Kratos vs Rygar

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Kratos defeated Ares to become the new god of war. Rygar defeated Cronus, a Titan to complete his quest. If these two came to blows...who would win the fight?

Burning thought
very difficult to call since ive never played ryger but ive done some research and it comes down to this..

Kratos has enormous strength, many god abilites and the power of the gods which makes him nearly invincible

if you look at it normally, kratos is far more powerful because all Ryger has is a little shieldlike weapon that summons things and gives him bonuses but it doubtful it can stand against the power of the gods that Kratos holds, especially after becoming the god of war

however again though, Ryger has defeaten enemies far more powerful than Ares, he defeats Titans such as Cronus who is very powerful and his enemies and bosses seem far more terrible, however in a game, simply defeating a legendary powerful figuire cannot give you an instant win since game developers make their enemies easy enough to defeat so you can win and so Cronus in real myth is seemingly completly diffrent from the game version

IMO Kratos takes this but not easily since Ryger does not have the power and weapons plus strength to match him but Ryger is a powerful fighter

Throughout Rygar's quests...he comes into possession of a variety of shields(diskarmors) that grant him different powers. The sea diskarmor for example is the diskarmor of Poseidon...the heavenly diskarmor..that of Zeus, i believe. Hades diskarmor..that of hades..etc. Kratos is granted different powers in his quest also..such as the souls of hades...poseidon's rage, etc... The gods grant both of these warriors godlike power in the form of these weapons.

Actually, I think it may be an even battle unless Kratos opens Pandora's Box...then, i don't see Rygar standing much of a chance.

Kayne Archeron
maybe Rygar will defeat Kratos... with THIS FEATHER!!!

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