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ESB -1138

Character Creator
Name: Aurd Riao
Age: 13 (If that's too young I can make him older...)
Gender: Male
Homeland: Rhudaur
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Weapon: Longbow, Long Sword
Bio: Aurd has grown up with the Longbow, he is deadly accurate, and can shoot from long range. He recently picked up the Long Sword, and is more a hack away guy than anything else. His parents divorced when he was young, and once, when they were arguing who should have custody of him, he asked them to stop, and both were so furious with each other that they didn't know he was listening. His dad pulled out a broadsword, and swiftly put an end to his mom's life. John at this time pulled out his training longbow, put an arrow on it, pulled back without aiming, and delivered a perfect shot into his dad's heart. He ran away from home that night and lived off the wild in the wilderness for several years...
Appearance: Tan, dark brown hair down to his eyes, over his ears, and to his neck, hazel eyes

Name: Dorian Thyvaul (pronounced "Tie-val"wink
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Homeland: Linhir, Gondor
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 164 lbs.
Weapon: A longbow, and a pair of daggers (pictures below)
Bio: As a young boy, Dorian always dreamed of becoming a scholar, like his father before him, and his grandfather before him. On the eve of his 13th birthday, that all changed. Under the cover of darkness, an assassin crept through the bushes next to the Thyvaul household, sent on a mission to kill Jonathan, Dorian's father. Dorian was excited about the next day, and had been wide awake for the past few hours. He heard the slight shattering of glass, but it was too quiet to have caused anyone to awake. Quietly climbing out of his bed, Dorian's curiosity got the better of him, and he opened the door of his room. As the door creaked open, he looked into the hallway, down int he direction of his father's bedroom. A man clad in black opened the door into the bedroom and walked in. Seconds later, the tearing of flesh was heard and Dorian almost screamed in terror, but he was too frightened to do so. He saw the man walk out of the room and jump back out the window he had entered through.
Scared of what he would find, Dorian walked over to his parents' bedroom door. As he looked in, he saw on the floor the figure of his father, drenched in his own blood. On the bed was his mother, covered in her blood, with her throat slit open and a look of terror on her face. Falling to the ground, Dorian cried in sorrow for his parents.But he didn't cry for long, because he was now filled with rage at this man who had murdered his parents.
Searching throughout Gondor, he finally found a man who could teach him in the ways of the assassin. He was going to beat the man at his own game. His teacher taught him how to move quietly, how to quickly slice open a man's arteries, and how to remain unseen in a crowd of people. At the end of his 9th year of training, he felt he was ready.
After finding plenty of dead-ends, Dorian finally tracked down the man who had killed his parents. The man had let his money get to his head, though, and had forsaken his killing ways to pursue the life of a landowner. But Dorian still had to avenge his parents. Coming up behind the man, he thought the kill would be easy, until the man drew a longsword, spun around, and readied himself for a battle. Drawing his blades, Dorian lunged at the man. The fight went on for a few minutes, with neither side making any progress, until Dorian finally got a cut in on the man's right hand, therefore making his ability to fight almost nil. Thrusting his left blade into the man's stomach, Dorian felt a wave of satisfaction. Leaving the man's body, Dorian left as quickly as that man had all those years ago.
Since that night, Dorian has been a contract-assassin, killing whoever he is hired to kill and being paid well for it. Recently, he has been receiving many contracts from very shady people, and occasionally ones wearing very large black cloaks, but he doesn't much care, as long as they pay well.

One of his daggers:

His longbow:

Blaxican Hydra
Name: Melissa Tinu (Star)
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Homeland: Arthedain
Height: 5'8
Weight: 147 Pounds
Weapon: One short sword, and one iron and wooden shield.
Bio: A shield maiden for her husband who was a Knight, Melissa followed her husband wherever he went, even when he went to war in Cardolan to fight Angmar's forces. While traveling, her husband taught her the finer aspects of swordfighting, which came in handy when the camp her Husband and his fellow Knights lived in was attatcked. She used her sword fighting skills to fend off several orcs, but was unable to save her Husband, who was slain by a greater Orc Captain named Ogr'ock. Devastated by the loss, Melissa went into withdraw lfor several days at the camp, which was succesfully defended from earlier's attack.

The Orcs attacked the camp again a week later, forcing Melissa out of her emotional withdrawl and into battle, were she slew several more Orcs, including the greater Orc Ogr'ock.

Having now perfected her skills in combat Mellisa now travels across the borders of the Northen kingdoms an Angamar, fulfilling her own personal vendetta against the Orcs.
Picture: Click here And here

Name: Drake Vance
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Homeland: Gondor
Height: 5'9
Weight: 180lbs
Weapon: 2 swords and multiple knives.
Bio: Drake is born fighter with a temper which gets him into trouble most of the time. He learned sword fighting from his father and got the crossbow from his uncle. When it comes to fighting he becomes very serious and his anger gives him extra ferocity. Drake likes to travel and go to different places to either fight or to just roam around. The one thing he really hates are orcs and people who are ignorant. All and all Drake is a good person, loves kids, animals, and helps those in need. But piss him off and you'll be facing something worse than troll.

Im gonna edit his height. He's 6 feet plus.

ESB -1138
RPG is now up:

Name: Mira Valkenain (Vah-l-keh-nine)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Homeland: Rhudaur
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 67kg

Weapon: See below characters pic...

Bio: Mira was the only daughter of the swordsmith in her village just outside of the large forrests of Rhudaur. Being so, she learnt from a small age of what she was capable.
By the mere age of 8 she could hold her own in a fight, taking then to a form that only few had mastered; twin swords.
Having them custom made by her father, Mira soon took to the art and became well known in the terrioty for her skill.
It wasn't until the battle for middle earth that the reality of a true battle sank upon her. She was unable to fight because of her status as a woman.
This fact angered her above all else and she regressed from regular village life and into the forrest.
Not making contact with a single soul until being summoned by a scout sent from the village to aid in the battle against a new evil; the Witch King of Agmar.


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