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Blade the Dragon Warrior
By: Will Sanborn & Ian Sleeper

Chapter One:

War as it was, was a big concern to everyone. It was not healthy for people who lived during the Dark Ages. Most families lost a member to the war that was going on in the land known as Quar. It was tiresome, gruesome, and irritable. Everyone was doing their best to save their land, but tragically, they were failing. The defenses of Quar were weakening.

Part of this was due to the fact that the Quarathians wanted freedom from the Dark Lord who's name was Geogon. This Dark Lord had ruled over Quar for decades, without anyone opposing him. He had far too much power for anyone to try to stop him. It was not until a rebellion was formed to fight the Dark Lord's men, in the last hopes of saving Quar. This rebellion had fought vigorously for years, trying to weaken the Dark Lord's men, but the attempts that they had made turned out to be fruitless. They were losing the war, the people of Quar were going to lose their freedom or their life.

Then as they were about to lose the war, they sought the aid of the Dragon Warriors, who are from Mrae Ludar. These warriors were one of the last chances the land had of being freed. They whole heartedly joined the Dark War, without coming up with any tactics at all. Led by Don, each of the Dragon Warriors flew to Mt. Thuundar where the last battle of the Dark war took place. It was five of the greatest Dragon Warriors on its peak, and they were facing the Dark Lord himself. Held in his hand was the blade of anger, Guruth, the most feared blade anyone had ever layed eyes upon.

The five of them had very well crafted swords from dwarves and elves. Each of them held the hilt of their sword tightly, facing them with pride. This may be the last breath some of these men will ever have, but they were going to die with pride and honor, knowing that they were fighting for what they had believed in. The blades lowered, pointing directly at the Dark Lord's chest, but he did not seemed troubled at all. Without much of a warning, the Dark Lord lunged at the five of them, fighting them all at once. Not only had he skill with his sword, but grace as well. He evaded each attempt they had made in attacking him, but they could not so much scratch his armor. Not only that, but the Dark Lord was able to counter them with some of his own moves. With two swift swings of his blade, he killed two of the Dragon Warrior.

Thousands of miles below the other Dragon Warriors and the Rebellion were on the ground, watching the Guruths advance on them. The Guruths were a race that was a cross between man and a troll, though they were not crossed bred, like some people had thought when they first saw them. It was the appearance only that people went under the assumption of. This race was a bizarre one, usually serving no side during a war, but apparently they were convinced by the Dark Lord to join his side, something that did not please the Council of Quar. Guruths are not very intelligent at all, nevertheless they are vicious when it came time to fighting. They would use any weapon available to them, no matter what it was. They showed no fear at all, they only brought fear. They did not believe using horses as slaves to burden them, so they walked wherever they went. The numbers of the Guruth were vast, at least three times the amount the Rebellion and the Dragon Warriors had all together.

The people in front of the ranks held their pikes nervously. None of them expected to see such a large number of Guruths. A few thought about fleeing for their own life, not caring about Quar anymore, just for their safety, but they stayed anyway. Others held bows in their hand, readying the drawstring, so they could fire at them when the time was right. Another group held shields, and they stood in front of the archers, and behind the pikes. Normally the shieldsmen would be in the front of the ranks, but this time they were ordered to do otherwise. The rest of them were warriors who bore other weapons like swords.

"Fellow brethren!" cried out a man who was mounted on a white stallion. "Fear is nothing but a curse. A plague. It is bound to stop us at what we are here to do this very day. Do not let fear get the best of you. It is very tempting, aye, but that does not mean you have to give in at all to it. I know you are scared, that is all right. Fear and scared are not the same at all. They are two different things, and I'm here to tell you what they are before the Guruths advance on us."

The man mounted on top of the horse was Favalon, the son of Favalar. Dressed in gold armor, he looked over at all of the men that were before him. A full helm was covering his face, sweat was beading down his face. Slowly, he reached for the helm, and pulled it off, so his shoulder length brown hair could be seen, along with his facial hair. A pool of emptiness stared back at the men who came to fight the Guruths, to fight the Dark Lord. How could he tell them that they had very little chance of returning back?

"Fear is something everyone dreads. It is something everyone runs away from at least once in your life. You let it overpower you, you let it take control of you. Fear is just a mind trick on you, nothing more than that. Aye, everyone has fear, but the only way to get rid of fear is to face it head on, like you would with the Guruths. Being scared is different. You are afraid that you are going to lose your family, your kin, and everything you worked hard for. But you do not let it take over you, you do not let it overwhelm you. You stand up to it, face it like the men you are, and you ride out to those Guruths, and face them in the war. You will not back down, but you still are scared. I am not afraid to admit that even I, Favalon am scared to what lays in front of us. Just remember who you are doing this for, and your hearts will remain true."

Everyone remained silent, no one so much shifted in place. They all soaked in the words that he spoke. Each one of them knew it was true, that what he spoke of was true. Anyone that wanted to leave the ranks before did not want to do so anymore. None of them were going to let fear overwhelm them, they were going to take whatever weapon they wielded, whether it may be a bow, a sword, or a even a spear, they were going to defeat the fear that was taking control of them, and then they were going to slay the Guruths that entered their land.

"So who will fight along my side?" questioned Favalon. "Who will scream out in the ancient language who we are, and what we are fighting for? Our forefathers have spoken the very language that we are about to speak before riding to war, who will yell it with me? To yell it with me, and to bring fear into the hearts of the Guruths. I ask who will?"

Men began to holler out in the ancient tongue the saying that their people spoke before a great war, one that they knew they were going to be vanquished in. When they started to holler, rain started to pour down, thunder crashed, but it did not drown the cries of the men. Lighting flashed, giving light to what was before them. People who carried torches were slowly being put out. This was going to be it, the war that they were going to fight in, the one where they lose.

Back at the peak of Mt. Thuundar, the three Dragon Warriors still fought against the Dark Lord. The three still fought with their swords, the Dark Lord still countered each move that they made. Since it was only three Dragon Warriors left, Geogon was able to concentrate more on his dark magic, something that none of them could protect themselves from. The only advantage was that the dragons were immune to whatever magic that the dragons may have been hit by. One of the Dragon Warriors did not get so lucky. His dragon feared the magic, unlike the other two dragons, and slowly it was backing toward the edge. The rider tried to gain control, but the dragon fell backward, with the rider mounted on top, plummeting to the ground.

Now the two remaining Warriors were now in the air, hoping that the Dark Lord would follow in suit. The Dark Lord, Geogon brought fear into everyone's heart, no matter who the person was. The armor he wore was a mix of iron and mithril, a very rare combination. It would be near impossible to pierce the armor he had on him, making him near invincible from all attacks. The helm he wore was made out of the same combination, and was shaped like a dragon's head in a way. It is thought that if you stare at the helm long enough, then you could see the fire in the Dark Lord's eyes, the spite he had, the rage, the fury, and even the coldness in his heart.

The battle raged on for what seemed like days, neither of the two Dragon Warriors that were left were getting tired by the attack that the Dark Lord brought. Geogon was growing agitated by the two of them, something that did not happen too often. Apparently these two were able to keep up with any strike he had made, something that never happened to him before in his life. Then the Dark Lord of Quar decided to lure one of the two into a pointless assault on himself. He purposely left his side vulnerable for an attack. One of the Dragon Warriors, Don, swiped at the Dark Lord's side with his sword, hitting the armor, but not piercing it at all. The Dark Lord brought the hilt of his sword, and hit it so that Don fell of his dragon, falling to the ground.

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