The Jar of dirt was a lesson to Jack.

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I Have a feeling that Tia gave that to Jack to teach him a valuable lesson in life. We can see that Jack has become to heavily reliant on material things to make him feel happy,safe and brave in movie 1..

He has to stop relying on material objects to feel safe all the time...they don't make him truly happy OR strong..Liz is what makes him happy and strong..and he needs to understand this... Love from a person can give him more strength than an inanimate object ever could...and when he does how he switches from being a person who when in trouble "runs between the raindrops" in movie 1 a person who FACES those raindrops head the end of movie 2..and it's all because he realises that Elizabeth is more important than his material possessions and his own well being...he fights to PROTECT her...when it comes to protecting someone else he truly cares about Jack completely transforms..

..there are ALREADY hints that he is starting to realise that his priorities are changing..right at the beginning of the movie..Jack knows that Davy Jones is after his soul..and this is before he runs into Bill..Jacks life is on the line..and the compass is NOT showing him how to save his own skin.....the compass is NOT SOWING him the location of the key on the MUST have pointed to a place on the map where the key OBVIOUSLY wouldn't be...PORT ROYAL maybe?..he was like "no NO!" It would tie in with the story if that was where it was really Liz.

Jack loses his hat and says "leave it!"...his crew look at him and are so shocked that they are SILENT.."Jack' doesn't want his most beloved material possession in a time of danger?" Also..he is now in REAL danger because he has Just recieved the black spot and the compass is STILL not showing him the means to save his own hide... the answer is that..Jack is subconsciously LOOKING for something else to make him feel safe and he wants to protect something other than himself and its NOT a material object!!..I think he is having trouble realising this...

This is where Tia steps in to help...

Jack has already realised before he sees Tia that he has an inkling to get to Liz and once again Will is in his way of what he wants...I say this because during the cannibal Island scene..he seems to show no haste to help's only when he mentions "Elizabeth faces the Gallows!" that Jack decides to be brave enough to try and escape..he sends Will away and says "help me" which I think is pretty stupid because Jack actually helped HIMSELF escape in that scene without Will ...he was actually making it so Will would be out of the picture whilst HE go and get to Liz me thinks.. He's very hostile towards Will in this movie..he definitely sees him as competition standing in the way of Liz..he wants him out of the picture more than once..

Tia knows that Jack is having trouble getting rid of Will..she practically SAYS it. She knows the compass is telling him he wants her (not just for sex..he's craving love from someone and wants to give love) and He actually knows he might want her too but he doesn't quite know for what reasons just yet....

So she helps to give Jack a bit of a nudge in the right direction to discover what his heart wants most (love) and she also helps give Jack a chance to find the chest before davy gets to him... She gives Jack the location of the Dutchman where Will can be placed..They both know that Bill is a crew member on he will distract Will for a long time whilst Jack has the chance to escape Davy and also woo dear Lizzie in the process of finding the chest..Tia probably knows he is going to bump into her in Tortuga..after all she is a voodoo lady who can read the future..So Will needs to be out of the picture if Jack is going to have a chance with Liz...a

But Jack also needs to realise that he cant win Liz over until he realises WHAT is REALLY more important in life..he needs to let Liz feel important to him if he is to gain her.. He needs to prove to her that she's more important to him than his usual women and objects..and the only way he HIMSELF can do this is if he realises that she means more to him than his own well being and his material possessions. (as I said before) which he is already showing hints of not caring about..he just needs to realise it and SHOW it to liz. Then he will WIN her over..

.If Tia just told him how to do it right there in the hut then he wouldn't be ready to understand.....Jack he needs to LEARN this lesson first hand if it's going to wake him up... Enter the dreaded jar of dirt...she also cant say anything out loud because Liz's fiance is present..

During the curiosity scene Jack is very much at ease with Liz..he's happy and about to kiss her..he feels safe...then something unexpected happens...the problem of Davy Jones comes CRASHING back into his life again....he pulls away..Liz is disappointed...there's the "land ho" Liz runs off to the boat... Jack watches her run and makes a little grunt as if to say "COME BACK I need you!!!!" Important to note..when ever Jack is exposed and has had his security blanket ripped away (Liz in this scene) he often becomes lost for words..and is a complete state of panic..He then actually starts to run after her to join her in the boat but INSTEAD he decides to make a choice to either go and join Liz....Or do what he always does in a time of danger:

"I want my Jar of dirt!"......BIG MISTAKE JACK. he chooses the MATERIAL OBJECT AGAIN..and its about to come back and BITE him in the ass...

