Harry Potter 7

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decided to write a version of Harry Potter 7....but its not thought through....decided to try and write it off the top of my head...so might be crap might be good....but thats your decision...so i'll post soon and let you read my first post.....of the story

Harry sighed as he got into the back of the Dursleys car he wasn't pleased to see his uncle Vernon but he was pleased to see the back of the wizarding world. He felt as though he had time to relax, atleast for a little while before he returned to a world in uproar.
Vernon ranted during the ride home about how Harry should respect the people who raised him. Harry didn't care, he wanted rest ....but judging from the view it wasn't what he was going to get. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT, IF THATS GOT ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU BOY!, I'LL SMACK YOU SO.." blasted Vernon, that's all Harry heard before he stopped listening. Harry pulled out his wand and jumped out the car as soon as it had stopped, "Stay here!" said Harry. "STAY HERE! STAY HERE! WATCH WHO YOUR TALKING TO BOY, YOU FORGET WHOSE HOME THIS IS!".
As Harry crept up the drive he looked above the house, he stared only at the Dark Mark for only a second before slowly opening the door. Everything looked normal, nothing was out of place he walked forwards listening for voices but none came. He ran in wand in hand, "EXPELLIARMUS" smashing a vase. The room was empty, he ran upstairs checked all the other rooms but nothing was found. Thats when Vernon rounded on him "Where are they?" he asked, a vain bulging above his eye "WHERE ARE THEY ! "he spat,
"Where is who!" asked Harry
"MY WIFE AND SON YOU ****!" he snarled. Thats when it dawned on Harry what had happened. They had taken his aunt and Dudley, taken the people who they thought where close to him.
"They've taken them..." muttered Harry looking at the ground.
"what?, who ? WHO!" screamed Vernon.
"THE DEATH EATERS! " yelled Harry. Vernon walked into the living room and sat on the couch in silence.
Harry didn't know what to do, he knew they weren't dead if they were the bodies would have been left for Harry to discover. He thought about sending an owl, but he knew it wouldn't get anywhere quick enough, neither would his broom. He didnt know what to do but he had to do something so he send an owl to ron.

"Dear Ron, i just got home and the Dark Marks above My Uncles house ...Dudly and Petunia are gone. Show this to your dad, as soon as you get it"

as soon as he'd sent Hedwig away with the letter another owl swooped in, "it's too quick for a reply" thought Harry..he opened the letter which read

"To Harry James Potter

We, The Ministry Of Magic have recieved information that you illegally performed Magic in view of a muggle at number 4 privet drive, If you have done so in self defense then please notify the ministry member who shall be reporting shortly to where you are situated,

Scrimgeour "

a second later Kingsley Shacklebolt appeared at the front door, "Hello Harry, i ...oh, you have the letter so you know then ....well?"
"Well what?, didn't you see the dark mark!" said Harry astonished
"Oh, i seemed to have missed that " said Kingsley smiling away.
"So Harry , this is a lovely door you have". Harry looked at him in awe.. "are you feeling ok?" he asked.
"Me? yes fine fine fine fine" Kingsley replied.
"STUPEFY!" yelled Harry as Kingsley flew backwards out of the doorway and into the street. Harry ran out and dragged him in, noticing the neighbours looking out there windows.

comment on it please

It is good, Could use a little work on some spots, but otherwise it is good. Post soon.....

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