Murai vs Ashtar

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Major Snafu
We're going way back with this one.

Both bosses have one thing in common: both had gotten royally owned by Ryu Hayabusa.

Murai then goes to plan B. Go back in time to when Ryu was a novice ninja and kill him there.

Murai goes back to the year 1990...the year of Ninja Gaiden II. He arrives at the Tower of Lahja, just in time to save Ryu from Ashtar's impending energy blast, claiming that he wants to kill Ryu.

While the two bosses are arguing, Ryu and Irene stand to the side, watching this scene unfold with Robert.

It's the Dark Dragon Blade vs the Dark Sword of Chaos.


For this match, I've taken the liberty of giving Ashtar some moves.

Energy Blast: Ashtar's projectile move. The Dark Emperor fires off an energy beam from his sword. Can be done in air.

Teleport Slash: Ashtar vanishes...and reappears either in front, behind or to the side of the opponent, slashing them with his sword.

Spinning Slash: Ashtar's anti-air move. He leaps into the air, spinning, sword outstretched.

Jawbreaker: Emulating a certain mechanized ninja, Ashtar trips one leg out from the opponent before slamming the sword's handle into their jaw.

Chaos Rush: 3-hit-combo. Two sword swings and a foot to the face.

Reflect: Works the same as Rose's Soul Reflect from SF Alpha.

-Super Moves-

Dance of Chaos: Ashtar's verison of the Omnislash. Very painful.

Final Slash: Get hit by this, you are in a world of pain.

The Jaquio: Ashtar punts the opponent into the air, where the Jaquio appears and pelts the opponent with numerous fireballs.


Ashtar's Difficulty Level: Think Shao Kahn from MK2 combined with Final Bison from Alpha 3.

Will 'the one who crosses the sky in flames' stands a chance against Murai?


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