Jack = The Dog

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OK...I have come to the conclusion..Jack = the dog

everything the dog has done so far actually resembles what Jack has done so far in the trilogy

DOG: The dog wont budge..his character is set...he refuses to help people, he'd rather cling onto his precious keys.
Jack - "you can try all you want the dog is NEVER going to move"

JACK:Jack is NOT going to care about anyone else apart from his pearl...Jack thinks he wont anyway laughing out loud

DOG: The dog actually shows that it wants some love from someone... doggie starts to move and wants to actually show love to a person ....Jack starts to insult it and it runs off..

JACK: Jack's character secretly wants love but is afraid of being hurt..so he RUNS AWAY from it...

DOG: Jack calls it a stinky, stupid, worthless..mut

JACK: this is how Jack secretly sees himself which is obvious because when you take away his possessions he is a shell of a person....he has to keep pretending that he is what he says he is to feel brave and happy...

DOG: By movie 2...we learn that the dog has actually CHANGED alot in character..he's actually showing love to people now..he's changed his priorities around...he's helped two people because they showed him love..just like Liz and Will did in movie 1..

JACK: We learn that jack is actually changing..he's beginning to show less love towards his material things and less concern about his own safety (compass not showing him the location to the key).

DOG:. Dog abandons the two in the boat to save himself from the big wave...(still has the keys in his gob)

JACK: still has this little inkling in his character. He runs the HELL away from the kraken at the end and leaves Liz to suffer..he wants to save himself instead of her

DOG: Dog is no longer a coward he's standing his ground to save the others..barking in the face of danger..he has let his beloved keys GO.

JACK: jack comes BACK to save Elizabeth...he realises that he WANTS to protect her because he loves Elizabeth. He learns that material objects are less important to him than she is to him...he lets his material objects GO!

DOG: Dog gets abandoned by those who he loves He's left to DIE..

JACK: Jack gets left by Liz...BUT he has won her OVER

DOG:. we see doggie as a brave and triumphant king after the credits..and guess what...the dog has something NEW to love and protect in his life.. A BONE..bye bye keys..hello bone!...doggie got what he WANTED..doggie got love...!! the bone was his temptation in movie 1..and NOW he has embraced it..

JACK: JACK HAS won over LIZ..Liz is the new most important thing in his life that he is going to protect and love..bye bye ship..hello love from Liz! Jackie got love..which was his temptation in movie 1...now he has embraced it..

BUT the dogs troubles are far from over....the cannibals are going to EAT HIM..he needs to escape..just like Jack needs to escape purgatory in movie 3..

Wow. Thats some deep thinking haha. When do you think this all up? It sounds good hehe

I kinda had a feeling from the very beginning that Jack was the dog..I then actualy realised that everything the dog does jack does in the movies laughing out loud..the loveable scruffy mut..

so him having the bone means that he definatley has Liz..."give the dog a bone"

give jack what he wants = Liz..

I's pretty random to introduce a dog into a story for no reason..he obviously resembles Jack..

wow. you think deeeeeeeep into the story.
but your good at it =]

yeah cool i like it

just to add something:

when liz&will are in the port royal prison in the beginning and they talk about finding jack, the govenor asks: "where is the dog with the keys?"

they would need Jack to get out of prison again and he's not here.

Jack of Blades
Yea LovelyOne.You realy do dig deep(Deeper than anybody) ho coud posible know that?Good Jobthumbs_up

Originally posted by mondenschein
yeah cool i like it

just to add something:

when liz&will are in the port royal prison in the beginning and they talk about finding jack, the govenor asks: "where is the dog with the keys?"

they would need Jack to get out of prison again and he's not here.

also all the men are whistling at Liz in the cage..she needs the dog there to stop them from being a threat to her..they should be whistling for the dog instead and he's not there..she needs Jack..she wants him to be in her life to keep her safe..Will basically left her there in danger..

