Harry Potter and the Specus of Fatum

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Chapter One:
Learning the Truth

Sitting in a corner of a dismal pub was a muggle dressed man who was drinking from a mug that had an acholic beverage in it. In his other hand was a newspaper that he was skimming. The front said The Daily Prophet, and it showed pictures moving. He must have been reading an interesting article for another man, who was at the front of the pub was trying to get his attention.

"Yer listenin' to me?" the owner questioned.

"Shut it." growled the man without looking up from the newspaper.

This man was Galer, he never gave his first name at all. It was like he didn't trust anyone with his personal life. The owner looked shocked at how Galer spoke to him. It seemed like he was going to say something to him, but thought otherwise as he went back to cleaning mugs.

"Dumbledore's dead." he muttered to himself closing the newspaper which continued from the front.

Lately that was all that the newspaper had. It never talked about anything else besides the death of Hogwart's beloved Headmaster. It was a waste of his money. He had read about it the first time, and he only read it to see if anything else was found out. Galer really didn't care about Hogwart's affairs, he only cared about who murdered the muggle loving wizard.

Currently the black clothed wizard resided in America. He originated from somewhere in Britian but he never told anyone exactly where. Apparently something happened to him there, that was why he decided to go to a completley different coutnry.

Galer was about in his thirties, maybe forties, but he looked to be older than that. His profession was hunting down Death Eaters, the Dark Lord's followers. He wasn't an Auror, he did things his own way, listening to no one. Right now the Death Eater he was tracking had come to this country. Its been a few months for the wizard since he started to track her. He was a patient man though, he didn't mind waiting a few more weeks until he got what he wanted.

The Ministry of Magic didn't approve of what he did, Galer used whatever he had to to make sure the Death Eater's were caught. Once or twice he was offered a position as an Auror, but for some reason he refused.

"...Harry Potter was there I heard," said a witch who had sort of a New Yoker accent. This had gotten Galer's immediate attention. "he had his wand at the Headmaster's throat, and he killed him."

"Tosh," said another witch, "load of tosh that is."

Shaking his head at the first witch's stupidity, he began to take a long drink from his mug. The particular Death Eater that he was following supposedly knew something about the death of Albus Dumbledore. The only thing he wanted was information from her, after that she was free to go. He knew that sometime in the near future he could get the Death Eater.

"Yer need a room there Galer?" questioned the owner who decided to ask the same question again to the wizard.

Interseting very interesting

Thanks. I doubt anyone will figure out what Specus of Fatum is unless they know a little something about something.

I don't get the title at all and you are probably right about that

It'll make sense later in the story. I promise.

Good can't wait to see how it makes sense

Awesome!! Totatly awesome.

i know about specus fatum..big grin...

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