Story Time With Rora

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Last night I awoke abruptly in the middle of the dark, dark night. Not long after my mind began to flashing images of us in an unfamiliar place. We were immersed in a world if silhouettes, but the emotions I felt were so intense that they painted a world for us. I remember standing in a just behind the window of a book store. I wasn't looking for anything in particular and then I saw you. I wanted to say something to you, but I couldn't because the rules of our relationship forbid it. I glaced over my shoulder as you walked passed me and smiled paying close attention to who was around. It makes me chuckle at how we were acting. We were so cute and innocent like childhood friends on a nice breezy Sunday afternoon. I dropped my hand to myside and your pinky finger found mine. It amazes me that something so simple had such profound strength behind it. Just being near you is more than I could ever ask for. Your touch, no matter how minute, is like a piece of heaven. As we stood in silence a flash of light engulfed us. After the light dissipated we found ourselves alone in what appeared to be a bedroom. Somehow I knew why we were there so there was no need for words. I took you by the hand and pulled you closer to me, brushing the hair from your face along the way before sating my desires with the taste of your lips. As our silhouettes embraced one another my visions started to fade and within seconds I was returned to the solitude of the dark.

Last night I had a dream about us and it got me thinking about the very first dream I ever had about us. That particular dream started out so crazy and you know how out there my dreams can be! For some reason the entire state was asked to gather at a very specific location. I wasn't exactly sure I wanted to be anywhere near that place, but in the end I found myself there. The sky was dark and cloudy as if the storm of the ages was coming. To be honest the events that followed are a bit sketchy so I think I'll just fast forward to where you made your entrance.
We were leaving the structure where the gathering had taken place and I figured that I was getting a lift to mi casa from one of your friends since we were all walkng together in the same direction. All in all it was 4 of us; You, 2 of your guy friends and moi. Naturally your buds were up front and you and I were in the back. I felt a little uneasy about the whole thing because I couldn't help but think that your friends were thinking to themselves, "who is this guy?" To my suprise they couldn't have cared less as to who I was. Since you and I were in the beginning stages of our friendship/crush we sat apart from each other. Anyway, we got on the road and started up a conversation amongst the 4 of us. You must have been really into it the conversation we were having because you were all over the place having a grand ole time. You must of touched my shoulder, arm and leg a dozen times. I figured you were either a touchy feeling kind of person, maybe a little crazy or you were trying to tell me something. Being a guy of course I was clueless. There was this point in our journey when the mood changed. I could feel this unspoken desire coming from deep within us as our eyes met in that unforgettable moment. It felt like a primal yurning of some sort. I wanted you so bad. Completely and entirely from your proverbial heart to the outer exteriors of your frame. It was something similar to waking up next to your lover in the morning and wanting them like you've never wanted any other. It starts with the sudden movements and slight touches. Each one building the anitcipation to unimaginable heights until you find yourself tearing each other's clothing off. Assuming, of cousre, that you had anything on in the first place. So there we were faced with the decision of whether to act on our emotions or keep our obivious desires a secret from the world and more specificly the other occupants in the car with us.
What happened next probably happened because I wanted it to happen. After all I was the one dreaming here. You slid over closer to me until we were sat right next to one another and you took my hand in yours. It made me smile because the way you did it was just so cute. I think some part of me knew in that moment that falling in love with you at some point wasn't a stretch of the imagination. Anyway, the conversation between all of us continued, although, I have no idea what we were supposed to be discussing. Mostly in part to the fact that I couldn't think about anything, but you and the urges I started to feel. Some time passed and my focus on you became ever increasingly more intense. I leaned in as if to whisper sweet nothings in your ear and something came over me. I began to nibble on your earlobe instead. The warmth of my breath and the soft, wetness of my tongue must have started to turn you on because you closed your eyes and started to breath heavier. By now I wanted my hands across your clothes, but since we had an audience I opted to behave myself. I pulled back and looked at you. You had this look on your face and in your eyes that is so inviting. We paused for second, looking into each other eyes before smirking. It's at this point that I realized that your friend had been talking to me all this time and I didn't hear a single word he said. I glanced over at him and then back at you and decided I didn't care who knews how I felt about you. I guess you were feeling the same way because in a matter of seconds our lips met with such an undeniable passion. Just like every dream you never want to end this is where my dream ended. I'm thinking that because my dream had become so overwhelming, my body decided it was time to stop fantasizing and wake up and so I did.
Every once in a while I find myself sitting, thinking about just how far my dream might have taken us if I had not awoken. Maybe this is where you fill in the blanks my love...

Beautiful. hug

Thanks. smile


Moving through the midnight air
under the guise of an unsettling mist
I arrive unwanted and yet invited
Creeping in like a thief in the night
I waste little time with trivial worries
And immediately turn my thoughts
To my reason for this intrusion
"There--you are my sweet"
As my body solidifies and takes shape
her beating heart draws me in
I imagine the divine rapture
of sating my lustful thirst
as I move ever closer to her resting body
Her appearance resembles
that of a wounded animal vulnerable
Incapable of defying my will
How amusing it was when she tried
But her illusions of grandeur were quickly humbled
once she fell under my unearthly spell
With whispered lies that dance about
she offers herself to me
as she has many times before
I gaze intently at the lines of her neck
before biting into her
and filling my throat with warm crimson nectar
After drinking my fill
I feed my sadistic perversions
Admiring the blood as it pools and pours
Her body trembles as the look of satisfaction
falls upon my face
"It's been fun, but I'm afraid my dear
this is where we part ways"
You need not worry
for this not were this tale ends
Arriving shortly her would be saviors

...To be continued.

Weeping Fairy
WOW lol, everything u write is sooo incredibly deep.... its awesome, i really hope u post some more big grin

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