Third Official Poetry Contest

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This is to be our third poetry contest, back once again by popular demand.

It is to be judged by Syren, Lana and Alpha Centauri.

Everyone is welcome to enter, but please ensure you follow the simple guidelines detailed below.

The theme for this contest is ''experience''. We are hoping that this will give entrants a freer reign than they have had with previous contests.

The poem has to be no more than 20 lines.

Obviously, please make sure that you follow the basic KMC rules. Obscenity or vulgarity will not be tolerated.

Closing date for this competition is 15th August 2006, which gives entrants 3 weeks to complete and submit their poem.

The submission of poems will be done via PM to lil bitchiness. She will then post them anonymously into this thread, so that judges will not know who's written which poem till the final decision has been made.

Remember, the competition will last for 3 weeks, so take your time, as we will be accepting only single entries.

Please do NOT post in this thread, it is to be locked and any posts will be removed.

All discussion can be posted in this thread.

lil bitchiness

lil bitchiness
Entry # 2

The Essence

Life lies liquid, moving moments make;
The break of dawn as we yawn and wake.
A new sun to behold, and conversations had;
As night settles, reflections can be good or bad.

There is reason in the pain of a scar-cried day,
Yeilding the birth of paths diverted, not astray.
While fresh pain stabs, twists and burns;
Moons sunk and sailed reveal what we learn.

The essence is in being, see life, feel;
A life should not be calculated, as Math and numbers deal.
To qualify a life lived by its end factor,
Would be to forget how we got there, so disregard your subtractor.

Roll with the waves, as we sail the sea of life;
A fisherman's forecast isn't always of strife.
Take knowledge from pain, laughter from joy,
As we understand the reason of our employ.

The solution is do, live full, always try,
Challenge your fears and aim so high.
If in a world of truly lived independence,
Then what you gain is learned from experience.

lil bitchiness

lil bitchiness
Entry #4

Life Experience

Treat every moment as though it were your last,
we have so little time and it slips by too fast.
So make good use of yours and live life to the full,
embrace the amazing, don't just witness the dull.

Don't just dream your dreams, but live them instead,
an adventure is nothing if it stays in your head.
Strive for your goals, undertake every quest,
you won't always succeed but if you try your best,
then you'll never look back on what might have been.
Every task you'll accomplish every sight you'll have seen,
will seem much more precious if you only share
every triumph and loss with the people who care.
The greatest adventure is to follow your heart,
fight for each other so you don't drift apart,
and strive to make friends in everything that you do,
when things get too tough, they'll always help you through.

An experience shared with the people you love,
will give you the strength to one day rise above
all your worries and doubts, your hatred and your fears.
Life is measured in people, not measured in years.

lil bitchiness
Entry #5

*i sometimes hate myself*

I dont know what to say
i dont know what to do
the thoughts in my head
of a love i once knew.

I sometimes hate myself
i punish myself for my blindness
i burdon myself with my weakness
i sometimes kill myself.

Am i crazy
am i even sane?
i weant it all to stop
but it replays in my mind
i sometimes hate myself
because my love is blind.

i sometimes kill myself
because my love swallows me whole
i gave away my love
my life and my soul
i sometimes hate myself
for being so blind.

lil bitchiness

lil bitchiness
Entry #7

First true love, this is a bliss
sharing in a park, true loves first kiss.
unlike before, this love will last
as long as you are with me, the pain will pass.

Say that you love me, that is all I want to hear
because I know I love you and that we make a great pair.
Losing you, is the only thing I fear,
as for everything else, I don't really care.
This is because, without you I can not move on
not having the strength to recover as if my soul was gone.

I live for you, die for you, but will never lie to you;
how could I with a love so pure, so true?
For the days that are so permanently done,
and the many more days of laughter and fun,
It has been wonderful and will continue to be,
for this fate has been set for you and me.

lil bitchiness
Entry #8

What have you learned thus far?
I have learned the three R's
And that for the sake of simplicity
Nothing is always accurate.

What have you learn this time?
I have learned the past does not dictate the future
But if you don't look where you are heading
You will fall into your own footsteps.

What do you know for sure?
I know that a smile helps,
Love is not something you look for,
Kindness need not be repaid to work,
And people can change.

Why are you here?
I am here not by choice, that much is clear
But it is my choice to remain here.
My why may not be yours but I will share it with you,
And the rest of the alphabet too.

What's next?.......

lil bitchiness
Entry #9


Moving liquid
all round me
floating gently in your arms.

enticing, surging, slowly filing,
aching, begging, letting flow

Breathing deeply,
Bodies closer,
Pulling deeper in your charms.

How you move me, how I move you,
How we move so closely now.

Only one, only one.....
I am no longer me.
Holding you, touching me
Please don't stop, I give my plee.

Let me inhale you as you do me,
Our love seeming eternity.

But the moon is nigh, and the sun does rise.
Will I forever in your eyes,

Or will I be a memory
with my thighs.....

lil bitchiness

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