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This just came into my head and I thought it would be a good idea to try it. This happens right after they get on the train. It is in first person and it is my first time doing a fanfic from Ginny's point of view and using the first person.

And quickly I would like to thank Midnight Mistress for helping me with the color of eyes seeing how I'm not good with that.

The first bit comes after this post. Enjoy!

Chapter One

It was over just like that. He had said those words to me, it was like I was stabbed with a dagger. He broke things up with me, there was no turning back, or at least in my mind. He no longer wanted to be with me after those last few months of being a couple. I snogged him ever chance I got, even though my older brother didn't approve. He was his best friend and he didn't want to see him sucking at my face.

Ever since I set eyes on him I was in love. The messy black hair, the deep green eyes, even that scar of his. I was in love with him no matter what people said. Only one person understood how I felt, and she was the only one who I could talk to. Lately though she had been with my brother doing the exact thing he hated me doing with the love of my life. It was a complicated thing, love.

"Ginny it's your turn," came the voice of my best friend, Hermione Granger.

She was sitting on my brother, Ron's lap. Her bushy hair was being stroked by him, and her brown eyes looked at Ron's every so often. It made me sick, though I didn't want to say anything about it at all to them. People say she's the smartest student in her year, but I think she is the smartest studen in the whole school. I admire how smart she is as well as I admire Harry Potter's bravery, his spell work, everything about him I admired. He was the guy I was in love with.

"Oh, sorry." I said quickly to Hermione. "What are we doing again?"

Hermione sighed as she turned back to Ron. I rolled my eyes to the pair of them. My eyes began to wander around. Next to me normally would have been Harry and his charming self. I longed for him to be there, but I knew he didn't want to be near anyone so the three of us decided to leave him be.

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We were on a train known as the Hogwarts Express. It was something that brought us from a place called Platforms 9 3/4's to the magical school called Hogwarts. And at the end of the year it would take us back so we could see our family. Though this year the train came early bringing us back due to something terrible that happened at the school. I don't know much about what happened at all, all I know is that Dumbledore was murdered by a professor at the school. The only other person who knew anything was Harry, and he was bound to have told my brother and my best friend.

"Are you going to go sometime soon?" she asked me impatiently.

Again I had zoned out. It was the fifth time that this happened to me. It would have helped too if Ron and Hermione weren't all over each other. It was irritating, but being me, I kept my mouth shut.

I faked a smile, remembering that we were playing Wizard's Chess, something Hermione never played before until my brother taught her. I ordered my Queen to force Hermione's King in checkmate.

"Good job Ginny," she said, but instead of looking at me she was kissing my older brother. Typical.

"Don't you two have rounds to do? You are still Prefects." I said wanting to be alone.

"Yeah we do," said Hermione getting up.

"See you 'round." said Ron following her out the door holding Hermione's hand.

"What's wrong with her?" I heard Ron say to Hermione.



For the remainder of the train ride I sat alone, thinking and hoping. I hoped that Harry would come to me and beg for me back. I hoped that he would want me to be in his arms. I hoped that this was just a long miserable dream.

When it stopped I got off alone carrying my luggage off onto a trolly. The first thing I saw was hundreds of wizarding families there all to greet there children. Immediately I began to look for my parents. People kept brushing past me, my belongings almost fell off the trolly once when a Slytherin rudely cut in front of me. It took a few minutes before I found my mum and my older brothers. My father was no where to be seen. A small group of wizards were there too, probably the guard that was to protect Harry.

"Ginny dear," cried out my mum. "Where is the others?"

I didn't even need to answer the question. Hermione, Ron, and Harry came up to where we were. I tried to catch Harry's eye, but he avoided looking at me. I felt hurt on the inside, but again I would not let it show.

"Come now you lot." she said pushing all of us forward.

We all followed her, me being at the very end. I was sort of falling behind, but no one seemed to notice. Pushing through the crowd we were making our way to the wall that would lead us back to the muggle world. I was still unsure of how we were to get back to the Burrow. Normally it was by Floo Powder, but maybe something else was planned. I didn't really care, as long as I could lock myself up in my room away from everyone. Well it wouldn't be away from everyone since I shared my room with Hermione.

We each got in line to go through the barrier. It seemed to me that it would be a little odd to see a whole bunch of people magically walking through a pillar. It seemed to work though because the line was going quickly. Soon we were up and we walked through the barrier. The streets were crowded, and it was hard to tell which people walked through the barrier, and which were muggles.

I continued to follow everyone else until we got to a small set of black cars. I knew what kind of cars they were. Magical. It allowed it so that all of us could fit in it at once. We each climbed in, and we all rode in silence.

When we got out of the car it turned out that we were at Diagon Alley. It confused me why we were here of all places, but I did not ask questions at all. That was one thing I never did was ask too many questions. But it came apparent to why we were here. The Leaky Cauldron has fire places for them to use, but they were going else where.

