History of Pirates

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I've decided that the Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's chest has awakened an interest in me to discover the history of pirates...and perhaps get some clues as to what will happen in POTC 3..and I have discovered some very interesting things...

here is something I read about the Conduct Code for Pirates...refered to so much during POTC 1 COTBP:

Code of Conduct

1. No women were allowed on board.
2. Captured women were not to be molested.
3. The share of each pirates booty was agreed on.
4. Death was the penalty for killing or stealing from another pirate.
5. A trial was given before punishment was given. The pirate crew was the jury.
6. A pirate could be marooned on a deserted island if he broke too many rules.
7. No lighted lamps or cigarettes were allowed below decks.

and they didn't set sail on fridays b/c it's bad luck....interesting tid bit for those writier out there

some more interesting history of Pirates:

The most successful buccaneer was Sir Henry Morgan. He came to the West Indies when he was very young and plundered the Spanish settlements of Puerto del Principe, Puerto Bello, and Maracaibo. In 1671 Morgan completely destroyed the city of Panama and then took all of their valuable goods.
In 1701 the war of Spanish Succession began and the buccaneers stopped capturing ships and went to war with France and Britain against their enemy, the Spanish. When the War of Spanish Succession was over the buccaneers had no jobs, so they became pirates again. They began to attack Spanish fleets of treasure ships that brought supplies from Europe and treasure back home. In 1714 the buccaneers were chasing a treasure fleet called The Plate Fleet off of the tip of Florida when a hurricane hit. Most of the Plate Fleet's treasure was saved and taken to shore, but a pirate named Henry Jennings heard about the treasure and sailed there and took it.
The buccaneers became so strong that the merchant ship captains insisted that their countries put a stop to the pirates. They did not offer much help, but did offer what is called amnesty to all pirates if they would stop being pirates. That means that they would be forgive of their crimes without being punished. Most pirates just laughed and dared the countries to come stop them. In 1717 British Captain Woodes Rogers was sent to defeat the pirates. He played a trick on the buccaneers by trapping them in their harbor at New Providence. New Providence is in the Bahamas. Over one thousand pirates were trapped there and a big battle began. In the end Captain Woodes Rogers defeated the pirates.
Jean Lafitte who lived off of the coast of Louisiana in a sheltered Bay named Barataria Bay. He was often called a gentleman pirate and walked around New Orleans without being afraid of capture. He also had a pirate base on the Island of Padre Island off of the coast of Texas.
In the early eighteen hundreds the Golden Age of Piracy was over.

This is funny...Poor old Jack was a victim to one of these and almost victim to the other...

Pirate Punishment

Pirates were punished in different ways depending on which rule was broken. Sometimes they were tied to the mast of a ship and whipped. Other times they were hung by either the quartermaster or when they were captured by the Spanish or other enemy. One really gruesome way of punishing a pirate was to maroon them on a deserted island without food or water and be left to die a slow death.

pirates still are around today,.. but instead of fighting the way we get rid of them is by an ultrosonic sound wave that messes there hearing!

here is some history on Port Royal:

Port Royal was the centre of shipping commerce in Jamaica in the 17th century. During this time, it gained a reputation as both the "richest and wickedest city in the world". It was notorious for its gaudy displays of wealth and loose morals, and was a popular place for pirates to bring and spend their treasure. During the 17th century the British actively encouraged and even paid buccaneers based at Port Royal to attack Spanish and French shipping.

An earthquake on June 7, 1692 largely destroyed Port Royal, causing two thirds of the city to sink into the Caribbean Sea. After this disaster, its commercial role was taken over by the city of Kingston


This is so cool. I had no idea Port Royal was a real place.

If anyone has visited Galveston Island in TX, they have a bunch of Jean Lafitte stuff, and they recovered a ship called The Elissa, which they believed to be one of his. You can go on it and tour it. It's pretty cool except how sailors had to eat.
There was one stove in the middle of the upper deck and the cook was usually someone with no prior skill, in other words, not a professional cook. They left maggots and other bugs in their food and usually ate stuff after it molded or went stale. I think there was also something called scurvy they got a lot because of the poor nutrition.

I LOVE THIS THREAD!!!! smile good work guys. i love history.

we definately need to work the history of port royal into our fake 4. lol.

yeah scurvy is a disease you get when you dont eat enough fresh vegetables. it makes your teeth/bones rot, your skin turn yellow, and then you die eventually.


kk maybe a bit more than a "BIT" of history i got this all off wikipedia

sheesh,.. go by what you know about pirates,.. I wanna see how much you guys know.

Originally posted by diddly-dum
sheesh,.. go by what you know about pirates,.. I wanna see how much you guys know.

i don understand wat ya mean complement or sarcasm

I mean I want to see what you know MEMORY wise,... not books or internet.

okay then ummmmmmmmmmmmmm i remember that starboard side of a ship is da right side n port is left side lol off da top off my head thats all i can think right now nah just this may of been in what i posted but some of da punishments i can remember were really gruesome 1 was the crew would cut off a pirates nose or ear as punishment then half cook da piece of body then make them eat their ear, nose ect yuck n scary i also remember reading somewhere that walking da plank waz only ever recorded 2 be done once otherwise pirates didn't also tortuga means turtle or turtle island something like that n wiff da pirate flag the crew only let fly at the last moment before going into battle this wy they could disguise themselves n trick da enemy also wen they were murooned they were given a flask of water, a gun n think thats it i mean i reakon it would of been fun 2 be a real pirate bak in da 1700s but it wouldve been a very hard n dangerous lifestyle nothing like our dear potc movies r id rather live like da charcters in them do more adventure n magic i believe

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