Starscreamer Tryouts (superhero team RPG)

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Stone Wall
This is the tryout forum for the Starscreamers. The Starscreamers are something like the Teen Titans. Please tryout with original characters. I don't like playing cannons.

Secret Identity:
Age (19 and under please):
Powers/ Gadgets:
Origin/ History:

After you post, I'll immediatly let you know if you made the team or not. Here is an example.

Name: Stone Wall
Secret Identity: Nathan Jackson
Age: 17
Powers/ Gadgets: Skin mutates into a form of rock solid armor. The armor also increases his size and strength.
Weaknesses: Extremely vulnerable to mental attacks.
Species: Human. (Technically Mutant I guess. I'll accept either.)
Origin/ History: His father was in an accident before Nathan was born. His father was in an accident that mutated his insides into the same substance that Nathan morphs his skin to. Nathan's uncle was also in the accident. He was mutated on the outside of his body. Nathan's uncle and father can't turn their powers off though. After the accident, Nathan's father had a son. And Nathan was born with the gift of mutating his skin into a type of rock armor. He can turn it on and off though.

Stone Wall
Oh, if you would also give me an image of your character, that would be great too.

Raven Guardia
did you get permission to make this?? if not I think its best you do. or else this will just be closed. All games here need permission first befor making threads.

Stone Wall
Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't know I needed permission. I'll see if I can get it. I was just in a big hurry to RP. I havn't had a good one in ages. *sigh* I'm so embarressed... embarrasment

Raven Guardia
I would say dont be sorry but mods would probably be like "what he needs to be sorry" or something mod like and powerful. but I just wanted to tell you. it might spare you some grief in the long run.

Stone Wall
Oh, just forget the whole thing. I'm trying to get in on an X-Men RP now anyway. lol. Thanks for not being all high and mighty to me because I made a mistake though. See you around I guess.

No permission- closed.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.