Savage Dragon vs Cyber

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Two very tough and strong characters battle it out.

Dont know Cyber but I know ALOT about Dragon. Links for Cyber please.

EDIT I know him, yeah dragon takes this, he has speed and strength, and he can regenerate.

Cyber has Adamantium and a healing factor.

Too bad Cyber is dead.

Cyber, He'd pump him with them Hallucinagines (wow I'm a bad speller!)

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Two very tough and strong characters battle it out.

Cyber. Dragon couldn't even hurt him.

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Cyber. Dragon couldn't even hurt him. laughing You are a real joker, not hurting him, get a grip roll eyes (sarcastic)

All this from the dragon respect thread.

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All the following scans are courtesy of AP.

Dragon was found in a burning field in Chicago without a memory. He joined the Chicago police force as the only form of protection against a HUGE gang of supervillians (about 200+) known as the Vicious Circle after Super Patriot and Mighty Man were both presumed dead (more on that later).

Here's a fight against a much stronger foe in which he uses his speed, agility, and fighting prowess on top of his strength. Yes, Bedrock was a crappy Rob Liefeld character, but we all remember Youngblood and how powerful they were despite most of them being rip-offs.
Not only does he beat Bedrock, but he arrests him afterwards! Also notice how he leaps from the lake back to the city in a few seconds.

Nice coordination feat-
Here is shooting six bullets into ONE HOLE during target practice:

Here he is being lured into a mall by three members of the Vicious Circle. They start throwing crowds of people at him, so he catches a few and then leaps at them to stop them. One of the VC guys by the name of Hellrazor holds a small child up as a shield once Dragon is in mid-air. Dragon is now only inches away from splattering the kid.

And here he is, flipping while in mid-air to avoid the kid. Not only does he do that, but he also grabs Hellrazor by the head, kicks the two Vicious Circle goons behind him, and as he finishes the flip, he bodyslams Hellrazor into the ground.

Here he is in a ship that blows up while he's still inside. He then falls several hundred feet and is fine. It should be noted that fire/explosions have had no effect on Dragon in the past, so the fall is really more of a threat than anything and he's still healthy enough to get up, run, and give an exposition.

Almost every scan will show Dragon's strength in one form or another, but here he is using hand, neck, jaw, and back strength to... well, you can see for yourself.

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Healing Abilities:
With healing powers one must first begin at the initial ass-whupp'n. This particular ass-whupp'n is the worst that Dragon ever had. The guy he's fighting is Overlord who was the leader of the Vicious Circle at the time. He was a maffioso who had a guy by the name of Cyberface make a suit of armor that would be powerful enough to keep the small army of super-villians in line. It did that quite well and in their first encounter, Dragon learned how powerful the damn suit was.

While Dragon is impaled on the spike, there's a big snowstorm and he's up there for two weeks. His healing kicks in and he starts pulling himself off the spike. Keep in mind, this is early in his series and he has since displayed an even faster healing ability.

Two VC guys find him (Hellrazor again and Cutthroat) and start to beat him and slice him up some more. He fights them off and tries to get away, only to find himself trapped, so he turns back around and decides to fight with one arm, a huge hole through his body, and a few gallons of blood-loss.

And his arm comes back later that night:

Here he is in Round 2 with Overlord. Here, we see OL blow the top off his skyscraper and atomize an entire room filled with cops. The blast only destroys the Dragon's top layer of skin. We also see Dragon's aim on display once again.

And now something that should've happened to Robocop a looong time ago...

Here he is losing an arm in battle and deciding to use it as a weapon:

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Random Dragon Stuff

Here's Dragon carrying on a conversation with his ex-girlfriend's zombie despite having a demon put her hand completely through his body. The first page had double-page spread panels, so it was a bit hard getting it all in there, so a few word balloons are cut off.

That same demon transported Dragon to Hell where she took Overlord's soul and powered him up for a hilarious one-page fight.

And here's a fight between him and Hellboy. Brainape is controlling both Hellboy and Dragon for a while, but you can see Dragon gradually taking back control. It only happens for a few pages and Brainape is completely unable to do that anymore in the next several encounters.

Dragon fights Thor and then smaller gods:

Dragon vs Powerhouse, round 1:

Dragon vs Powerhouse, round 2:

Here Dragon is facing Dragonworld Thor, hoping to use his hammer to help free Dargonworld of tyranny. Dragon knew better than to grab that hammer, so he tricks him in dropping the hammer and taking off his gauntlet by letting his friend use her femeninity. Thor’s strength is split in half now that Dragon has both the gauntlet and the hammer. Thor still has his belt and his natural strength and it’s enough to keep up. The fight is later broken up by Hercules and the gods without a decisive winner.


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