arch nemesis battle royal

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what if all the hero's on earth where finally killed off what super arch nemesis would come out on top rulling the world

red skull-captain america
vandal savage-ressurection or immortal man
zoom-the flash
the joker-batman
lex luthor-superman
dr doom-fantastic four
green goblin-spider man
baron mordo-dr strange

pretend all of these arch nemesis live on the same planet they have there usual resources no more no less.

i would have to say its between doctor doom and Lex Luthor. Im probably going to go with Luther because of his masterful ability to prep and his abundance of resources

if you count in lex luthor you gotta count in the joker

Why Baron Mordo? Why not Dormammuu?

cause dormammu is a cosmic thread why would i put him here but i guess someone here beside him is smart enough to get spells to banish him fine no baron mordo but instead dormammu

Originally posted by Mider999
cause dormammu is a cosmic thread why would i put him here Because 9/10 if Strange is helping some heroes out with something it's because he's distracted by Dormammu. Granted the guy is way too powerful to be on here but (IMO) he's Strange's arch nemesis. It can't be helped that he's that powerful.

Wasnt there this thing in marvel were all the marvel masterminds got togther to fight different superheroes and it was masterminded by Loki.

Apparently the first villain the avengers got togther to fight was Loki, so they say apparently he caused the avengers to come togteher.

Anyway I think I would kinda go for Doc Doom.

Unfortuantely I dont read DC except for Batman and I have not even been reading it for that long. I dont really know DC villains.

Darth Martin
Lex Luthor
Rah's Al Ghul

Without prep, Zoom would win the battle however Doom would just end up in another body and win later on big grin

With prep, Doom curbstomps everyone yes

It would have to be the most devious and someone with power to use in a face to face confrontation and with high degree of resilience

My choices would be between a Doom and Loki showdown

Darth Martin
I would say Deathstroke but he does not have enough rescources. Joker might not either.

People are really counting out Magneto

yeah i thought magneto would be really cool in such a fight, and i would think the joker can get the resources he needs even if he dont seem to have them trust me he can get them.

should black mask be counted as an arch nemesis, or bullseye

the true lose of a super villain is that they suck at team work, and seeing if they got the job done, as well as insanity, the joker would be the ruler of the underworld if he used his full potential at going after power and the destruction of bats he would have done this a long time ago, bane was a no BS villain and almost killed bats, where his plans any more sophisticated then the jokers. no but maybe they where over sophisticated and thus the villains insanity gets the better of him, its like in teen titans the animated show if the brain had just killed all the hero's he had in cryo statsis that wold have taken a big chunk out of the hero community but noooooooo he had to do some bull crap thing where he needed trophies, joker lost cause he needed a kill that would get laughs i rambling ive lost the ability to put reason into words sad but i hope some of you understand what im trying to say, if some of the villains just said lets just messing around with these guys and went all out maybe they would win.

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