Judgment of Celestial: Ark of the Covenant

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ESB -1138
Chapter I
The Land of Gravince

In the east pass Gandriar and down south below Silence Woods you will find yourself at the small land called Gravince. Gravince is a very small nation that fought for its freedom during the Silver Age of Igros nearly two thousand years ago. Now it is the Bronze Age of Igros and a peaceful one for that matter; but the other two both Golden Age and Silver Age started out with peace and all fell into despair.

Traveling through the center of Gravince from northwest to southeast is the Silico River which turns west seven miles up and heads south twenty miles west and flows right pass into the great nation of Hyland home to the kilton knights. Gravince is so small that not too many people know where it is at. Some people believe that it doesn't exist. For the people of Gravince perfer to stay out of the business of everything pass their borders.

'Only time trouble hits someone is when they are looking for trouble, I tell you what,' Old Farmer Magee always said. Magee was nearly eighty now but he was as fit as an ox. Strong but had no hair on his head; expect the hair below his round red nose. He would also carry a hammer with him no matter where he went even to the Dancing Dragon.

'That old Magee; he doesn't know what he is talking about,' John Quiin would say. Quiin was a man all the ladies wanted. His looks were said to be flawless and the words he spoke could make anyone melt. His voice was like a thousand angels singing, 'he thinks he knows what he is talking about but he is just a crazy old man.'

The people of Gravince love peace and all things that grow. The flowers and gardens found at Gravince were unequalled across the land. In fact it is said that the forests of Gravince was like the Forest of Eve that the Avalos, Llûnna, himself planted and whom Lunias gave life to. It was nearing fall at Gravince and that would mean the Festival of the Moon was approaching. The Festival of the Moon marked when Gravince became free from the emperor of Toran east from here in the Toranian Desert.

'This festival...I have a feeling that it is going to be the best one yet. Just you wait and see youngins, I tell you what,' Magee would say to the children who would listen to the old man's words. Magee's grandson, Sheldon, was living with him ever since his father, Malachi, vanished nearly six years ago. Sheldon is a shy little fellow, age of thirteen which is the age of adulthood. He has little dark hair on his head and his eyes are as green as the grass but he is a little chubby.

Sheldon was finally a man, for the age of thirteen meant childhood was over and adulthood had come, and soon he would move out of his grandfather's house, make his own, and get married and have a family. He had his eye on one young girl who would not come into adulthood for another two years, Maggie May was her name.

Sheldon and Maggie May were friends ever since they could remember. And Sheldon had fallen for her but due to his shy nature he never said anything. In fact the only time Sheldon would do something crazy and out of line is when his best friend would push him into doing it.

Elijah Diadem was his name. Elijah was ten and was the nephew of Micah who was a great hero in Gravince for he brought riches to them from the Dark Mountain. Elijah had his father's spirit in him; his father was called Elisha and he drowned in the Silico River when Elijah was two and at that time Micah took him in. Ever since then Micah and Elijah have become close.

ESB -1138
Elijah was a cheerful child and had long brown hair that curled to stay above his eyes. His eyes sparkled a bright blue like the ocean at sunset. He always wanted to go on an adventure like his Uncle Micah went on thirty years ago. Micah was visited by Galatians the Wise, three dwarves, three elves, and three men to travel to the Dark Mountain to slay the dragon lord who had raged war with the land. Micah brought some much gold and jewels back that Gravince became a rich nation.

Elijah and Sheldon would always do something out of line and without one the other wouldn't do anything. Sheldon had a love for flowers and trees and loved to work in the fields. Elijah on the other hand loved to draw those things and anything for that matter and he had a great talent as well.

'Elijah and Sheldon...those youngins will never amount to anything unless they straighten up and fly right, I tell you what,' Magee would say at the Dancing Dragon when nothing else was being said. It seemed that Magee never had fate in anyone or anything; almost like he lost the will to live.

But time goes on in the peaceful land of Gravince. And a rumor grew like a whisper in the wind…that somewhere in the west a terrible curse has risen again. But that doesn’t worry any of the townsfolk that much.

