Stargate RPG Sign-Up and Character Creation

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Welcome, Stargate fans and fellow RP-Gamers...
This thread is the start of the Stargate - Uncharted Territories RPG (A working name in progress)

Firstly, the Title should look something like this:

Uncharted Territories

As I said, still a work in progress, the list of races and other character creation to come soon, In other words when I have more time... For now, anyone who is interested just let me know and post!

your friend and fellow RP-Gamer,
Aliies (Tomas Christopher Seglins)

Coleman Trebor
Just checking, does thi have permission? If so, Im down.

Yeah, Ush approved it, I wouldn't have started it without...
I'm a good boy stick out tongue

Good to have ya aboard!


I'll play, but the RAF is the Royal Air Force, the UKs. The Russian Air Force is called the VVS


Originally posted by SpikeSpiegel
I'll play, but the RAF is the Royal Air Force, the UKs. The Russian Air Force is called the VVS

Fair enough, I was just making the Russian ones up... I'm half Russian and I don't even know big grin stick out tongue

Lol, nice one Aliies stick out tongue

what, me being half-Russian or my guess-work? big grin

Next up is the Civilian list, now this is rushed so it will be updated later:

Tau'Ri Specialist:

Archeologist (History and language)
Medic, doctor or surgeon.

Combat Engineer (Semi-military)

Also, A little bit about your character:





Weight (Optional):

Physical description (Hair, eyes, clothes, muscle build, etc...):

A Brief History:

This Rpg can start when we have about five to six, about three or four more!

guess work hun stick out tongue

There are a limited number of ranked roles, Whoever replies in the next three posts who are interested I'll give you a specialized rank!


*does the same stick out tongue*

Ok, now we need characters! One more rank left, so far we have Colonel Aliies, Colonel Dale, Luitenant-Colonel Spike and Major DW...

Name: Tomas Christopher Seglins (My real name stick out tongue)

Faction/Organization: (RAAF) Royal Australian Air Force

Rank: Colonel

Race: Tau'Ri

Height: 6' 4"

Weight (Optional): 92 kilograms

Physical description: A tall, well-tanned, well-built man of the Australian Military, he has greying-shaved dark-blonde hair and more-than-a-few lines of age playing about his face. He wears the Bush-Camo fatigues of the Australian Military when not in formals topped by a black Beret of his original unit.

A Brief History: One of the first Australian Military soldiers to join the Stargate program, he refused to believe in the whole thing at first but has slowly grown to accept the whole 'off-world thing'... At 48 years of age, he always says he's not getting younger, but he has the fire and detirmination of any military man or woman half his age...

Name: Lindsay McMillan

Faction/Organization: (USMC) United States Marine Corps

Rank: Major

Race: Tau'Ri

Height: 5'4"

Weight (Optional): 73kg

Physical description: Of a medium build for her height, Major McMillan is of the thick skinned type, lightly tanned palour, long legs followed by a well structed torso that tells of fighting experience, long black hair that is usually tied into cornrows to keep them out of her way, a size 12 however most of her clothes need to be customised to fit well enough to be comfortable and wears several talismans always.

A Brief History: Lindsay was a military rat, her father, mother, older brother, 3 younger siblings and various extended family where in different parts of the military throughout the world. California born, Lindsay never had a real childhood and therefore is quite hard to get to know, crack a joke or socialise. She prefers the company of few and there's not many that can get that close to her.
Taken into the program under strict orders from her last commander, she's not really here against her will, she's just not that interested but was forced to do so because the command thought she needed to 'loosen up a little'.

Haha! That's great, now that is an excellent character!

Name: David Tyler

Nationality: British

Faction/Organization: Royal Air Force

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel (Wing Commander)

Race: Tau'Ri

Height: 6' 3"

Weight (Optional): 12 st 4

Physical description: A tall man, with short black hair. He has a scar down his right cheek and one in his left shoulder, from an old bullet wound. He has green eyes, with a hint of brown in them.