"Need to buy more Floo Powder," said my mum as if she read my mind.

We were told to wait outside with the wizard guard while she went in to buy Floo Powder. While we were outside waiting, I kept looking at Harry, wishing that he would look back at me, just even a glance. It pained me that he wouldn't look at me at all. I sighed to myself as I started to look elsewhere.

Mum came out five minutes later with a small bag of Floo Powder. Sticking together all of us started to back to the Leaky Cauldron. My legs were getting sore from all the walking we've done already, and I had to force myself from yawning. Lately I haven't been getting much sleep.

"The Burrow." I said as stepped into the fireplace when we were in the Leaky Cauldron.

I was the first go, my father who works at the Ministry was waiting for our arrival. His glasses were askew, and he looked really tired. I smiled to him and gave him a hug. He smiled back to me as Harry came followed by Ron, Hermione, and everyone else. I noticed how they had taken a little longer than usual to use the Floo Powder.

"Fred, George, why must you do this to me?"

Looking over to my two twin brothers I saw that they had smirks over there faces. They had done something again, and it must've gotten to mum really bad.

"We should probably head upstairs." Hermione whispered to Ron and Harry as I listened to what they were saying.

I saw the three of them go upstairs, and I followed in suit. They had closed the door on me as I tried to walk into Ron's room. None of them seemed to notice me. Instead of opening the door I decided to go to my bedroom. It wasn't anything special, but it was one of the largest rooms in the house since I was the only girl. Reaching to one of my bags I opened it up to take out a photo album. These pictures were very dear to me. It was when me and Harry were together. Harry had done some magic to the camera so it could take pictures of us. One of them was our first kiss, it was something I would never forget.

A soft knock came on my door. I hid the album making sure that whoever it was wouldn't see it.

"Come in." I said trying to sound cheerful.

The door slowly opened, it was Hermione. I looked around as if I expected for Ron to come in. Hermione didn't seem to notice me looking around. She sat down next to me on my bed, my hands were leaning backward, supporting myself up, and were on top of the album. Hermione was sitting on her legs looking at me.

"What's wrong?" she asked me.

That was one of the things I had not expected from her. My mind was racing for a simple lie to cover why I was acting like I was. I didn't want my own best friend to know that I was upset about losing Harry. I noticed how she didn't care before now, so I wondered if she was just speaking to me because of Harry.

"Nothing." I responded to her with the worse lie imaginable.

"Is it Harry?" she asked me.

"What makes you say that?" I asked a little too quickly.

"You haven't been yourself at all ever know. Harry is just...Harry and you can't change that. He has good reason for doing what he did I'm sure."

Even though I hated to admit it, Hermione was right. I smiled to her before she left the bedroom. I was glad that she didn't pry on this any further. That was what a good friend was for. I rested my head against my fluffy pillows and I closed my eyes. I can already tell that my life wasn't going to be much without Harry. He was the only person who made my life worthwhile, and without him I'm...incomplete. He was a part of me as I was a part of him. Something told me that he couldn't live with out me either as I couldn't live without him. As I lay there I drifted into a peaceful sleep.

Chapter Two

My brown eyes fluttered open, my head was aching and my vision was blurred. I tried to see where I was, I knew it wasn't the Burrow. It took a few minutes for my eyes to become adjusted to the light. I realized that my hands were bound together and my mouth was gagged. I tried to scream for help but only low moans came from my mouth. I was looking up at a ceiling of some sort, I couldnt' see anything else but that. I was laying on something hard and cold, and I was on my back.

"Awake at last?" hissed a familiar voice.

Someone was in the same room as me, but I couldn't see the face of the person that was talking. He sounded so familiar, but I couldn't figure out who it was. I began to struggle so I could get up from the ground, but I couldn't. The person stepped forward moving closer to me, I could hear his foot steps.They were coming toward me from a short distance away, or so I thought. I could feel fear sweeping over me as I tried to figure out how I got here.

"I'm sure Potter is missing you dearly."

The footsteps stopped, he was no longer moving. My eyes were shut tight afraid of what would happen. No noise, no sound, no movement. I couldn't figure out why he had stopped moving and speaking. My eyes opened carefully, and I saw someone looking at me. It was what I had feared. Voldemort was standing over me.

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Bending over he took the gag out of my mouth. I wanted to scream so bad, but I didn't. Maybe it's because I couldn't. I looked at him, petrified, to afraid to even breath. I was holidng my breath at that moment, i didn't know what else to do. Those demonic eyes were looking at me, and I, unfortunatley looked back. I wanted to be anywhere but here, I wanted Harry, the love of my life to come to my rescue, but I knew he would not. He knew longer cared for me, and I had to learn that.

"W-what do you want with me?" I asked, being surprised that my voice was so tiny.

"You are the key to my survival," replied Voldemort as he started to pace around the room.

I knew he was pacing because I could hear his foot steps, nothing more. My eyes were still at the ceiling, I could not roll over to see what exactly he was doing. What troubled me the most was the fact that I was the reason he would be living.