Gravince is divided into three villages; Marton, Mayton, and Merrierton. Marton is the largest of the three and that is where the mayor lives. Marton is west of the Silico River and goes from Silence Woods in the north to the Liciht Forest in the south. Marton also has the most population having more then twice the number Mayton and Merrierton have combined. The Festival of the Moon is held here.

Mayton is east of the Silico River and south of the Moonshine Lake. It goes south to Liciht Forest. Mayton has been nicknamed the farming village for it produces more vegetables and fruit then the other two combined. This is where Micah lives along with Farmer Magee. Mayton is proud of its culture and shows it for Gravince was first made to be a farming nation.

Merrierton is east of the Silico River and north of the Moonshine Lake. It goes north to Silence Woods. Merrierton has been nicknamed the cattle village for it has more cattle then the other two combined. Cows, pigs, horses, kiltons, and chickens. The people take great care and have much respect for their animals for without them Merrierton would have perished long ago.

But Gravince wasn’t always like this. During the Silver Age of Igros when it was first found by Toran in the east the people who lived here became salves to the emperor. Emperor Chin Cha. Chin Cha and his warriors vastly outnumbered the people of Gravince and did their every will until the warrior named Isaac came. Isaac was the legendary hero who defeated Yûgoslaver and freed Igros from damnation.

Isaac helped unite the people of Gravince and together they battled the armies of Toran that attacked. At first the people of Gravince held back the Torians until Chin Cha became angry and sent forth his elite warriors. With that the Gravincers were pushed back and all the lands were burned as they went.

ESB -1138
After two years of battle all but the land now known as Marton was destroyed. Emperor Chin Cha marched across the Silico River with thirty thousand men out numbering the small eight hundred men army. At sunset they battled before the Fields of Sisally. All hope seemed to have vanished until trumpets echoed across the fields. From the north came the grand army of Gandriar and from the west came the army of Hyland.

Gandriar and Hyland came to the support of Gravince and drove back Emperor Chin Cha and his army. King David of Gandriar found this as the chance to bring the emperor out of power and with King Dáin of Hyland the two armies battled in the Toranian Desert for two more years until finally the capital city of Valor was destroyed and Chin Cha was slain.

Peace came to the people of Gravince but for a terrible price. And so the people were forever grateful to Gandriar and Hyland for coming to save them. As it is told Gravince rebuilt itself, the burnt fields were soon blooming once more and soon the people multiplied.

The day begun like any other, the sun rose in the east and the people of Mayton went to work. But just south of Mayton in Liciht Forest, a terrible rumor has spread of a witch who lives in the woods and who brings forth young maidens to steal their souls to live and stay young. Fifteen maidens have already vanished and a message was sent to the Hero Guild that is in Gandriar.

The Hero Guild is a training academy to train young men to become grand and powerful heroes to help serve the greater good for mankind. The Hero Guild sent forth a skilled and noble ranger who goes by the name Gréve. Gréve is a skillful swordsman and an excellent archer. He arrived at Mayton this morning dressed in a green cloak and a brown tunic.

Strapped to his waist is his sword and around his back is his bow with arrows. He had long curly dark hair and a rugged beard. His eyes gave the allusion that he was a peaceful and caring man and he was unless he had no other choice. Many people gathered around him and Mayor Malachi himself came to greet him.

‘Brave and noble warrior; we ask you, nah! We beg you to slay the vile witch that hunts the very woods south of here and have taken so many of our beloved maidens. Please warrior,’ Malachi spoke to Gréve.

‘Threat not for I am here to do that,’ Gréve replied, ‘and I shall not rest until the witch’s head belongs to me for all the crimes she has committed. Fear not brave people for this night you shall rest soundly knowing that the witch is no more and all is calm and true across Gravince once more.’

The people cheered for Gréve as he turned to face south. It was still dark for the sun hasn’t rose high enough in the east to cast out the shadows. Gréve took a deep breath and headed for Liciht Forest. He wondered far and he wondered long walking down the carefully made road. The path took him directly south before turning slightly to the east to go around a large hill.

Something troubled him as he continued, their wasn’t a single bird in the sky. The sun was not high enough for all to be illumined by its warmth. Gréve paused upon hearing a faint hissing sound behind him. His right hand grasped the handle of his sword and he quickly turned around. He saw nothing.

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