Malfoy." Harry looks at you, anger filling his face for some reason. Ron's hands went instantly into fists.

"And guess who our new Headmaster is?" continued Hermione. "Who?" you ask. "Gary De Beers." You look at Hermione. "WHAT!?" you shriek. "Yes, I know. A surprise, right, Salem." You nod. "And your mum's the new Defence Against The Darks Arts Teacher." You look from Ron to Hermione. "You mean, I can't even escapt them at school." you groan. Harry gives you a sympathic look and checks his watch. "Um, Salem. We gotta go to Prefect duty." he said. Harry had been made a 7th year Prefect. You get up and both leave together.

On your way to the Prefect's Carriage, you and Harry pass Malfoy, lounging in the Slytherin 7th yr compartment. "Teacher's Pet!" they say. You turn. "Think your so big, having your mum and dad working at the school, eh, De Beers." says Malfoy, scowling. "No, I don't, Malfoy. Unlike you, I have a life." you reply, walking on.
You and Harry are both doing your rounds when Ron switches places with Harry. "Salem, can I ask you something?" he says, pausing. You nod. "Willyougooutwithme?" he blurts out. "What?" you say, bored. "Will you go out with me?" he says, slowly, taking a breath. "umm, Ron. I thought you were going out with Hermione." Ron shakes his head. You consider. You really like Harry more, but ... "Ok, I will." you reply, starting to walk off on your rounds. Ron blushes and kisses your cheek. At the same spot where Harry kissed you before the holidays ended.

Later, you all arrive at the Hogmeade station. You had changed before, and all of you, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Harry and yourself were waiting in the pouring down rain for the carriages to the school. You look at Ron who's whispering to Harry. Hermione looks sad and you stand closer to her and mutter. "What's wrong?" Hermione looks at you, with a look, and walks into the newly arrived carriage.


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You make a look and get in the carriage after Ron. Hermione is huffy and looks out the window. Ron is chatting quietly with Harry. The carriage bangs around and stops. Your at the castle. You exit first, followled by Harry, Ron and Hermione. You look at Hermione who walks off, and at Harry and Ron. Ron smiles and Harry gives the stalking off Hermione a look.

You all arrive at the Gryffindor table, and sit together. You notice Hermione sitting with Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil. You wave at Parvati, your other best friend, and sit down inbetween the boys. Ron's stomach grumbles and Harry grins. "A familar sound returns, eh, Salem." he says.
You smile and nod in return. Looking up at the staff table, you notice your mother and father seated there. Your father in the high golden throne and your mother next to him. Then, there is the opening of the large doors and Professor McGonagall walks in, followled by the first years. You look over at Lestrange, surounded by the usual idiot Slytherins.

After the sorting, your father stands up. "Welcome to another year at Hogwarts. I am your new Headmaster, Professor Gary De Beers. Anyway, more time after dinner for speeches. Dig in." Ron cheers, as usual and the foor appears.

Several food filled minutes later, Hermione looks over at Ron, her eyes sad. I looked at her and she glared at me. The food disappeared and Ron groaned. Dad stood up and spoke. "As I said, Welcome. We have a new Defence Against The Darks Art's teacher, Professor Jane De Beers. Congratulations to the new Head Boy and Girl and the new 5th and 7th year Prefects. Also, Quidditch trials will start next week, on Saturday. Gryffindor in the morning, and Raven claw in the afternoon, on Saturday. And Slytherin in the morning and Hufflepuff in the afternoon on the Sunday. Now, off you go to your warm beds!"

You, Harry and Ron head to Gryffindor Tower. You reach the portrait and the boys look at you. "The password is Horntail." you say, as the Fat Lady swings and the hole is revealed.

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Entering Gryffindor dorm, you and the boys find it empty. You smile and walk towards the staircases. Ron smiles at you and entered the 7th year boy dormitory. Harry linger's behind, looking down at the floor. You turn and look at him. "Harry, what's up?" you ask. Harry mumbles something and enters the boy's dorm. You glare at the back of his disappearing head and then, enter the girls dorm. You sigh, walk over to your bed next to Hermione's and look out the window. You sigh once more, change into your fav pjs, and hop into bed. thinking about the boy's behaviour makes you tired, and you fall asleep instantly.

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The next morning, you wake up. Hermione was sitting on her bed, smiling. "Herm, what's up?" you ask. "Oh, Salem. Don't ask me, ask your boyfriend." she said, getting up and leaving the dorm. You scowl after her retreating head and quickly dress.

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Going downstairs, you pass Ron, talking with Hermione. You shrug at Harry, who smiled at you, from the middle of the common room.

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Hermione is smiling at Ron, and every now and then she giggles. You shrug to yourself and walk up to Harry. "Hey Harry, what's up!" you say, smiling at him. "Nothing Much. It's school ... I hate it sometimes." he smiles and you pick uo you bag, which was next to the couch. "What is this doing here?" you mumble outloud. Then, swinging your bag to your shoulder, you and Harry head down to breakfast.

At breakfast, Ron is ignoring you. You find it weird. You sit down with Harry and Parvati Patil, your best friend since like forever. Then, Lavender Brown appears. "Lav! Over here!" says Parvati. You didn't really like Lavender. She was often mean to you, just because her mom hated your mother. Lavender scowled at you and whispered something to Parvati. Then, Parvati and Lavender got up, and walked off.

"What's going on?" you ask Harry, who was digging into some bacon and eggs. He shrugs and continues eating, like he hasn't eaten in months. You sign and eat something, thinking it's gunna be a long day.

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A/R: -thinks- hmmm what should i write about nxt.


You finish eating, and reach for the new timetables that Harry had just passed along. "Thank's Harry." you say, taking one, and reading it. You grumble. "Damm, Potions first." You hated Potions, it was your worst class, especially with Professor Snape, who was related to someone you knew. You sigh, picking up your heavy bag, and together, with Harry, head down to the potion labs in the dungeons.

Entering the classroom, you look around. Malfoy is there, having returned on probation, along with three other Slytherin 7th years. Ernie Macmillion of Hufflepuff is there, chatting to Ron and Hermione. Harry and yourself head towards them, but notice the table is full. A new girl with a new girl. You do a double take and two words escape from your mouth. "Katie Snape."

Harry looks at you. "Katie Snape...?" he asks, staring at you. You sigh. Katie was your cousin. Katie's mother was your mother's sister, making Katie your cousin. "Katie's my cousin, Harry." Harry looked at the girl, with her black straight hair and amber eyes. "She looks nothing like you. She looks like Snape." he said. You sigh, and then when Katie turned. She scowled. "Hello Salem." she says, coldly.

You glare at your cousin, and sit down, near the back. For another Potions lesson.


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