Agent Zero Runs the gauntlet, enhanced.

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Zero is hired from the government in order to stop other mutants which are anti-registration program, so he gets this power ups:
Battle Suit:
It looks like a common tight costume, but it is made of a vibranium/adamantium fiber, contains scanners to track down targets, shoulder pads can emit electrical discharges, the costume is equipped with nanotech device able to convert concussive energy, heat and ambiental energy into concussive blasts.He also has an antigravity unit which allow him to fly at Mach 3 speed.He got wrist mounted energy blades able to cut through most substances.
The antigravity unit allows him to perform great leaps and jumps useful in combat situation or to escape quickly.
The suit is equipped with an invisible force field which can protect D-Pool from most form of injuries short to a small nuclear weapon.The field can also be used to bend light and grant invisibility, and gave protection from telepathy.Telekinetic users will receive a feedback energy discharge trying to rip apart the field or the shield, tough very powerful beings will succeed.Teleportation device is also included and grants Zer to use it both for battle tactics as for moving around.
Wrist mounted blasters make Zero able to fire force bolts which will just cause damage, but can be turned on the "Shut Down" mode, which will make a mutant powerless in 10 minutes.
The battle suit contains a teleportation device
Adamantium Weapons:
Zero received 2 katanas, 2 daggers, 2 knuckledusters, throwing knives and shurikens.

Assault Rifle Magna 3-Theta
This rifle can fire bullets, concussive blasts sufficiently powerful to destroy a small house, beta discharges, plasma grenades, and it's linked to the teleport device so D-Pool can summon it whenever he needs it.

Assault Guns Magna 1-Theta
This guns are in the dimension of a desert eagle, can fire bolts of force or electricity, which the maximum output can destroy a car in a single bolt.

DeadPool and Wolverine
Sabretooth and WildChild
Cyclops and Havok
New Mutants and Hellions
Angel and NightCrawler
Gambit and Rogue(with flight, superstrenght, invulnerability)
Colossus, Multiple Man

Deadpool is not a mutant.

Sin I AM
and y is angel and nightcrawler ahead of wolverine n DP? but anywho

PIotr n MM beat him

doesnt Agent Zeros suit with the vibranium also make him to where he makes almot or no sound whatsoever.?

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.