The End

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My scars will remain, my pain immortally stained in skin and bones
to be alone, this will be the last time i close the door to this broken home
my tone in this poem, weak and deprived, my brain solitified in sadness
my pain is nothing more then a mirror image of my madness
its tragic how i came from nothing and noone
i am still the seed of hate, wont admit it but she knows it
my diary i close it, and leave my legacy to my closest
not to the demon woman who brought me to this earth
pyshically here but emotionally removed since my birth
it hurts me so deep, that when i sleep i splinter
i now understand why my father could not be with her
she hates half of who i was and now the total package
dont ask why i have no soul, the devil asked if he could have it
still tragic though many years ive survived with pride
i lie awake with souless eyes wondering if this is my time
everything was mine, then he had to take it
came and took everything, left me metaphorically naked
id never fake how i felt, or the storys i had to tell
welcome to my reality, now aint it hot in hell?
and its not my fault that i am not what she invisioned
she is the reason behind my hatred towards whorish women
the prism glistens, i listen as it sways
like sand threw the hour glass, each particle's a day
dirty and traped, my lifestyle to the max
she wondered how i got this way, but never ever asked
and if she did, i would tell her the truth
im not evil cause of him,mom, im evil cause of u
dont confuse my motive, because i know she knows it
she and i have both changed and only we have noticed
we use to be the closest, u were what i knew
we're threw, u became nothing as your tiny son grew
i wish i could fix it, but u did what u did
now live with the consequence, cause i said id never forgive
you two were fated to have mated, dont mistake it
dont blame me for what u accidently created
it was your choices, not mine where was i?
i was only 1/2 of a creation, an empty soul up in the sky
and dont believe her when she says all i wrote were lies
i had to tell the truth because tonight, may be the last time u see me alive....

no forgiveness for you, u ruined who i was
i show u how i feel, with this bullet letter of love....


Victor Von Doom
Kind of hip-hop rhythm with nu-metal themes.

yeah. Thats my style

Victor Von Doom
Maybe you'd get more attention in the music forum; I think there's a lyrics thread somewhere.

Weeping Fairy
Bump shock Seriously awesome lyrics. I really like it happy

silver heart
we Expect more nice writings from you ... thumb up


silver heart

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