things you would hear on set...

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this is a tribute to jdl1224...

Im not very funny tonight, so everyone else had better be really witty to make up for it. laughing

GV: CUT!!! Now what is the problem, Orlando?
OB: first it was the kiss in 2, now you expect me to react naturally to my fiance being locked in a cabin with Johnny?! He came on to the president!!!

GV: S*$&%^!!! Quick, everyone act like you're doing something important! The producer is on the way down...
JD: Does that mean we have to put away the rum?!

GV: CUT!!!!!
OB: (giggles)
GV: WhAT?!?!
OB: lam say eunuchy...

GV: I'm sorry Orlando. I just dont see anyway to let you wear a codpiece while keeping this movie PJ13. The audience knows you arent small...
OB: No they dont! Because Johnny is always making eunuch jokes (pouts.)

GV: CUT!!! When did we add a make-out scene to this part of the film?!!
JD and KK: our bad...

Jack Davenport: I just think it would really add to my character to get to beat Jack Sparrow up, maybe throw him to the ground, that sort of thing...
GV: Listen, If you have a crush on Johnny, just say so.

GV: Now listen Kiera. We really love what you've done with Elizabeth. We want to push the character even furthur by having her cut her hair.
KK: This has nothing to do with my character! You just dont want to pay for the hair. Johnny demanded a raise, didnt he??? SO he could buy another island???
GV: I dont know what you're talking about...

GV: CUT!!!! You guys, seriously. You are supposed to be SWORDFIGHTING, not MAKING OUT.
JD and KK: Woops. did it again.

big grin time for the rest of ya to get clever. LOL

LOL^^ I will but i'm too tired at the moment to make anything good laughing out loud I'll do it tomorrow big grin cool idea BTW

OB: Kiera, i dont think trying on your corset is such a good idea...
KK: Oh come on, it will be fun!
GV: Orlando, why do you have more cleavage than Kiera?


AHAHAHAHA! The second I saw the name of this thread and who it was by I started laughing uncontrolably. Well dang, I called it and yes I do feel mighty smart! smile Katelovespirate you are without a doubt one of the best people on this board!

Unfourtunatley I'm not in a creative mood. I've sat here for a while trying to to think of a clever one and it just isn't working. BLEGH! I'll get back to you! haha. smile

*Still laughing at the fact you actually made one...*

JD: what is it now?!
GV: how much rum have you had?
JD: i've only had *tries to count*. . . .why?
GV: *rolls eyes* your beard's on fire.
JD: Oh. *tries to blow it out*

heheh Oh all of you clever people.... i hope we can keep this up till May 2007 hehe.

you guys CRACK ME UP.... beard's on fire?!?! LOLOLOL> oh geee....

lol. i didn't think anybody would think that beard on fire thing was funny. happy

i was just imagining it... L:OL.

GV: CUT!!!
KK: Now what?
GV: can we try pout #4 again?

hehe i guess that wouldnt make sense unless you've watched the Kiera commentary for 1.

^^ LOL!! yea, I get it....

me too. but i don't really see how she's pouting. whenever she says she is, it doesn't really look like it. erm

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