A Brief History: Born into a family working for the armed forces, David naturally wanted to follow suit. He trained himself physically and mentally for the best part of his youth, also learning about the stars and what he imagined was out there. At the age of nineteen his mother and father were murdered, and he was shot in the shoulder in a bungled robbery. Despite his will to abandon his childhood dream of becoming a pilot, to become a police officer and find the murderer of his parents he followed his natural instincts and eventually became an officer with the RAF. He strived to become the best pilot, eventually earning the rank of wing commander. It was then that he was chosen to be a representative of the UK to test fly the X-302. From there he gained an interest in the alien technology and requested to be posted in the US, in particular in the Stargate program, so that he could learn more of the cultures that had helped create such a magnificent flying machine. However, he was stuck with one of the back-up teams and rarly gets to travel off-world. All that is about to change however...

Well, I guess I'm the third to post underneath that one about getting a specialized rank...

I need a while to make up my character, though (and I would like to know what rank I'd have in the OWMC).

Depends on what race you'd be, the OWMC can be Tok'Ra, Jaffa and Tau'Ri...

Now, the playable races:


The Tau'Ri is a Goa'uld word for 'Humans of Earth', originally ruled by the ancient Goa'uld System Lord, Ra, the Tau'Ri have rapidly evloved to become one of the Goa'uld's primary threats. They are extremely adaptive, have the ability to operate many alien technologies and are trained expertly to deal with many times their own numbers, such as proven before where a four-man team of Tau'Ri have taken out an entire Battalion of Jaffa after hijacking a Ha'Tak and defeating an opposing one. Threat status is high for these seemingly simple creatures, their enginuity and rapid adaptation makes them one of the dominant species in the known universe...


A dwindling race of former Goa'uld, the Tok'Ra, translated as 'Against Ra' are one of the Tau'Ri's primary allies, they are mostly spies and sabouteurs but after the fall of the Goa'uld nations they act as a liason between the Free-Jaffa and those still seeing the Goa'uld as their gods.
They bear all the strengths of the Goa'uld though the host is not 'suppressed' in this relationship, both the Symbiote and the Human they inhabit exist as one, literally granting them split personalities as both Tok'Ra and Human. (If you want to play as a Tok'Ra, you need to create two characters for the same person, one human as the host and one Tok'Ra Symbiote)


The Jaffa were once human, enslaved by the Goa'uld who have placed themselves as gods in their eyes... Shortly after the Tau'Ri appeared and challenged the might of the Goa'uld, the Jaffa began to see the truth on a large scale, gradually over eight years they obstained and finally aided in the final defeat of the 'false-gods', freeing their people forever from slavery and oppression on such a scale. They now live as an independant nation, forever cleaning up the tragedy of their thousands of years of enslavement and chasing down the final ghosts of their dark past...

I'll probably be Tau'Ri.

Aliies i'll make my character now

Name: Dale Schreyer
Rank: Colonel
Faction/Organization: RAAF
Race: Tau'Ri
Height: 180cm
Weight (Optional): 70kg
Physical description (Hair, eyes, clothes, muscle build, etc...): wears the normal RAAF uniform, black hair brown eyes,
A Brief History: Dale completed his schooling and then went to the Australian Royal Military College at the age of 18, he was 22 when he left Duntroon. Dale found his calling in the Australian Army. Dale was promoted to Second Lieutenant. Dale was put into a squad. The squad was called 'Storm' and they were going to Irag. Dale's entire team was killed in an ambush after two weeks in Iraq. Dale was the only one left. He spent a year in Iraq trying to escape, he was found by a rescue team. Dale was near dead when they found him.

Dale was brought back to Australia unconscious. He spent a week recovering and he was then given the rank of captian after he passed his exam. Dale has flashes of his time spent in Iraqq, his team being killed and other guilt issues.

His CO 'Charlie' told him he had an special assignment for him. He was to join an top secret organization in America. Not knowing what he got himself into Dale accepted the job and was transfered to America. Dale then found out that the American Air Force was going to other planets by the means of an alien device called the Stargate. General George Hammond told him that he would join SG2. Dale didn't refuse the request. Dale spent three years at the. durning the three years Dale quickly got the rank of Colonel.


Dale, try not to use so many full-stops in the description, it makes it a bit hard to read stick out tongue big grin

I'll be creating the RPG thread soon, once I write the short story for the intro...

OK! the Game is started, please finish your characters and read the openning story, then we may get started!

