Liz resembles the heart. What is the fate of Liz?

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The heart=Liz in the movie folks..everything Jack does to win it over ..JACK ACTUALLY DOES when he wins Liz over at the by the end of movie 2.. There are also hints as to what is going to happen next with Liz after Jack has won her heart over. When I read what happened to Liz/norrington/jack/Will in the CONFIRMED by DISNEY first 57 pages of the DRAFT script for movie rang bells with what happened to the HEART at the end of movie 2 after Jack won it over.

Movie 2: Jack has the heart close to his. Will is looking at the chest he wants to use it to save his dad...he tries to touch it but Jack makes SURE he doesn't by smacking him over the head

WE Draft Script: Will betrays Jack because he wants the pearl to save his dad and he also wants to claim Liz back from Jack betrays Will in turn and stops him getting both.

Movie 2: Jack takes the heart (which was close to his) and puts it the jar of dirt, he treates it as leaverage..He thinks that it's safe and its also away from Will

WE Draft Script: Liz claims that "the kiss with Jack meant nothing" to Will. So Jack either being hurt by this or by being pissed off at Liz's constant denial TRADES her over to Sao Feng for one night and treats her as leaverage again..he thinks he's going to get her back safe the next day He also makes it so Will cant have her either..

Movie 2: Norrington steals the heart from the Jar of Dirt puts it in a sack and its kidnaped by the EITC

WE Draft Script: Whilst on Sao Fengs ship Liz gets kidnapped by NORRINGTON and the EITC

Movie 2: Jack still thinks that the heart is safe in the jar but when it smashes and the heart is gone..he is an emotional wreck.

WE Draft Script: Jack still thinks Liz is safe on Sao Feng's ship but when he realizes that Liz is GONE and is in danger..he becomes terrified, realizes he still wants her..and will probably try to save her

The story of what happens to the heart is kept ahead of what happens to Liz in the by the end of movie 2 we get some hints as to what is going to happen next with her in movie 3. Once those events have taken place with Liz/sao fengs shipc etc....the story of the heart is STILL going to be ahead of what she does..

so what ever fate meets the heart at the end of movie 3 ...Liz will meet that fate ...the heart is going to be stabbed by someone....and its obviously going to be by Will...he's the one with the knife..So in my opinion Liz is going to Die at the hands of Will..and its NOT going to be an accidental death..Will is going to stab that heart with INTENT..He's going to pobably murder Liz through anger..because he feels she has chosen Jack.

Chiki Mina
MISS LOVELYONE!! Mya i askk u a favor? could u please please send me a link for movie script 3? i have been looking for it in a loong time. I know its prob a rough draft but may i please have the link-or anybody?
Oh yea sorry!! about ur theory it makes sense about the heart=liz. I was asking myself why jack would hand over liz to sao-and i beleived it had to do some kind of revenge. BUT he thought it was something harmless. He didnt think shell get kidnapped or in some trouble. He was willing to risk her death over a lil revenge.

Chiki Mina
WASNT** sorry i meant WASNT willing to risk her death over a lil revenge

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