And JoB thanks big grin

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NO Problem

Bloody hell. That's amazing thinking! And then it actually explains the meaning of the scene with the dog at the end 'cause most people just thought it was a bit pointless apart from it being funny.

hey thanks..yeah I agree with you..I've actually made a better post now explaining the dog/Jack thing in more detail..

The dog = Jack

Jack resembles the dog, its keys and its bone in the films.
Keys= Jack's material possessions
Bone= Jack's temptation (love)..a bone is what a dog wants most in life..tempt a dog with a bone..

when we first meet the dog he is very set in his ways. he's not going to budge for ANYONE..he's not going to help to save anyone in the cell..they try to tempt him with a bone(what can REALLY make a dog happy))..he's still defiant "I don't want that!..try all you want..I may be a dog but I don't need that bone" all he cares about is himself and his keys,,,he's not going to show ANYONE love or "weakness"...

Jack says "you can do that all you want. that dog is NEVER going to move!"

later on the dog actually shows that it IS tempted by the bone ..when there's lots of people around he will be defiant and try to not let them see that "weakness" in its character.....but when its ONE ON ONE with someone..we see that the dog actually IS tempted to take the bone it creeps slowly and unsurley up to Jack..then Jack insults it and scares it off...meaning that Jack IS secretly tempted to embrace love but is AFRAID to let someone close to him incase he gets HURT by them..he runs away from it in life...We learn that in movie 1..jack IS afraid to let people close to him...because of that very reason..but he SECRETLY wants it in life..and its possible that he will embrace it..when he's one on one with someone..*cough* Liz movie 2 *cough*

He calls the dog "worthless, stinky, mangy mut" which is what jack secretly KNOWS he is without his possessions there to keep up the lie of "brave and fearless pirate" ...on the beach scene jack is completely revealed for what he is(he has his ship taken away, his hat, his RUM)..and we learn that he is man who lies about his escapes to create a legend..when in reality he is not so brave and he HATES for people to see it..we also learn that in times of danger Jack clings onto his possessions for safety.his rum was the LAST thing he had to cling onto to feel safe..and liz snatches it away..and he is TERRIFIED when she does..like a little fragile child who has his security blanket ripped away and burned....the dog ALMOST gives up the keys to jack but when it gets afraid by the door opening its runs the hell away and clings onto them..he'd rather stay safe with his keys instead of helping someone else..which is cowardly..So for doggie to be brave he needs to give up the keys..take the bone..which will mean he saved someone... ..For jack to REALLY embrace bravery and become the legend he needs to give up his possessions..take love..and then he will be brave for those he loves....

By movie 2..we see that the dog has had a HUGE turn around in character..we learn that he HAS decided to be friends with two people from prison..he's a good doggie..lovable scamp who does show care for people...BUT he still has those keys in his mouth..So Jack HAS shown that he cares for his friends (liz /Will) in his life but he still cant quite let go of those material possessions..they still make him feel safer in danger than people can...he still protects them and loves them as if they were his first born child..

The dog abandons his friends in the boat whilst the huge wave takes them under..still clutching those bloody keys...the dog is a coward who thought of his own safety and possessions in a time of danger..he left his friends to suffer..Jack does the exact same thing when the kraken attacks the pearl..he leaves Liz/Will more so Liz( the only one who sees him escape) to suffer whilst he selfishly saves his own skin..

BUT somewhere in the process of escaping in the water the dog LOSES the keys..this is where Jack realised what was more important to him in movie 2..material possessions are something he finally realises he can live without because he has LIZ and LOVE to give to her now..he's ready to embrace it..

The next time we see the dog do something he is no longer a coward....he wants to fight to protect his friends..he barks in the face of danger instead of running away from it..he wants to protect those he loves..Jack actually GOES BACK and and SAVES Elizabeth..from the kraken..and there is no denying that it was more for her than anyone else..that whole triumphant moment where he comes back was ALL about him assuring her he was there for her...it was all about her clinging to the her hero.

