Karin anime vampire story

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Hello im starting a story on the anime karin. These are the charecters.

Ren Maaka
Karin Maaka
Anju Maaka
Elda Maaka
Henry Maaka
Carrera Maaka

Kenta Usui
Winner Sinclaire
Victor Sinclaire
Maki Tokitou

My made up Charecter
Karma Crimson

These are the people I need you all to sign for except for Karma, im playing her. Give a few examples about the charecter and that person is yours. Once all the charecters are filled then you can make your own charecter. But if your a female stay away from Ren hes mine!!! If you don't mind i would like for the person who takes Ren to be a boy and is 16 or older but no older then 18.
If you never seen the anime karin eather watch it or don't sign in for a charecter because i want this to be as real as posible.

Here is an example: Karma Crimson age 16 long silky violet hair Cristal blue eyes. Always put your made up chareters looks of course. Is 25% human 75%vampire.can be in the daytime. Prefers blood of scared boys or guys. Ren's crush, karin's best friend. Parents were killed at age 13. has a big fear of vampire hunters.

Thats how you do it but you don't have to have this much imformation if you don't want to.

do you have permission...?

no, i don't think she does... pity sad

What do you meen permission?

Ok i asked for permission, but he still has to ok it. So please pray for me that i get to start this story.

Did you post it in the thread at the top of the page?

No, i thought i was supposed to messege him.

No, he hates it when you do that.

What should i do then?

Post in the permission thread and wait for permission? You know, actually read the rules of this forum and how it works and all?


Indeed. Closed.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.