Team FFIX (Kuja and Zidane) vs. Team FFVII (Sephiroth and Zidane)

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Cloud is the game Cloud without the ability to hang in the air for ridiculous amounts of time to add some flash. He's armed with the ultima Weapon and Zidane is armed with his Ultima Weapon.

You can get any version of Sephiroth. Kuja can teleport, effortlessly destroy a planet and create monsters from various sources. He's alsoa master strategist and devious.

Zidane adn Cloud fight in City of the Ancients.

Kuja and Sephiroth fight in the Crystal World

Let the fight begin.

Note:Make a note of the character, too. Zidane vs. Cloud - who is the better character ahd why in addition to which would win the fight.

ESB -1138
Zidane wouldn't be able to withstand Cloud. Zidane is a thief with minor abilities (not in Trance) and Cloud has powers that Zidane could only wish for. Or Cloud could just go in with Limit Breaks and kill Zidane faster or use the great Omni-Slash and end it like that.

Kuja (even Trance Kuja) seemed to lack any real power in combat. All he used was simple attacks that really made me laugh. Kuja isn't really fast (compared to Sephiroth's speed that is) and in close up combat Kuja would get WTFpwned because he only uses magic. Sephiroth would take him down.

Team Final Fantasy VII wins

Zidane was created to be more powerful than Kuja. Kuja, the guy who laughs and smiles at the most powerful summon's straight attacks and survives a blast by a ship enpowered with souls that completely devastates the entire kingdom around him yet can't kill him. That is what ZIdane was created to be stronger than and Garland said he was reaching that point very soon. Kuja going Trance kinda threw a wrench in that plan, however.

Kuja can fly...and he's smart. He wouldn't be dumb enough to go in range of Cloud and Sephiroth's physical attacks. All he would need to really do if he wanted it over quickly would be to ascend into the sky and rain Ultima down on them and that would certainly wipe out Cloud at least.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.