Captain Jack Sparrow is about to learn a very important lesson in life..and its CRUCIAL if he is going to win Liz over...(which I think Tia intended)...and it practically SCREAMS the message out to him:


Watch his face once he sees that the jar of dirt has "betrayed him" He literally looks as if he is about to burst into tears..he turns into a bumbling idiot "where is the thump thump?" he is TERRIFIED. He thought that he could always depend upon a material object to protect him in times of danger ..but now one of the very things that he believed could NEVER HURT him has just TOTALLY SCREWED HIM OVER..he is going to DIE..and its all because he put his faith into that bloody jar of dirt ..he is so afraid and emotionally lost that he flees...

Now I know some people are going to think "but he cant put his trust into people either look at what Liz did" Well notice how CALM Jack looked once she betrayed him...he looks completely cool and collected and at ease (just like every other Liz/Jack scene) there was no bumbling idiot talk like in movie 1 or in movie 2 "where is the thump thump?" there was no all..he looks incredibly happy..because he HAS just won liz OVER...he didn't lose anything..he GAINED what he has been wanting throughout the entire movie which is ELIZABETH..she chained him up because Tia's help worked!!!..he realised he had to go back for her.. because she was more important to him than his own well being and material objects..and liz SAW it she means MORE to him than the usual meaningless crap in his life..and she now has feelings so strong for him that she is THREATENED by it so she feels she has to remove the temptation.....SOMEONE has huge feelings for Jack..and he couldn't be more happy about it..its what he wanted most in life LOVE...

WOW! You're GOOD! I also want to add that Jack put faith in that compass of his thinking it would ALWAYS point him in the right direction,but it couldn't in the 2nd movie.

Yah i agree^^ smile

See I think Tia had the whole thing planned before hand (barbossa in the cabin)..she knew that the Jar of dirt would lead to Jacks death but it was a price he would have to pay..because it would ultimatley help him realise what the most important thing in his life is: Liz...She had the means to bring him back from the dead before Jack even came to see her.. He NEEDED that life or death moment to finally wake up and smell the Tia gives him one..but its ok..she's going to bring him back..that ending moment It also makes Liz realise that she loves him...So Tia helped both of them really..

and Will...she actually gave him what he wants most in life since he wa sa kid..HIS FATHER

Yes,I do agree Tia had ALL this planed out,but I wonder if she's REALLY doing all this for good. I mean Jack and Barbossa are enemies,but yet she chose him...OHHH never mind.Now I see why she chose Barbossa. She know's that Jack needs to get over his past,and focus on what lies ahead.

I agree..there is something strange about Tia..I seriously think that she is calypso trying to get Davy Jones back...for that he can walk on land for ever. The way to do this is to create a new captain of the flying dutchman to take his place...and the way that she is "helping" these charcters realise their childhood dreams seems to be happening TOO early for them to all to handle seems to have crept up and burst out at them..and they are quite afraid of it..especially LIZ and Will..WILL the most actually..he is totally shocked at seeing Liz...... it's kinda leading them all into a whole Will/Davy similary...thing..She shows alot of interest in Will when talking about Davy..

In an interview with Naomi Harris,the girl who plays Tia,she said that Tia will have a DRAMATIC departure.

Ooh I think Tia dies then!

Yeh a departure from her fake body laughing out loud she's gonna depart from Tia and become Calypso I bet laughing out loud

,...d idn't see that coming!

laughing out loud


dramatic departure?

Tia is waiting at O'Hare National Airport, sighing regretfully to herself.
Davy: Tia! Wait!
Tia: Davy! What are you doing here? My plane is getting ready to leave!
Davy: Don't get on that plane. Don't go back to the swamp.
Tia: You picked the worst time to say that. I....
Davy (puts his tentacle on her lips): I know. We both made mistakes. But there is one last thing I need to tell you and then you can decide to get on that plane or not. I love you.
Tia: I'm so sorry, Davy. I'm untameable. We're just not meant to be.
Davy: Don't break my heart a second time. I may have cut it out, but I still feel it.
Tia: I can't. (gets on the plane)

Dun dun DUN!

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