Fate and what-not.

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How come evrything that the Terminater said came true. Judgement day did come but that was "inevitble" and John Conner said that he was the comanding at the underground bunker. I think all the fate crap is useless. "There is no fate but what we make for ourselves"
Doesnt look like it. Can someone who is a super genius at Terminater questions can you help. Happy Dance big grin thanks

Sith Lord Windu
i guess that timetraveling people have the effect of letting you know what is going to happen in the future, thats inevitable.

this is hard to explain but here goes:

in the future, the events that happen in the past (like john being in the bunker) will happen. in t2, when they bomb skynet, my guess is that the terminator knew that it was going to be bombed and at what time because it would have been recorded into his datbanks (or mind). also, john conner knew what was going to happen and may have programmed the specific infomation into his mind.

the rule is that if the terminator isn't sent back in time then the event dont happen and the future changes.

if this is true then in t3, the terminator knew that john had to get to the bunker and survive. thus the events that are inevitable actually are inevitable. get it?

just about.

The first movie says that fate exists and is unavoidable even when you try and change it.

The second movie says, if you really, really want to, you can change fate.

The third movie says, fate can be changed a little bit, but the important things are still going to happen no matter what.

The problem with T2 is that it invalidates and contradicts the first film which is superior. The problem with T3 is that to make a sequel to T2 they had to reinforce the fact that fate does exist, otherwise how could the machines persist to exist when the original CPU and arm were destroyed?

I was never happy with the T3 storyline. It was made pretty evident that after T2 there was absolutely no way Judgement Day could happen again. It seemed they were just looking for excuses to make a T3.

In my mind, T3 does not exist stick out tongue

Nah, but seriously, T3 sucked. All they tried to do with T3 was earn some money. They didn't care if die-hard Terminator fans like ourselves didn't like the idea it didn't make much sense.

Kinda like Matrix 3... *erase from memory* ...

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