Half-life 2 strider VS Halo Tank

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Burning thought
The Tank from Halo vs the Strider from Half life 2

Both are damagable and fight on an urban battlefield of skyscrapers, three soldiers back up the tank and three combine elites back up the Strider, also along with the tank and soldiers there is a warthog with missle launcher and a machine gun combined, the strider and combine have got a combine APC to help them

so basically its 2 vehicles and 3 soldiers on each side battling within a city..debate

IMO half life wins but hey, its up for debate

The force of the blast from the tank might knock over the strider.

Burning thought
i doubt it, the thing can survive multiple RPG hits, although not as powerful as a tanks blast, their about as forceful so i doubt it could knock it over

i think the Half life 2 strider will fire its warp cannon and blow the tank easily, the Elites can take out the soldiers and the Combine APC is far greater than a warthog really, its heavily armoured and has fast fireing rockets however the warhogs rockets may take out the APC and the warhogs machinguns if their lucky could take down the the combine, leaving the strider open to be attacks, quite a hard decision on who will win but i still think the strider is a superior machine, no doubt could take on all of them troops and vehicles by itself

strider takes this because its much faster than a regular tank..

though the halo tank packs a punch.. the striders alien technology would definately put the halo tank out of commission in one shot

the combine elite rifles secondary is also the same technology as the striders cannon.. so halo soldiers would be no issue

Burning thought
indeed, i guess it would be more balanced if it was without the strider and even then the fire power of the secondary fire on the combine pulse rifles are pretty darn powerful

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