Harry potter 7 my way.

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Ok. i have atempted a harry potter story on my own before but id din't let anyone read it so i don't know if this will be good. I don't have a title yet, but will think of one, or it will come to me.

Harry potter was laying in his bed. He looked at his alarm clock that read 7:00 P.M. Tommorow was his birthday. He couldn't wait, because he would be able to use magic, and the next day, would probably be going to The Burrow. He stood up, and gave his snowy white owl hedwig, an owl treat. She hooted happily. He looked at the mirror hanging from his closet. He was a small, thin boy with messy black hair, green eyes, glasses, and baggy clothes. He realized he had not eaten dinner, so he headed downstairs.
He went over to the fridge, and got a yogurt then sat down on the table. "Who said you could have that?" snapped his uncle. "Sorry, can i have this?" He said, with the slightest bit of sarcasim in his voice. He scowled, which meant yes. He knew he would say yes because his uncle Vernon knew tommorow Harry would turn 17, which meant he could do magic. He was very afraid of magic. He threw the yogurt in the rubbish been, then headed upstairs.
He opened his door, and saw a miny owl zooming around the room, that he recognized as Pigwidgeon, his best friends, rons owl. He snatched him, then picked up the letter that was laying on his bed. He put the owl on his knee, and gave him some water and some owl treats.
He opened up the letter and saw the untidy scrawl of Ron's writing.
hope your having a good summer. I thought I would send this letter because tommorow, were coming to pick you up. We will probably apparate there, but, who knows. We will pick you up at around 10:00 PM. Don't bother sending a reply, because i know you want to.
P.S. Hermione came last week. Shes been studying TONS of spells, which gets annoying, but found some good ones.
Deciding it was time for a celebration, he picked some cookies from under his loose floorboard. As he was doing so, he heard another letter land on his bed. He picked up the letter. He recognized dumbledores thin, slanted writing.
Tell me if you think this was good. I don't know if it is, it won't hurt my felligns.

It was good. There are some grammer mistakes and, just a suggestion, put a space between the paragraphs. Otherwise it is good.

Ok here it goes, im going to keep going though knowone has replied. Ifyou like it or not, please post a reply!!!!!

Dear Harry,

I am not going to say my name in this letter, but i think you know who i am. You may not believe this letter at first, but you will figure out that it is true. I think i know that you will not be returning to hogwarts this year, so, im not even going to try and convince you to. But, there is a way i will be able to see you. When you are in ron's room, take your wand out, and say, gumanti. A door will appear on the side of his room. Go through that door, and you will see me. The door is a portal, you will not feel it, but you will be apparated here.
See you soon

Harry read through the letter, thinking it was too good to be true. He decided it couldn't hurt to try it, so he would.
It was now 8:00. In four hours time, he would be 17, and would be able to do magic. He set his alarm clock for 11:58, so he would be able to celebrate, and do some magic! He lay on his bed, thinking about being able to use magic, and dumbledores letter. Before he knew it, he heard a beep, beep, beep. He looked over and saw he had been asleep, and that he was almost 17. Estatic, he jumped up from the bed, suddenly not tired at all. At 12:00 he picked up his wand, and conjured a cake and a glass of pumpkin juice.
300 miles away, Ginny Weasley was laying in her bed, knowing her old boyfriend had turned 17. She started crying, because she missed him so much. She wanted to be with him. She missed him just from over the summer. When he comes over tommorow, she thought to herself, im going to talk to him, and ask him if he would be my boyfriend again. She thought he would say no, because he didn't want to put her in danger.
Harry had just eaten his last piece of cake, when his windows exploded, and a voice said, harry potter, you will not escape death this time!

That was really good and I was reasing and so are other people, but they are not posting. Much better with the grammer and it was a lot easier to read. Keep it up.

Good writing. I can't wait for the next post!!

post...its gd

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