"H-he will save me."

The pacing stopped. I closed my eyes hoping that he wasn't coming back to me. I didn't want to see his face anymore. It was too terrifying for me.

"Hm? Potter? I know he will. I will make it so he chooses death over you."

I gasped as I realized what he had meant. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was going to either kill me or him. I was going to speak the usual lines that they used in romance books or in muggle movies. I was going to tell him that I would rather die than to allow Harry to die.

Before I had the chance something happened. Blackness. Then my eyes fluttered open to new surroundings. I was in my bedroom, in my own bed. My face was sweating, my mind was racing. It was only a dream. But it felt so real. Now I knew what Harry went through having those dreams. Were these ones as true as they were for Harry?

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I heard a sound that had gotten my attention. That might have been what woke me up from my dream...nightmare...whatever it was. Trying to figure out what it was, I began to look around. All I could hear was the banging. It was growing louder and louder, making my headache terribly.

"Ginny open up already," said a voice that was familiar to my ears.

Everything was becoming familiar to me, it was Ron's voice that was at the door. What did he want though? He hardly speaks to me anymore which upsets me, because he never has time for me, only for Hermione. I admit I was a little jealous. He's my older brother, the only one that was left in the house who lived there and I didn't want to see him go. Again I wouldn't say anything about it.

"Right. Come in." I said a little too quick.

There he was, Ron, my older brother standing in the doorway of my room without Hermione. It was a change I had to admit, and I wonder to myself what was going on. This was the only time I have saw him on ihs own. I soak this in and smile for my older brother.

"Am I allowed to come in here still?" he questioned looking at her with a blank face.

It was typical for Ron to be like this. After all that's what boys are. Hopeless and confused. I nodded to him, and he walked in looking at me.

"You okay?"

I hadn't known that he was going to ask this.

"I'm great." I lied forcing a smile. "You guys up for a game of Quidditch?"

"I will get Harry, and the others."

"Sounds great."

I rolled my eyes when he left. That was just like him as well thinking that Quidditch was the solution to everything. I lay my head back on my pillows debating if it was such a good idea for me to go play Quidditch around Harry


I sighed as I was alone again since I knew that the Quidditch idea wouldn't work out. It never would. And as usual I would have to be stuck with one of the old brooms that hardly even worked.

Something hit my window creating a thud. I looked and saw that Fred and George were outside holding pebbles. They were motioning for me to come out. I must've been asleep for a long time since the two of them weren't doing any work for mum. I still hadn't found out what they had done that had gotten her so angry.

I walked down the flight of stairs and went to where they were. Again I forced a smile, and the three of us walked to the shed where our Quidditch things were. As I expected I was getting the old broom as Fred started to hand out the equipment, but I was surprised when I had gotten his broom instead. I took it, a little bit surprised that he was doing this for me. He was the last to get a broom, my old one.

When choosing teams I was surprised for a second time. George had chosen me first instead of the others. This time I had no choice but to smile. I was feeling actually wanted at that point and time. Even when choosing positions to play, I was able to have my pick. I decided to play Seeker so I could face Harry to see how good I was. The teams turned out to be me, George, and Ron against Fred, Harry, and Hermione.

We didn't have any real Quidditch items so we performed simple spells so that a small apple would levitate in the air and would be the snitch, while two small boulders were bludgers. We had to play low as well so we wouldn't be spotted.

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"Gin, what are you doing there?" asked Fred who nearly ran into me.

"Seems like you are up to something," responded George continuing what his twin had said.

"You probably should have used an extendable ear. Though we currently ran out."

"The telous telescope might have been a good choice as well,"

"But we haven't had the chance to fully test it."

"Our newest product. Do you care to try it out Gin?"

"A telous telescope?" I had asked pretending to be interested in what they were talking about. "What does it do?"

I knew that they were going to give me a full explanation of what it was. I just wished they would hurry and tell me so that I could lock myself in my bedroom away from everyone. They were all pretending to be nice to me so I wouldn't be depressed. I knew it. I didn't want to have to argue with the twins though, so it was in my best interest to see what it was. Maybe it would be useful to her one of these days.

"It is quite simple sis," George said as he reached for something. It must have been the telescope.

"You take the eye piece like so, twist it three quarters to the left and then two thirds to the right. Then you look through-"

"I am sure it is quite interesting," I interrupted knowing that it was going to take longer than I had thought. "But I need to get to my room and rest. I'm just not feeling well."

"Night, Ginny!" they both chorsed together.

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And so there I went, to my room like I had said. I made sure to lock the door so no one could enter. I wished that I was able to conjure a spell of some sort so no one would be able to enter my room, but I was not of age yet. I sighed as I landed on my bed once more like I had done earlier. And again I went into a deep sleep.


I've been deliberating with myself lately trying to think up of a good title. How does Summer's Gone sound to you all?

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