The dog is abandoned by his loved ones..Jack gets abandoned by Liz..

The dog sacrifices himself for their safety.he actually bravely stands his ground until the others are safely on the boat he does not follow..he makes SURE they all get away and then when they are all safe he leads the source of danger away from them...Just like Jack did with the kraken..

This is what makes me wonder if jack WOULD have stayed on the pearl anyway and fought the kraken whilst his friends escaped..even without Liz's "persuasion"... the fact she did this to him made him realise that he has won her over Will...and guess what we see the next time the dog is on the screen...lol :

After the credits we see that the dog is now sitting on Jack's old thrown like a triumphant king and GUESS what he's holding in his mouth now...the BONE...Jack is the champion over Liz!..he officially HAS her now..to himself..he has a new thing in his life to love, protect and feel safe with instead of his material objects..he let those keys go and accepted what he wanted most the Bone.. in Jacks case LOVE with another person..Elizabeth..she is now the most important thing in his life..he has well and truly EARNED the status of king because he fought and killed the kraken..and the king has EARNED what he wants most...Love in his life with Elizabeth...and believe me..The dog got/ is going to get his bone...which is what makes a dog TRULY happy smile...

Now that he has accepted love in his life instead of material things it has ACTUALLY made him a braver person which is what he always WANTED to be but just wasn't..he needed the wakeup call to understand how to REALLY be what he wants to be..the way he was living his life was NOT the way to do it..he was living life selfishly and like a coward.......The dog decided to love people and protect them which was bravery at its finest...he can now call himself a king and hold the bone with pride..Jack can now call himself the great Captain Jack Sparrow and be proud to be the REAL DEAL ..because he accepted love and forgotten the material crap that was the LIE.... he has done amazing , brave things for the person he LOVES..and it was REAL...

But the doggie is still not safe..he is going to be EATEN..he needs to escape..just like Jack will in movie 3..he needs to escape his purgatory..

The ending scene after the credits:

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Originally posted by Leggy_n_Merry
Bloody hell. That's amazing thinking! And then it actually explains the meaning of the scene with the dog at the end 'cause most people just thought it was a bit pointless apart from it being funny.
Hey im the one who says Bloody Hell

I'm just gonna say..The Jack sparrow from movie 1 would have NEVER gone down fighting like that for Liz/Will..that kind of bravery only comes when you want to protect someone you love..He was going to stay on that pearl for Liz IMO. He was staring right at her the whole time when everyone was talking about leaving..He came back to save her from death once already when the kraken attacked..he would have done it again for her and she KNEW because she saw him leave and come back for her....Even the whole dog similaruty suggests that he would have stayed there and killed the kraken whist the others escaped... But she didn't want him to go down fighting for her because it would mean he's doing because he loves her so she chains him up so he cant fight...She wants his love but she is too afraid to allow it to happen at the moment..She doesnt know that he actualy DOES get free though and fights for her..

Liz needs some time embrace Jack's love... its there..she just needs to accept it...oh well thats what we have movie 3 for..she will accept it I think..Jack already has embraced love and he knows that he has won her over...otherwise she wouldn't have done that to him at the end..she loves Jack but she does what her brain wants instead of her heart....he just has to let her take it at her own pace..don't scare her by being too bold..I think he already realises that he has scared her slightly by showing he loves her..During the last scene..he actually let her do everything at her own pace..he didn't push anything on her..he was silent and just watched...and she actually nearly kissed him again because she took it at her own pace....a hint for movie 3 maybe?

I think you think too much! Lol! I don't think I would've ever thought Jack and the dog so much alike. Good job! big grin


Originally posted by Jcksparrows
I think you think too much! Lol! I don't think I would've ever thought Jack and the dog so much alike. Good job! big grin

LOL being a film studies student i dont really need to think all that much..I just spot it really easily laughing out loud

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