PS: I just finished writing the whole thing from start to finish!

ah sorry about that

Here's a quick mock-up I did of the logo, it's a slight variation I did of the SG-1 logo when I was creating my own slim-line cases for the DVDs.

Not bad... though for advertisement's sake, it blocks the main picture of the gate, the only real weakness of the picture... Otherwise it's great!

I have a couple of questions about the story.
1 - Where is Gen. Landry?
2 - Are we still doing that other galaxy thing for this RP?

This is set after his term of service was over, the story was changed so that you weren't just charging head-long into another galaxy where you meet a new enemy... You still are going to be going to this place, but in order for it to make sense you have to have a lead-up, basic story-writing.

And trust me on this, I think you're gonna love it big grin

You have a knack for interesting story lines my friend...can't wait big grin

I like the pic. I'm currently trying to crate the opening title but can't find any stargate clips to use. If anyone knows or find some could you pm me please thanks.

Like vid clips or just images?

I'm in a drawing mood, I need to take a break from al my comic-work and commisions... feel like drawing your characters for this RP big grin

big grin COOL

yeah as in video clips, that would be good Aliies

I'll have a look when I come back online n have time to search around smile

I just found this Is it too late too join the game

Name: Korra Nellson, and Corex

Faction/Organization: Tok 'Ra High commander Scientist

Rank: Major equivolant

Race: Tok 'Ra

Height: 5' 8"

Weight : 77 kilograms

Physical description: Corex (controlled) Green snake thing Korra (uncontrolled) an average height fair skinned women with brown blond hair and blue eyes, she is very charisma full and holds her body high.

A Brief History: During a mission with SG19 at the age of 28 Korra got infected by a strange plague. in a coma her team mates brought her too the near by Tok 'Ra who just happened too have a a symbiote in need of a host. All went well and they blended but when Korra came back from the coma she was not thrilled although she needed Corex too survive. Because of this she had too leave her husband and kid. For U.S security she is considered dead but still works in the SGC. She was born in Minnisota. Has for Corex he is a newly mature Tok 'Ra only having possessed another Tok' Ra 5 years

If the timing is inconvenint for playing the game I could be a later recruit like Vala or somthing.

HI can i play i wanna be in cornel oniel's squad big grin he kick lots of butX) X) oh and i wanna be human or that race that can camoflauge itself to look like anyone big grin




race human

height 6'5

weight 230 pounds of muscle

he looks like daniel but with a lot of muscle and a combat helm.

history: once in the army he was deemed to violent for the army so sgc offered him and his muscles a job.

sorry if i;m late but am i too late? cause i just lost the resident evil roleplay cause it died on my second day so can i play this one?

Also, A little bit about your character:


Faction/Organization:Free Jaffa



Weight (Optional):80 KG

Physical description (Hair, eyes, clothes, muscle build, etc...):Z'an's hair is i medium grey with no facial hair.His eyes are green,dressed in the Horus Guard armor,medium builded(like Teal'c).He has a great personality and sense of humor.

A Brief History:Z'an was born on Chulak and was a friend of Teal'c, until he swore allegiance to Heru'ur, and Teal'c swore allegiance with Apophis.Z'an then became First Prime of Heru'ur but betrayed him when the Asgard invaded the world of Cimmeria.

can i make a character if so can i put wepen of choice


I think I have enough knowledge of the Stargate series to come up with a plot for a Stargate game, won't be anything like this one- I'll probably set it during the series with every member playing a member of an SG-team. I had a half polt written for an SG-1 Fan Fiction, guess I could use that...

Name:Casandra Jenkins

Faction/Organization: Doctor



5 ft 7
Weight (Optional):

Physical description (Hair, eyes, clothes, muscle build, etc...): Casandra has deep reddish brown long hair which is always tied up in a high ponytail she has deep green eyes usually she is in her uniform which is a white long jacket, pair of black pants and black shoes.

A Brief History:
Before she got recruited to be the doctor for the stargate team she was working with her mother in a private hospital for old veterans. Casandra was very close to her mother as her farther died when she was 12 years of age from a tumor which was located in his brain, the doctors couldn't do anything about it due to the fact the tumor was to big to operate on. That made Casandra to pursure the career in being a doctor so she can save lives.

Hope this is okay smile if not then just tell me what I should change

This RP never started, its also been long dead. Sorry Ninja.

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